Gedu High Pressure Spray Paint Gun with 1000cc cup, 3.0mm nozzle

When it comes to the affordable spray paint gun then we cannot ignore Gedu High Pressure Spray Paint Gun because of its high-efficiency performance. This is the siphon-feed spray gun which is completely easy to use for automotive, housing, and industrial areas.

Gedu company has quickly shot up in the market because of its 3.0mm nozzle size and other various features. The 1000cc aluminum cup is enough to store a large amount of paint in one go.

Features of Gedu High-Pressure Spray Paint Gun

Gedu High Pressure Spray Paint Gun 1000cc cup
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Professional High Pressure PSI Spray Gun

The Gedu high-pressure gun has control PSI ranges from 50 to 70PSI. Also, you will be able to control the amount of pressure using a valve given at the back of the gun. You can easily attach an air measure compressor below to check high or low pressure each time.

Siphon Type Spray Gun (1000cc Cup)

It is a syphon spray gun with an aluminum container of 1000cc attached below the gun. But siphon-feed requires much more pressure than a gravity feed spray gun to pump out every drop paint from the gun. The paint can be pumped through an affordable air compressor.

3.0mm Nozzle

Gedu High-Pressure Spray Paint Gun With 3.0mm nozzle
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The Gedu spray gun comes with two types of nozzle 2.5mm and 3.0mm. We are reviewing 3.0mm nozzle paint sprayer as they are good for heavy projects and complete the paint job in less time. Also, large holes nozzles are suitable for primmer and metallic basecoat.

Product Description

The brand and manufacture are both of “GEDU” with the product manufacture number GAOA103-2, you can match the ASIN number B01JIEZONQ. The paint gun weighs about 2.7 pounds with dimensions of “9.09 x 7.09 x 5.39” inch.

Body Material

The whole body GEDU high-pressure feed spray gun is made up of stainless steel which helps in preventing it from corroded. The rust-free properties are also associated including nozzle which makes it corrosion resistant. There is a solid brass lid cap on the nozzle that is also corrosion resistant which increases longevity and durability.

Advantages of Gedu High Pressure Spray Gun

Gedu High-Pressure Spray Gun Parts
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Gedu High-Pressure Spray Gun Parts

Easy Clean-Up: The GEDU products are easily cleanable because they are made of high-quality material. Make sure to clean the air paint gun before and after using it to stop clogging of paint.

Universal Fit: The spray paint gun is easily compatible with any type of nozzle. But the 3.0mm nozzle is perfect as it is made for automotive surfaces.

Large Cup Size: Because of its 1000cc aluminum cup you can easily store more amount of paint and it does not require refilling every time. Refills take lots of time to spray paint but this problem is covered now.

Easily Available Parts and Tools: The repairing parts of the Gedu spray gun are very cheap and you can easily get tools anywhere around the market.

Disadvantages of Gedu Spray Gun

Wastage of Paint: Due to the cause of high pressure there will be more wastage of paint and the paint costs you quite expensive. So use the gun at low pressure with more CFM to better air consumption. It comes between the 6-8 cfm (cubic feet per minute).

Lack of Trust: People do not trust new brands as they are unsure about the quality of products, and they should be because it’s the matter of automotive after all. But you can trust us we have used this product more than 13 times without any further difficulty.

Tips for Using Gedu High-Pressure Spray Paint Gun

You need to follow the basic manual of Gedu High Pressure Spray Paint Gun and read the instructions very carefully before repairing or assembling yours. To start your DIY Paint job you need to prepare yourself first in case you’re a beginner. Use the spray paint gun on a blank surface and do practice before using it further.

Make sure to clean the spray paint gun every time you use it. So this was the comprehensive detailed guide about Gedu high-pressure spray gun and its reviews. If you have any further issues about the paint gun you can ask in the comment section.

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