Devilbiss 703663 Pressure Feed Automotive Spray Gun Reviews

If you are looking for the detailed reviews and functionality of Devilbiss 703663 Pressure Feed Automotive Spray Gun then you are in the right place.

First of all, you should know that Devilbiss company is the same brand that produces all the spray guns of TEKNA Pro-lite. People confuse between the two companies but they are the same as Devilbiss is a brand and TEKNA produces its parts.

Here we have a brief discussion about the Devilbiss pressure feed spray gun and at the end some tips and tricks for the Beginners.

Features of Devilbiss 703663 Pressure Feed Automotive Spray Gun

Devilbiss 703663 Pressure Feed Automotive Spray Gun Features
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High Transfer Efficiency

The first and foremost thing that the Devilbiss pressure feed spray guns are famous for its atomization. The atomization means it has the technology which gives you the finest and smooth sprayer paint over the surfaces. It has two air caps on the nozzle side which allows you to provide versatile coating without over-spraying.

Body Type

The material used for making these best automotive feed spray guns is stainless steel and scratch-resistant. Also, it has non-stick properties that prevent the paint from being clogged.

Key Specifications

The manufacture of these pressure feed guns are Devilbiss and this item weighs about 2 pounds. The dimensions of the product are “10.31 x 7.52 x 2.6” inch with a model number of 703663. The cover you get is of a prolite pressure feed spray gun.

The Functioning of Devilbiss Best Pressure Feed Spray Gun

The functions of this best pressure feed spray gun by Devilbiss is very easy. If you use latex-based or any kind of other thick paint then this is the perfect option. It has 2 already installed caps which can be easily adjusted by the knobs and patterns can be chosen accordingly.

Also in each and every pattern, you will get the smooth fluid that gives higher transfer efficiency. There is an air pressure meter and HVLP H40 nozzle with this gun to make the task easier.

But this is the siphon pressure feed spray gun type because the CC cup will be attached to the bottom. Through this, you may require an Air compressor to pump out the paint from the container. You can air compressors and set the PSI accordingly but make sure to purchase an air compressor that produces 1.5 times the CFM.

Pricing of Devilbiss Spray Guns VS. TEKNA Pro-lite Parts

There are varieties of Devilbiss models available in the market like Devilbiss ega-503 spray guns, Devilbiss 802342, Devilbiss GFG670 Finishile Pressure feed spray gun, and Devilbiss JGA suction feed spray gun. But this one Devilbiss 703663 is one time worth investing because there is zero maintenance involved.

If you are just purchasing the spray gun then you may require a Devilbiss paint cup to store the amount of paint while spraying. A long length air hose must be purchased separately with a good quality air compressor.

An average DeVilbiss paint cup costs under 20$-50$ depending upon the quality. However if you purchase Devilbiss spray gun kit then this is the best option out there, but it is quite expensive and may cost under 10000$.

If you have a budget and need a cost-effective pressure feed gun then you should definitely go for Devilbiss 703663 spray gun.

Keep in mind that TEKNA Pro-Lite is a part of Devilbiss and has to manufacture the products for decades so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

Which one is better Devilbiss Finishline Vs Devilbiss Spray Gun gti Pro Vs Devilbiss 703663?

Most of the people confuse between the Devilbiss Finishline Pressure Feed Automotive Paint Gun and Devilbiss 703663 pressure feed spray gun. Well if you are looking for the primmer gun then I would recommend the finish line because there is no proper manual by Devilbiss company. and because of its cheap quality consumer faces damages in the machine after using it for 6 months. On the other hand, Devilbiss 703663 is considered one of the finest options because it is lightweight. One downside that we face is that it is very expensive but you can give it a try. Devilbiss spray gun gti pro is the best alternative to the Devilbiss finish line as it has a 1.3mm nozzle size which is a Universal fit.

Devilbiss Spray Gun Tips for Beginners

If you are a paint enthusiast but have zero knowledge of using Devilbiss 703663 Pressure Feed Automotive Spray Gun then I will help you with my experience. So while you use this sprayer paint gun make sure you have the whole kit attached with you. Because paint sprayers take time while painting your car using spray guns.

Make sure to clean the gun before and after using it. Adjust the PSI and pattern size whether circular or straight and also check the GPM(Gallon per Minute) the more it is the better it would be. Do not use the wrist just move the whole arm while using sprayers over the surface and avoid over prayers. So this was the complete guide about Devilbiss pressure feed spray gun in detail and reviews.

If you have a really low budget and want to go for a cheaper automotive paint gun then I would suggest you go with Devilbiss spray gun gti pro and Devilbiss JGA suction feed spray gun these are the new products in the market and gaining huge popularity.

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