Best Texture Paint: RTG Deck Porch Patio Anti-Slip Paint

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RTG Deck Porch Patio Anti-Slip Paint:

RTG Deck Porch Patio Anti-Slip Paint
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RTG Deck Porch Patio Anti-Slip Paint

The RTG comes here with this special product. This is the best deck paint for the textured wood or concrete.

It is a non-slip paint for decking, that comes with fast drying. And gives you the finished surface.

And can be used for anti-slip paint for composite decking.

Product Description:

The description of the product is categorized below as further


There are two sizes available with this product and are given below

  • 1 quarter/0.25 gallon- This size is enough to cover the area about 100 feet per quarter.
  • 1 gallon


The weight of this item is 1.9 pounds that come in a rounded container.

Item Dimensions

Product dimensions are 4.5 x 4.4 x 4.3 inches.


For residential usage and standard too. A water-based type. comes with Low VOC. And Eco-friendly products.

Features of RTG Deck Porch Patio:

  • It comes in four different colors i:e sand, white, light grey, and clear/amber.
  • The water-based product works best for exterior use.
  • Fast-drying product and gives you a textured look to your wood or concrete. But be careful because of slippery when wet. Shows you the best results to your surface.
  • Best for the porch, patio, decks, ramps and etc.
  • 0.25 gallons or 1 quarter is to cover the area up to 100 sq feet.
  • Easy to apply through brush and rollers.
  • Environmental friendly product with low VOC and odor.
  • It provides you protection from fading from ultraviolet rays.

Product Information:


It is the best anti-slip for wood paint that gives your deck a finishing look.

As it has features mention above that helps you in protecting your deck from harmful Ultraviolet rays.

Such rays lower the quality of the wood and cause fading, cracking, peeling, and unusual splinters in the wooden deck.

Made For

This non-slip paint for woods renews your wood back to its original quality.

And made for the purpose of outdoor surfaces, wooden decks, ramps, stairs, and much more.


The nonslip water-based product that gives your surface a tough look from extra shiny sun rays continues non stop raining, day to day foot traffic, snowy, and other activities.

Size And Coverage

This environmental-friendly product comes in the size of 0.25 gallons or 1 quarter. Such a size is enough the area ranging from 80 to 100 feet/ per quarter.


Best Deck Paint Colors Chart Tint
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Best Deck Paint Colors Chart Tint

RTG Deck Paint comes here with four different colors i:e sand, white, light grey, and clear/amber.

However, you can choose your color according to your furniture. All the design or color depends upon you as per your requirements.

You can create and paint a beautiful deck by creating imagination and apply those principles practically.

How To Apply:

  • Step 1-Try to Open the lid of the container with the opener or recommended tool on the label. Then mix the paint properly.
  • Step 2- Apply the paint on the deck using your roller. Try to cover the shorter surface first.
  • Step 3-Using roller started painting your deck and use a roller. Use thrice in 90 degrees and the last one in 45 degrees on the same surface. And repeat the same with the other portion.
  • Step 4- After 1 coating wait for 1 hour. Then use a second coating. Two coatings are for standard use and three are heavy industrial use.


Always use gloves in order to avoid a mess. Try to cover the unwanted wood portion with plastic.

Taking advice from professionals is also a far better option. Look carefully at the instruction and label for better use.

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