Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun Reviews, 2.0mm Nozzle

If you want to know about the detailed reviews of Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun then read the beginners guide and tips at the end.

Neiko Spray Guns are one of the most affordable spray guns for beginners because they are very cheap and come in various types of nozzle sizes. We are reviewing the Neiko 31216a 2.0 mm nozzle size variant because of its consistent performance as an air sprayer.

In this comprehensive guide to getting to know about how this HVLP spray gun works its features, Advantages, and personal observation.

Features of Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun

Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun Fetaures
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At a very cost-effective price Neiko company is offering varieties of features given below:

2.0 mm Nozzle Size Spray Gun

The Neiko 31216a comes in a 2 mm nozzle size that suits best for latex paint because of large holes. The large holes allow the gun to spray more effectively and consistently without wasting. Although this type of air sprayers are mainly purpose for primer.


By the term, material means we talk about its heavy-duty body, the whole body of a spray gun is high quality. The body is made up of stainless steel and rust resistance which helps in preventing the gun from being damaged and stopping the paint from clogging.

Professional HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun 600cc cup
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The Neiko 31216A is completely HVLP that states High volume Low pressure. The HVLP allows you to paint more at low pressure without being paint wastage. By Gravity feed, it means the 600cc cup will be attached to the top of the gun upside down and does not require much pressure to pump out the paint.

Product Description

The 31216A is a model of Neiko and manufactured by Ridgerock Tools Inc. The dimension of the gun is about “8.94 x 5.83 x 4.92” inch with a weight of 2.75 pounds and a nozzle of 2.0 mm size.

Neiko 31216A Reviews

The Neiko 31216A is one of the best spray gun for beginners. The gun is very easy to use and you will get 3 valve caps to control the pattern size accordingly. At the bottom of the gun, there is an air compressor meter attached to check the pressure of air.

We really like the tough body and its stainless steel cup that is 600cc in size. One overall advantage that we see is the controlling PSI and can be used for industrial projects as well. We measure the pressure of operation which shows 40 PSI and underworking you should set to 10PSI.

The one thing that we see and added its additional features is, it works 4.5 times of the CFM.

Advantages of Neiko 31216A Spray Gun

Different Nozzle Sizes

Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun different nozzle size cleaning kit
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There is a total of six total variants of multiple tips available with this spray gun:

1.0mm Nozzle: The1.0 mm size of the nozzle has very small holes and is considered as mini spray guns. These are specially designed for detailed projects with little touch-ups.

1.3mm to 1.7mm Nozzle: These are basically made for painting the area with a medium-size surface when there is no heavy work required.

2.2mm extra size Nozzle: This is one edition above the 2.0 mm nozzle size, it is made for water-based and thicker latex paint sprayers.

2.5mm Nozzle HVLP air spray gun kit with air regulator: It is a whole kit in itself that is used for very big projects like painting trucks.

Easy To Clean

Because of its stainless steel body, it helps in cleaning the spray gun very easily. It is one of the best advantages that the NEIKO brand is providing. There is no rocket science or messy work associated with cleaning the gun, also you can disassemble and reassemble easily.

Cheap Parts and Low Maintenance Cost

In case you lost any needle, cups, or any other Neiko spray gun parts you can easily get it from Amazon. In addition, the maintenance cost of the Neiko 31216A model is almost zero.

Beginner Tips For Neiko 31216A HVLP Air Spray Gun

Before using this Neiko 31216A Gravity Feed HVLP Air Spray Gun make sure to read the instructions very carefully. Make sure to avoid the over sprayer on the automotive surface because it can ruin the whole project just one coat is enough with a 2.0mm nozzle size.

While painting with Neiko 31216a make sure to purchase a cleaning kit for better convenience. Also, movement should be consistent, and try to practice on the crap sheet before spraying on the main project.

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