Design Engineering High-Temperature Silicone Coating Spray Review

From a moderate level mechanic to a professional everyone is now using Design Engineering High-Temperature Silicone Coating Spray for their exhaust wrap. The brand is selling its products for years and hasn’t received any negative reviews.

Design Engineering inc. has come up with DEI 010301 hi-temp silicone coating spray. The high temp helps it withstand the heat up to 1500 degrees F in a heat humid environment. The header paint does not chip or peel off easily at these extreme temperatures.

The silicone coating helps in increasing the lifespan of exhaust wrap by avoiding harmful liquids on the surfaces. It is one of the best exhaust wrap coating sprays that come with a non-titanium application.

Spray paint is worth trying and at this price, there is no better product than Design Engineering Hi-Temp silicone coating spray in the market with certain special features.

Features of DEI Hi-Temp Silicone Coating Spray Black (Reviews)

Design Engineering Hi-Temp Silicone Coating Spray Black
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Best High Temp Silicone Coating

The exhaust paint has silicone-based coating ingredients which help the paint to stick properly for a longer period of time. The design engineering header paint has a heat tolerance capacity of 1500 degrees in F. Till this temperature the paint won’t crack or peel off. But if the heat temperatures reach above 693 degrees then it only removes, not before.


This best high temp paint for exhaust is designed not only for exhaust headers but for blocking engines, exhaust pipes, and much more. The DEI brand offers claims that the paint will work fine on grills however, the statement is not 100% true. Although it’s a great application for abrasion, road grime, and hot oil spills. Also works well on non-titanium wraps.

Non-Titanium Wrap Coating

The paint includes a non-titanium wrap application which means it is not recommended to use on titanium surfaces. But the chemical properties of HT coating provide a prolonged life of exhaust wrap for years without any issue. The Design engineering heat resistant silicone spray has some curing processes to be followed given below in detail.

Cheap Spray Paint

The design engineering high temp silicone coating spray black comes in a 12 oz can bottle. The can is most affordable and comes at a cheaper price with dirt and oil-resistant properties. A locking tool is also available for saving efforts and time without paying extra.

Ease Of Application

The spray paint does not require any extra equipment to coat the exhaust wrap. It is widely used, the same as most of the exhaust wrap coating. For making the task easier, Design engineering High-temperature coating spray offers a lock tie tool to make the task easier to perform.

How to use Design Engineering 01301 High-Temperature Silicone Coating Spray

The Design Engineering hi-temp silicone coating can be used by following the simple steps given:

  • Step1: Clean the bare metal surface using a clean cloth to wipe out the dirt.
  • Step2: Prime the exhaust wrap using a primer. Use at least two coats.
  • Step3: Wait for the primer to dry and be ready with the spray paint.
  • Step4: Use Design engineering 01301 High-Temperature Silicone Coating Spray on the metal.
  • Step5: Apply at least three coats each with a gap of 30 minutes.
Do you know HT silicone coating is now compliant in around 50 states?

Now the curing process starts from here:

For curing DEI HT silicone coating you need to bake the engine for about 2 hours at 400 degrees F. Then allow it to cool down properly and go for a second coat. The whole cycle will be completed in about 6 hours approximately.

Final Say

As practical knowledge says the automotive engine exhaust wrap does not reach a temperature above 1500 degrees F in reality. So applying a Design Engineering High-Temperature Silicone Coating is a perfect choice. On the other hand, not recommended to use on any other surfaces as we have tested thoroughly.

Varieties of models are available and you can even customize according to your vehicle. The Design Engineering hi-temp silicone coating is our advice for users rather than an aluminum one. Also, buy at least two bottles because one 12 oz can bottle might be not enough for a matte finish look.

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