Best Non-Skid Paint: Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant

Read this article to know about the Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant. All the required information related to this deck paint is given such as

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Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant:

Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant
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Interlux Interdeck Deck Paint Slip Resistant

This Interlux Non-Slip Deck Paint is the best deck paint that comes with slip-resistant. It is a polyurethane resin product that in protecting from normal wear and tear.

And also gives you protection from sun glare. A simple product designed for decks.

Basically, it works fine on both home decks as well as boats.

Product Description:


A slip-resistant product that comes in quarter size:

  • 1 Quarter = 0.25 Gallon

Item Dimensions

And dimensions are 8.2 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.


This item’s weight is 2 pounds.


There are five colors available with this product you can also look Interlux color charts

  • Gray
  • White
  • Cream
  • Sand Beige
  • Squall blue


A product by Interlux. Good for interior and exterior surfaces. A solid anti-skid solution product.

Features Interlux Deck Paint:

All the features of this product are given below in points

  • A house paint made for interior and exterior too.
  • Slip-resistant product.
  • Made for both home decks and boats as well.
  • It shows you finish results and gives protection from sun glare.
  • An anti-skid solid solution product.
  • A polyurethane product that helps in protecting from normal wear and tear.
  • Simple product made for decks basically.
  • Quarter size available in this color.
  • 5 different colors available that are gray, white, cream, sand beige, and squall blue.
  • Non-durable product. Not so long-lasting product.

Product Information:

The information related to this best deck paint is categorized below as further:


Interlux Paint is the quality deck paint. this deck paint helps in providing protection from normal day to day activities as well as normal wear and tear.

In spite of that its a polyurethane that too helps in protection from sun glare. This paint works on both interior and exterior as well.

But it’s good for home depot than boats.


While talking about its durability it’s not up to the mark. After researching and feedback, we found that it is not a long-lasting product.

Just made for simple decks as it is housing paint. And not made for industrial use.


While talking about its solution it is an anti-skid solid solution. An easy to apply in all the substrate.

Well, this product comes in quarter size and five color options are available for you.

You can select the paint color according to your requirements or that matches your furniture perfectly.

If you are a little bit confused about choosing the color then go for squall blue color. Rather you can take help from your family or friends.

According to its quality, this product is just a little bit expensive. but if you are looking for simple deck paint then go for it.

How To Apply:

  • Step 1–Do not shake the paint. Just open it with the opener or read the instructions.
  • Step 2-Should not be applied to clear epoxies. epoxy must be primed before using the paint on the surface.
  • Step 3-Use roller or brush for spreading the paint to the surface. You can learn the techniques by watching Youtube videos.


Wearing hand gloves is important. Keep it in a dry place.

Epoxy must be primed before using the paint to your deck. Read the instructions carefully and go through the label wisely.

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