Doodly Review (2021): Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Do you know more than 53% of people prefer to watch whiteboard animation videos over normal ones? Here is the truth that animated videos look more fascinating and highly engaged among people. And all these videos are created through the best whiteboard animation software and Doodly is one of them. In this Doodly review, we are gonna talk about its features, pricing, different plans, tutorial videos, bonuses, and much more.

You may have seen some videos where a man holds a pen and draws sketches of images and doodle figures by playing music at playback. All of these videos are whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation software is used to create animated sketch videos. These videos are approx 3-5 minutes longer or short and crisp. They are highly used on social media platforms like Facebook for explaining the ad campaign and getting a high conversion from it.

The videos created using this software look professional and decent each time and grabs the customer’s interest in videos. But don’t worry you do not need any high skills for using even if you are using it from scratch then the Doodly review is only for you.

Doodly Reviews & Specification Table

Doodly Review


Doodly is the most popular whiteboard animation software used to create doodle sketch videos. Doodly offers a wide variety of doodle characters, HD High-quality Images, Record voice-over, and etc.
Video Output
Ease of use

Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software Review


If you need the absolute best whiteboard animation software then you can blindly trust Doodly for creating animated sketch videos.


What is Doodly?

doodly review
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Doodly is the whiteboard animation software that allows you to create animated sketch videos by using drag and drop features. Doodly offers high-quality HD graphics images with varieties of royalty-free tracks and much more exciting features at a low cost.

Using Doodly is so easy that you do not need to watch any tutorial videos before using it. Doodly clearly mentioned that they have created the interface dashboard so simple that a 7-year child can create the videos without any trouble.

The Doodly software is created by Bryxen from doodle enterprise and was launched in September 2020 at 10:00 EST. The product is launched in two different plans- Doodly standard and Doodly enterprise plan which we will discuss in its review later in this article.

In spite of having so many features at such a low cost, we face some drawbacks which we will discuss next in this review of Doodly in detail.

Doodly Features

The doodly whiteboard animation software offers lots of exciting features that are easy to use.

Unique Board Styles

doodly different board styles
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The whiteboard is the most common board used by every user. Because it looks very clean and universally acceptable. But in spite of being this one you have 5 different boards available with Doodly.

  • WhiteBoard
  • ChalkBoard
  • GlassBoard
  • GreenBoard
  • Custom board

With the given above boards you can create videos on different tones. And all these are the mainboards used all over the internet for creating doodle videos.

Custom Board allows you to choose the background color whatever you want without compromising the video quality. There are lot of special features to discuss in this Doodly review.

Different Hand Styles

Hand style is the key factor of Doodly software. You can choose different hand styles given by this software which is 15 real hand styles and 13 cartoon hand styles both male and female.

Also, you will get the option of changing the hand position left or right easily.

As there is no option available of adding your own real hand picture in it. During the whole video, you do not have the option to remove the hand animation.

Easy customization is available for you like adjusting the speed of hand or drawing the graphic image from wherever you want to.

Graphical Images Available

doodly graphical images
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Doodly Graphical Sketch Images
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No images or doodle sketches are taken from stock images. All the images are High-quality graphics and made by professional Doodly software developers, so there is no need to worry about the copyright images.


The Doodly has a Large Library that offers different characters, doodles, soundtracks, and images. The large library is pre-installed with 200 characters each with 200 different poses but there are differences in the numbers of figures between the Doodly Club in their Doodly standard vs enterprise plan.

You have an option to upload your custom images. Just upload and add your custom image, the canvas and sketch animation will create your image. You also have access to Doodly Marketplace for purchasing doodles in bundles.

Also, all the figures will be in black and white format till you purchase Doodly Rainbow Add on which costs about $67 (separate). you can purchase add ons after reading this honest Doodly review in Detail.

Custom Draw Paths

doodly custom draw paths
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Custom draw path means choosing the starting and ending point of your images. The Doodly whiteboard animation software allows you to import the custom images in any format and make them doodle for you.

The custom draw path option gives a natural effect to the images. With the left click of a mouse, select the start point, and drag it till it reaches the finishing point.

It is one of the most important features which are not used by most of the Doodly competitors.

Royalty Free Music

doodly royalty free music tracks
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A video without a track is nothing more than dead content. Adding music to the videos hits the psychology of the customers that helps them in engaging in the video for a longer period of time.


The soundtracks, clips, or music used by Doodly software are free from copyright. It means you will get the royalty over the videos. There are no restrictions on the number of tracks used in videos.

The background music tracks are available in three different packages depending upon which you purchase.

  • Gold (20 Background music)
  • Platinum (40 Background Music)
  • Enterprise (80 Background Music)

If you have your own downloaded mp3 track or music, you can import it into the videos easily. There are also no restrictions on numbers.

In case you didn’t like this slot you can use your own voice.

Voice Overs

doodly record voice overs
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You may have seen doodle videos where videos are going on and a voice is narrating the whole concept. The human voices played in the background of the videos are called “Voice Overs”.

The voice-overs help customers to understand better the product or what the video is about. We understand better when someone explains it through a word of mouth, it creates interaction between the narrator and the audiences.

For better conversion rates voice over is the best thing you can add nowadays because these types of videos get quick rich content. This unbiased Doodly review will help you further to know how exactly it works.


Before Doodly was launched people used Audacity to record their own voices and then import them into the videos. But now you can record your voice while playing the video in the preview at the same time. The audio quality is excellent without any interruption and has different options to edit, cut, or adjust speed accordingly.

Video Editing

People fear that editing videos are very time-consuming and only done by professionals. But the statement is not true, in fact, the Doodly whiteboard animation software makes the interface user friendly so that it can be used by beginners and professionals as well.

The video editing part is divided into 4 different sections:

  • Media Panel
  • Canvas
  • Scene Panel and Media Items List
  • Timeline

In the media panel, you can easily see your characters, text elements, soundtracks, and props. Every time you import something in the Doodly dashboard canvas you will see it in this section.

Canvas is your main project window whatever you make changes in the timeline or any other panel it will be shown on the canvas. It is the final output.

Scene Panel and Medial lists Item section is used for the settings of particular the character/images/scene or background music.

Timeline is nothing but just basic settings to use, it helps in chasing the time of the videos, characters, recorded voice overs, and editing them accordingly.


These are all basic knowledge for creating high-quality videos.

Export and Rendering Process

After designing the videos the next step is about video quality in this Doodly review. Here Doodly best whiteboard animation software offers to select the video quality between (360p – 1080p) HD. Although you have options to select your aspect ratio which is quite different from the social media videos.

Video Formats: Doodly offers export video features in different formats like MP4, MKV, WebM, OGG types file. MP4 format is used for uploading the videos on Youtube. It also imports SVG Image format.

FPS (Frames Per Second): Doodly can handle all the FPS ranges from 24 to 60 fps easily. People nowadays use 60 fps for creating high definition videos.

If you want to upload directly on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube Doodly offers you to do so.

The Doodly has one major drawback, it takes 40 minutes to render the video on high-quality of about 10 minutes.

Doodly Support

The Doodly is a well-defined supporter for its customers. You can easily contact time on any time anywhere and you will get the answer within 24 hours of reporting the issue.


On the Doodly support desk, you will be able to read the FAQS and other questions.

However, there is a separate ticket support option available which helps in explaining your problem to them easily via ticket.

You can ask questions on the Doodly Facebook page which you will get the invitation after you purchase Doodly. There is no LIVE chat support system on the support desk. In the next part of the Doodly review lets have a look about its pricing

Doodly Pricing

The Doodly video software offers two different plans for their customers.

On Monthly Basis:

  • Standard- $39/per month
  • Enterprise- $69/per month

On Annual Basis:

  • Standard- $20/per month
  • Enterprise- $40/per month

At the same time if you are using a monthly basis plan you have the option to cancel any time subscription.


Doodly Rainbow Add On Review

The Doodly rainbow add-on plugin offers colorful version images and characters at the cost of $67 separate from billing. Because Doodly whiteboard animation software comes with black and white graphic doodles so in order to make them colorful you need a Doodly rainbow.

Doodly rainbow $67 is a (one-time fee).

Doodly One-Time Offer Review

The Doodly one-time offer was announced 75% Off on plans via the Facebook platform and made for those, who need to do Doodly one-time payment at the cost of $67. It was special pricing used by the Doodly software back in the days, but I don’t know if it is still valid or not.

Normally it costs $468/year but they are offering a 1-time price of $67 for a limited period of time. No MONTHLY fees required.

But did you know a Doodly one-time or lifetime membership plan of $67 has some restrictions? There are limits on the number of doodle characters you used. It is like a basic version just as a Doodly standard plan.

Doodly Standard Vs. Enterprise Plan Review

The main difference between standard and enterprise plan summarised below.

doodly standard vs enterprise plan
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Doodly Library


The vast difference is, For the standard plan, there is a limit on the number of doodle characters in the Doodly Club you used. And for the enterprise plan, you get extra doodle images graphical and royalty-free music from the Doodly Club each month without paying extra.

doodly characters
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doodly character figures
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Also, you will get updates regularly in both the plan, and don’t forget to purchase a Doodly rainbow at $67 if you need a colorful version.

What I Like About Doodly

There are a total of three benefits or advantages that I like about Doodly.

Easy to use

The interface is so easy to handle that if you have zero knowledge about editing, still you can create a professional video in one go. No technical skills are required- the only limit is your imagination.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here Doodly claims if you didn’t like our product within a month you will get the refund within 30 days. No questions will be asked. However, there may be a cancellation fee of about less than 2% not exact.

Regular Updates

No matter what you are using whether it is windows or MAC you will get regular updates. What updates did Doodly roll out? Each time they update they offer new doodles, some scenes, and much more exciting features.

While most of the other whiteboard animation software releases their updates thrice a year. Doodly rolls out about 6-7 or more in a year.


What I don’t Like about Doodly

The two major drawbacks/disadvantages that we face are given below.

Requires Internet Connection

Doodly does not work offline you need a normal internet connection to access it. This can become the major drawback of this software. Because sometimes you are stuck in a situation where the internet lacks and your project is necessary, then it can create problems.

No Free Trial

Doodle does not offer a free trial to new or existing customers, you have to purchase it for use. On the other hand, if you do not like this video software then you have a 30 days money-back guarantee to wait for you. Just grab this software after reading this honest Doodly reviews in depth.

Who can use Doodly video software?

There are no restrictions on the basis of age, skills, and education. Anyone can purchase and create whiteboard animation videos.

But these are widely used by the following:

  1. Digital Marketers
  2. Facebook Ads Campaign Runner
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Youtubers
  5. Teachers
  6. Content Creators
  7. Video Creators
  8. Affiliate Marketers
  9. Beginners
  10. Course Creator
  11. Business Owner
  12. Students
  13. Freelancers
  14. Coaching/Tuition Centers
  15. Online Advertiser

The above-given list is the most common user, after researching for about a while we concluded it is widely used by YouTubers. This not only gives them a unique position from thousands of videos but also helps in gaining views and increasing earning.

One question asked by most of the users is how can I create my first doodle videos using Doodly? The next tutorial will help you further.


How to use Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software?

There is no limit on the number of installations of Doodly. After purchasing you can install this video software on as many as computers you want. No matter whether it is Windows PC or MAC it is compatible with both devices.

When you purchase this software using this Doodly review, you will head over to the billing area.

After the billing, you will receive an Email from Doodly Enterprise on “how to download and install Doodly” this is a simple basic guide for every user.

After installation, creating your first video on Doodly is very easy by following the steps:

  1. Select the doodle characters you want, left-click on it and it will be shown on the canvas.
  2. You can edit your doodles from the right section.
  3. On the timeline below the canvas will show your recorded voice-overs and image animation duration.
  4. After completing click on the save button, then your project will be saved.
  5. Select the export video quality by choosing resolution, FPS, and Quality. Then Click on Continue, Now select the folder where you want to save your project on the computer.

If you want to add your own custom images and draw paths you can easily do it.

The Doodly makes the video creating tasks easier for users in terms of their competitors where they lack. The next block of the Doodly reviews conclude and compare this software from its competitors.

Doodly Alternatives

There are varieties of the best whiteboard animation software available in the market, it is very difficult to choose among them. Here I have listed some of the doodly competitor’s reviews.


Top Doodly Alternatives:

  • Toonly
  • Videoscribe
  • Animaker
  • Camtasia
  • Prezi
  • DoodleMaker
  • Other free whiteboard animation software

The Doodly has three major rivals given below.

Doodly Vs Toonly

toonly vs doodly review
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Toonly review: Toonly is another animation software used to create cartoon videos. The toonly software is used for creating cartoon animation videos. It comes with 510 cartoon characters which include 30 different characters with 17 different poses. Toonly is more like to create cartoon explainer videos.

On the other hand Doodly is used for creating sketch videos that are often used for educational and other tutorial videos. In toonly you can add your own custom dialogues. Both Doodly and Toonly are brothers and sisters as they are created by the same company Bryxen, Inc.

Doodly Vs Videoscribe

videoscribe vs doodly review
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There is no such difference between Doodly and videoscribe both of them are the best whiteboard animation software in the market. With the videoscribe you will never run out of the hand style options where the Doodly has less.

Vidoescribe offers different categories options for their characters which are easy to find and there are a total of approx 6000 different characters. But Doodly has a large Doodly library that has more than 6100 characters.

As compared to the interface the Doodly is quite easy to use, also it allows you to add your own custom text style. However, on the Videoscribe you have the camera angle changes option.


Doodly Vs Animaker

animaker vs doodly review
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Animaker is an animation video software that is quite different from Doodly hand sketching videos. The Animaker offers different sciences and moving animated characters without the involvement of hand styles.

Animaker is more likely to be used by the professional business owner for their PowerPoint projects.

Free Whiteboard Animation Software

There is some free whiteboard animation software available, but as you know free has some restrictions on the number of features you used. There are limits on the characters you used.

The brand uses its watermark all over the videos, which does not look professional at all. Also, they keep pushing up to purchase their plan which is very annoying.

Every time you create some videos they show you pop ads, banners ads, non-skippable ads which can ruin your entire project. In the next section of Doodly review, we are going to go through some frequent questions asked by users.

FAQs Related to Doodly Review

How much does Doodly cost?

The doody comes with two different pricing plans- standard and Enterprise plan. The standard plan costs $39 per month and $20 per month for a yearly plan. Enterprise Plan costs $69 per month and $40 per month for a yearly plan. There is also another option of Doodly one-time payment offer which costs $67 for a lifetime membership.

Is Doodly free?

No, Doodly is not free. You have to choose the paid plan to access it.

Which is better Doodly or Toonly?

Both are good in their respective fields. Doodly is a whiteboard animation software used to create sketch videos. And Toonly is used to create cartoon animation videos.

Does doodly have a free trial?

No, there is no free trial associated with doodly. Instead, you can purchase the software and if you don’t like it you have a 30 days money-back guarantee option available.

My Advice on Doodly Review

After reading the whole Doodly review, I hope you got some ideas about its features, comparison, pricing plan, and alternatives. But if you ask me a question do you recommend Doodly for your users? Highly, I would say. As you, in the digital field, people now prefer watching online videos rather than spending their time on articles or blogs. and these sketch videos are very to explain to your audience.

Now if we talk about the Doodly standard vs enterprise plan reviews, I would say you should purchase the Doodly enterprise plan because you save more and get more features at less. If we talk about the Doodly rainbow add on, then it is also recommended from my side if you are serious about your job. Then if you don’t like any plan you have 30 days money-back guarantee, you like our review of Doodly wait, I have some bonuses for you.


doodly private facebook group
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After your billing process, you will receive a notification from the Doodly enterprise for joining their PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. This Doodly Facebook group has more than 51000+ active members, so if you have any query you can raise it on the group, and the professional will answer as soon as they reach.

doodly testimonials reviews
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doodly testimonials
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Also if you want to suggest some changes about Doodly, you can easily tell them and they will try to change it by creating a poll.

doodly reviews
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