Dupli-Color Ceramic Engine Paint Review: Best Clear Enamel Paint

Do you know auto-mechanic confuses between the best header paint and engine paint? they considered both the same. But have you ever noticed their ingredient, probably not? This Dupli-Color Ceramic Engine Paint Review will clear all your doubts regarding the automotive.

The Duplicolor paint is one of the oldest brands which makes the perfect match for automotive paints. For making the Duplicolor Engine Enamel Paint they have come across this ceramic-based formula.

Ceramic coating helps in heat retention for about 500°F without chipping or peeling. At the same time, Duplicolor engine paint white gives a perfect universal white gloss clear finish to the metal surfaces. For odd jobs like engine blocking or touch-up paint, Dupli-color paint is highly recommended.

The paint does need a high heat primer before coating with Dupli-Color Ceramic Engine Paint to give the surfaces durable for a longer period of time. It has some great features to discuss in detail which makes it the most durable engine paint in the industry.

Features of Duplicolor Engine Enamel Gloss White Paint (Review)

Duplicolor Engine Enamel Gloss White Paint Review

The Dupli-color engine enamel offers a wide variety of features given below:

Best Engine Paint

The engine surface must be painted with Dupli-color engine paint in order to retain its originality for durability. Because these paints have ceramic properties which are for metallic engine surfaces in order to protect them from engine blocking. It has universal white high gloss retention clear ingredients that give a smooth surface after a proper coat. Also with a huge variety of colors, Dupli-color EDE160207 offers 30 different color options including red.

Ceramic Resin Formula

The durable ceramic formulation has the primary objective of providing excessive heat resistance of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Almost 90% of engine paint contains ceramic coating which gives a gloss clear matte finish to the bare metal surfaces. Ceramic resin is used to make the paint stick to the engine easily and is used to cast iron.

Enamel Based Coating

The paint should be smooth after every coat, isn’t it? So, the enamel-based properties are used to give the clear matte finish at the end after curing. The Enamel helps in preventing harmful liquids from penetrating into the bare metal surfaces by blocking the pores and There is no blister, peel, flake, or crack of the paint at the end. In addition, it has oil and scratch-resistant features that make it universally reliable with every automotive engine.

E Z Touch Nozzle

EZ nozzles are attached to make the engine spray paint easy to use. These nozzles are so soft that you can continuously coat without stopping in between. The EZ Touch Nozzle allows you to give angled spray features, which means you can spray upside or whatever angle you like. It makes the task easier for every automotive enthusiast to perform a job.

Ease of Application

The Duplicolor white engine paint has a very easy-to-use engine application. No extra equipment is needed in the whole curing process. The Dupli-Color Engine paint dries to touch in 30 minutes and needs a second coating within one hour. Primer may be required to remove the oil or gas formulated back on the engine.

How to cure Dupli-Color Engine Paint?

The duplicolor engine enamel paint can be cured by following the steps:

  • Step1: Prep the engine metal surfaces by cleaning them with sandpaper.
  • Step2: Remove the excess dirt over the engines.
  • Step3: Use a Duplicolor engine primer to prime the metal before coating. Two coats required with a minute gap.
  • Step4: Now apply the first layer coating using Dupli-Color engine enamel paint white and wait for 30 minutes. Now use the second layer coating and be ready for curing.
  • Step5: Cure the paint at 150°F.

The curing process of duplicolor white engine paint or red engine paint has the same baking process. But please refer to the instructions about its curing heat.

Final Say

In the end, you can say the Dupli-Color Ceramic Engine Paint is the perfect choice for touch-up paint. The 500 degrees F is enough if you are using it as engine paint. On other hand, it is not recommended for a wood workplace as it cannot internment the excessive heat high-temperature

For a perfect coating, you can go with Duplicolor engine enamel paint because it gives great results at the end. When we used it on our engine it worked well and required a two-bottle minimum. For the past six months, the paint has not peeled or cracked and a glossy appearance is still on it.

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