Best Latex Paint: Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

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Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Paint:

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Paint
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Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Paint

The Rust-Oleum is the market-leading, from past years in paint industries. This paint comes with multidimensional features.

This best deck paint works indoor as well as outdoor surfaces. Made for the purpose of painting the wood.

Product Description:


Rust-Oleum Touch Latex Paint is available in two different sizes.

  • 1 quarter = 0.25 Gallon
  • 1/2 pint

If you need to cover a wide area then you can use gallon size. A fast-drying product covers an area of up to 120 feet.


Moreover, the item is 2.2 pounds in weight. It comes in a rounded container.

Item Dimensions

Dimensions of the product are 4.5 x 4.5 x 5 inches.


Well talking about its colors there 18 different colors option available with the product. Anyone can choose according to its requirements or best suited for their deck.


Rust-Oleum deck paint is Water-based. 1 quantity/946 ml ideal for wood, metal, and much more.

Features of Rust-Oleum Touch Latex Paint:

  • Made for indoor and outdoor project surfaces such as wood, metal, plaster, and more.
  • It provides you long-lasting protection.
  • This Rust-Oleum Deck Paint comes in 18 different types of colors.
  • A water-based low odor paint along with chips resistant.
  • You can choose two different sizes i:e quarter and 1/2 pint.
  • Fast-drying product and covers the area up to 120 feet.
  • Simple steps to apply this best porch paint.

Product Information:

The product information is explained briefly in detail and is categorized below:


This best porch paint provides smoothness and finishing. Mainly for the purpose of indoor or we can say interior and exterior (outdoor).

Also helps in providing protection from peeling and gives chips resistant feature. Peeling can be harmful to the wooden, so this paint works as a guardian of the wood.


It is the best porch paint use for the purpose of higher durability that gives you long-lasting protection.

However, there are other products available for stain and other damages.

A best deck stain and sealer is highly recommended. Using various helpful things for your wood can be better for maintaining its life expectancy and look.


A fast-drying product that gives you a smooth and finishing look. Multi-purpose best deck paint for trendy wooden projects for your exterior, and interior.

It can be used on woods, metal, plaster, and much more.


There are 18 different types of colors available you can choose according to your furniture. Most people confuse while choosing a color.

But you can take advice from your friend or any near dear ones and feel free to ask in the comment section.

If you are looking for a new look, try the new gloss color it will give a deck a next-level look. Gloss colors work smoothly and give excellent hide.


As we mentioned about the size in the upper section, it is enough to cover the area around 120 feet. Therefore you can use a paintbrush for doing your paint job.

How To Apply:

Some of the steps that will help you out while doing your paint

  • Step 1: Use the lid opener to open the container.
  • Step 2: Take any handy medium size wooden stick and mix it properly. Do not shake the paint.
  • Step 3: On sand surface use grit sandpaper of about 180/200.
  • Step 4: The next step is to take the degreaser for washing and waits to dry the surface. Apply the paint with a brush.


Using hand gloves is highly recommended as usual. Do not shake the paint before opening or after.
Cover the unwanted area with plastic or something that helps in saving the wood.

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