9 Best Deck Paint (2022): Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best deck paint for decks? Then you have visited the right place. We have included all the topics that you need to be considered while selecting your deck paints.

Keeping that in mind, we have listed the best deck paints of 2022. From the old deck to the new latest deck.

So whatever you are looking for, we have covered it in this article.

Decks are as important as other furniture. Because it adds value to your home appearance in a better way.

Things to consider while looking for the deck paints

A deck paint should provide protection against various activities like a high volume of walking feet, bubbling, peeling, etc.

People usually look for paints which give a solution to all their needs.

Over varieties of paints available in the market. And, keeping all the frequently asked questions in the aspect. We have selected the top 10 valuable products.

So let’s dive into it…

Best Overall: KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating

KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating
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Image: Amazon.com

The Kilz deck paint has been making chemicals for the past 40 years.

Though they have created this paint for the deck as the name shows Armor which specifies its protection will last long. It is the best overall.

This is a 1-gallon round shape can with a slate grey color. Enough to cover the area of 75 square feet.

However, it comes in 3 different colors such as:

  • Rosewood
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Slate Grey

Talking about the best color, slate grey would be a better option if you want to give a simple basic look.

Repair the damaged, cracked, and faded decks. Works on both horizontal and vertical decks.

It works on railings, concrete, porches, and boat docks.

Made for concealment of splinters and fills the crack up to one quarter i:e 1/4 inch. protects from daily activities and is durable.

Rejuvenate your old wood deck into new. Probably, the best paint for decking.

It also provides some more features – protection from UV rays, weathered rain slip-resistant.

As it is 100% acrylic and requires double coatings for a uniform look and smooth surface.

Easy to apply through roller or brush, but the floor or surface should be clean before it uses.

We can proudly say that it is a product by KILZ and provides as its name armor protection and is easy to handle with good functions.


  • Highly durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Protection from UV


  • Requires double coating
  • Not for garage floors or driveways

Best Boat Deck Paint: TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint
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Image: Amazon.com

The best boat deck paint manufactured by boaters.

A superb quality product comes in a gallon. Basically comes in 2 different sizes gallon and quarter. Enough to cover the area with 300 feet per gallon.

There are 4 color options available with this product such as:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Light Grey
  • Grey

You can choose according to your needs all the colors will look attractive gives a perfect look.

A highly durable product provides you protection UV rays won’t fade, peel or crack easily.

Gives you a rough look can help in repairing damages and other activities.

It shows you the best results with the long-lasting finishing look and gives a wood new life.

Made for boat decks, cabins, steps, stairs, or any sure flooring.

As the name suggested total, easy to apply with brush or roller on wood or previously printed decks.

This paint requires a double coating in order to show a versatile coating and smooth surfaces.

A great product by boaters, easy to use a product with great features.


  • Overs variety of surfaces
  • Easy to Use
  • A non-skid product


Keeps away from children

Best Latex Paint: Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Paint
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Image: Amazon.com

Talking about multidimensional paint it is the best porch paint. Rust-Oleum is the market-leading industry from past years.

If you want to look for the deck paint best for wood, here it comes with various features.

It is an acrylic water-based paint that comes in 1 quarter size enough to cover the area up to 120 feet.

There are other size options available you can have a quick overview of the product.

In the past, the main problem arises with this paint was chipping and durability.

But then Rust-Oleum comes with this product after considering all problems and gives this product that provides chip-resistant and long-lasting protection.

This water-based acrylic low odor in white gloss color.

There are many color options available as the company provides a wide variety of colors, a customer can choose accordingly.

It gives you a fresh new look on the surface and smooth surface and it dries quickly.

The paint is easy to apply and gives superior protection, does not chip and peel.

It is the best product from Rust-Oleum and offers a wide variety of functions.


  • Chip resistant
  • Long-lasting protection


People confuse while choosing colors

Best for Wood Decks and Concrete: Anvil Deck-A-New Resurfacer Paint

Anvil Deck-A-New Resurfacer Paint
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Image: Amazon.com

Anvil provides the best porch paint for woods and rejuvenates the weathered and damaged deck.

It comes in 1 gallon and covers the area up to 160 square feet per gallon.

Its one biggest disadvantage does not cover much area and depending upon porosity it covers 80 feet in the double coating.

This best deck resurfacer dries quickly and requires touch in a few hours to re-coat within 4 to 6 hours.

Protects both exterior/interior, works on horizontal as well as vertical decks.

Rejuvenate your deck by providing you with long-lasting protection, helping in filling the cracks, removing loose splinters.

A slip-resistant product gives you a great textured finish and a decent look.

It comes in 5 different attractive colors. Anvil Deck-A-New gives tough competition to the competitors.

Applied through roller and brush includes easy steps.

Before applying new paint, it requires a clean surface. As we have reviewed thoroughly it requires double coating in order to show better results.

After reviewing we found some negative results, it shrinks and has the worst performance during the winter.

Causing large breaking and peeling.


  • Works on both exterior/interior
  • Comes in 5 different colors


  • Worst during winters
  • Hard to remove paint after applied

Best Overall: KiILZ Porch Patio Paint – Latex Floor Paint

Kilz Porch Patio Paint- Latex Floor Paint
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Image: Amazon.com

As we mentioned earlier KILZ has been leading the industry for 40 years. This is the best floor paint manufactured.

It comes in 1 gallon wide enough to cover with the area of 400 feet on the smooth surface and 300 feet on rough surfaces.

There is a two-color option available with the product such as:

  • Slate Grey
  • Grey

And provides you protection from weathered conditions, rain, sunlight, etc. comes with long-lasting protection.

It also helps in removing splinters, repairing damages, fading, and cracking.

As it is an acrylic deck paint offers a low luster, so in order to show better results, it requires a double coating. Show you a finished look.

It can be applied through brush and roller, dries to touch within 1 hour. requires another coating within 4 to 6 hours.

We recommend you for the small outdoor projects that require little touch with paint as it is an inexpensive product.

If you need indoor projects then go for RTG Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Good for basic outdoor projects


Not specialized in indoor projects

Best Texture Paint: RTG Deck Porch Patio Anti-Slip Paint

RTG Deck Porch Patio Anti-Slip Paint
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Image: Amazon.com

The RTG here brings the paint for outdoor surfaces and gives an awesome texture to the wood or concrete.

This best-textured deck paint with some great properties of nonslip and sliding during precipitation.

It is a fast-drying product that shows you the textured and finished surface.

Talking about its quantity, this product comes in quarter size. You can easily cover the area up to 100 square feet.

You are advised to use this product for outdoor projects, which helps in protecting from UV rays, harsh weather, and fading.

It has high durability and won’t tear up or damage quickly like other paints or stains.

However, for stains, the best deck stain and sealers are highly recommended.

The RTG deck paint is mostly Eco-friendly easy to use and does not harm your home improvement furniture.

This product is made for decks, patios, porches, walkways, etc.

This product is white in color, likewise clear/amber, sand, light grey is also available.

Easy to apply product through brush and rollers, clean up very quickly with just soap and water.

But requires a double coating in order to protect from harsh weather climate.

The best nonstick product by RTG for outdoor surfaces with long-lasting protection. Inexpensive product best under budget.


  • Water-based acrylic
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Best under this budget


Requires double coating

Best for Outdoors: Durabak 18 Non-Slip Coating

Durabak 18 Non-Slip Coating
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Image: Amazon.com

It is a “polyurethane protective coating” which means protecting the indoor and outdoor surfaces.

We have tried this and it provides you slip-resistant during the rainy or snowy season.

This is a 1 gallon with a weight of 15 pounds, the product is best suited for outdoor surfaces but the users found it good for indoor surfaces as well.

There are a variety of color options available you can choose them wisely.

It is the best-textured version with a non-slip coating.

An easy to apply product within a few steps-

  • Open the can
  • Stir it well
  • Then apply to the surface
  • Apply through brush or roller
  • After applying matter it gives you a waterproofing along with the tough finished look

The best product for beginners who wants to paint their deck owns their own. This product bonds easily with a wooden deck or concrete.

Like the names, a good product and helps you in protecting from direct sunlight and more abuse.

After researching the users who tried out this product found it is a satisfying product.


  • Works fine on both indoor/outdoor
  • Best for beginners


Not suitable for aluminum surface

Best All-Purpose: Diamond Brite Paint All-Purpose Enamel Paint Oil-Base

Diamond Brite Paint All-Purpose Enamel Paint Oil-Base
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Image: Amazon.com

If you are looking for an oil-based for your wooden furniture then Diamond Brite is best for you.

There are 3 sizes available:

  • Quarter
  • 1 gallon
  • 5 gallon

The paint is well blended and we really like the long-lasting durability of the product. It does not get fade away within a period of up to 1 year.

One thing that has made it special, it does not require double coating as in the case of water-based based painting.

And also prevents terminators, germs, and bacteria from entering the woods because of its thickness and nice product.

As the name suggested oil base helps prevent water into the woods, repair cracking, fading, and damaged decks.

It works fine on both exterior as well interior.

Apply through the brush, roller, or can be sprayed, and gives a solid rough look to the decks.

Basically, it does not come in a fancy look and is just standard colors.

But the colors do not fade away easily and provide you durability surface.

It does not allow water to enter into the woods and comes in standard color, likewise, it gives you a tough finishing look.

As a cheap product, it is best under budget water-based thick color.


  • Cheap product
  • Requires single coating
  • Waterproof


Only standard colors are available

Best Non-Skid Paint: Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant

Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant
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Image: Amazon.com

The Interlux comes up with slip-resistant. So talking about this product it provides protection from sun glare.

It comes with polyurethane resin that helps the deck in protecting from normal wear and tear.

This paint comes in five different colors Such as:

  • Gray
  • White
  • Cream
  • Sand Beige
  • Squall Blue

However, this product is quite expensive but according to its quality, it’s worth it.

After researching this product we found that this product works fines on a home deck rather than a boat.

Quarter size available in this product. Easy to use and hold the grip. It’s easy to apply on all substrates.

This is a low sheen finish product but it should not be applied to the clear epoxy.

The durability of the product is not up to the mark, the paint removes within weeks.

This is the best product if you need a solid anti-skid solution.


  • Slip Resistant
  • Protection From Sun Glare


Durability is not up to the mark

Best for Old Wood: Rust-Oleum Restore Deck Coat Paint

Rust-oleum Restore Deck Coat Paint
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Image: Amazon.com

The best deck cover paint by Rust-Oleum if you want to restore 4 times faster. This gives you smoothness and thickness to your deck.

It’s a good option for bad or changing weather conditions.

Well talking about its durability, it is a strong paint. And gives you long-lasting protection along with thickness.

Made for wood, wood surfaces, concrete, and much more. This ultimate product helps you to easily walk barefoot after applying it.

And offering you 60 different colors, now you can choose accordingly that match your taste and furniture.

Easy to use with nap roller or synthetic brush. Before applying the surface must be clean with a stripper.


  • Long-lasting protection
  • Available in 60 different colors


Not available in small size

Buying Guide for Deck Paint

Before purchasing the paint for your deck, you must keep certain factors in mind related to it.

Because each wood is different from one another and has its own pro sequence and consequences, ignoring these two can cost you a huge loss for your deck.

Pros and cons are the major factors while purchasing deck paints because nowadays UV rays are the biggest problem as it discolors and faded the wooden decks.

Sometimes the deck paint is not enough for stains then you should go for exterior deck paint, best deck paints, and stains for better results.

Video Tutorial: How to paint your deck

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better deck paint or stain?

Well, it depends if you need a thicker finish with a long life span of decks then you must use deck paint. The best deck stain is used because stains are less slippery and show the textured look with its natural effect.

Which lasts longer paint or stain?

The stain and paint have their own life expectancy. The stain lasts for around 24 months and requires more maintenance. While deck paint has a life of around 5 years depending upon the use and taking care of decks.

Should I prime my deck before painting?

Yes, it’s very important to prime your deck. The primer helps the paint to stick properly and avoid cracking, bubbling, and peeling. In some cases, you need sanding, coating, and you may not need a primer.

What kind of paint to use on a wooden deck?

There are varieties of paints available like water-based, acrylic, and oil-based. Water-based helps in protecting the deck from the sun. Acrylic cleans easily. Oil-based dries slowly and is generally tough. Other options are stains solid color.

Wrapping Up Things

After reviewing all the products we concluded that you should choose deck over paint and select according to your wood.

Note The best deck paint consumer reports while purchasing say before buying a product just simply go through the price, brand, and type.

But What Next?

Doing some market research simply helps to gain knowledge and saves you from being a mistake from purchasing at higher prices.

Then you should also check the label and instructions on the deck paints, which gives you an idea about its details and some safety measures too.

Taking advice from professionals while coating your deck can help you a lot because a mistake in painting jobs can cause suffering to your wooden deck.

Image Credits: istockphoto.com

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