Steel Seal Gasket Sealer

Are you searching for a Steel Seal Gasket Sealer Reviews to repair your blown head gasket? Then this product will be best for you. We have listed some consumer reviews and specifications related to this product.

Steel Seal Gasket Sealer Reviews

Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair
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Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair

Steel Seal Head Gasket Sealer

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The Steel Seal is the permanent best head gasket sealer in the market. It is the permanent solution for the blown head gasket. These sealers are usually made for bigger and heavy engines.

An easy to use product does not require any special knowledge of cars to ‘do it yourself product’.

This is a combination of different chemical solutions ( except sodium silicate ) and when heated or pressurized it hardens the head gasket and repairs the leakages.

There are other competitors in the market but some of them contain sodium silicate it is also called liquid or water gas.

But this sodium silicate is not durable and it may bring back the problem of the blown head gasket. 

But people think can head gasket sealer damage the engine. The answer is ‘NO’.

However, this head gasket fix is a permanent solution. It repairs the blown head gasket and many other such as:

  • White smoke from the exhaust
  • Overheating of engine
  • Oil in the coolant
  • Creamy liquid near the oil filler cap

Benefits Of Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair

All the relevant benefits are explained below in detail

  • There is no requirement for any highly specialized knowledge of cars. It is a ‘ do it yourself’ head gasket sealer.
  • Basically, it is made for bigger and heavy engines. Like Rvs, bobcat and etc.
  • It is a permanent solution that fixes the leakages in a minute. Other functions o this product is repairing white smokes, overheating, oil in the coolant, and white liquid on the filler cap.
  • Free from any sodium silicate. Sodium silicate is also known as liquid gas.
  • It will give you a permanent solution to your problem. But if the instructions are followed carefully.
Steel Seal is a liquid gasket repair solution but people believe that this does not work. However, they are repairing the vehicle for more than 20 years. They were established in 1999, so you can trust them and try their product

Product Description

This product is a brand by Steal Seal, made for head gasket sealer. The weight of this item is 2.2 pounds. And does not include any sodium silicate (liquid gas).

An easy to use a product but some certain instructions have to be followed for better results.

8 cylinder


Mainly made for big engines, heavy engines, and second-hand cars. But it can be used in small cars as well.

Also performs the functions of agent and helps in fixing white smoke, oil in water, overheating engine problems. Along with that it also has a solution for blown head gaskets, leaks, cracks, and freeze plugs too.

How To Use

It is easy to use a product but some steps needed to be followed

  • For using this product firstly you need to flush the engine and make space for this solution.
  • Before using the product make sure that the engine should be cool. Then remove the radiator cap and starts pouring your solution into it.
  • Always pour the solution slowly, like pour one bottle in a minute.
  • After that turn on the heater on max and leave the car idle for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then turn off the engine and let the car cool down. And run the car slowly first, then enjoy your ride.


While using this steel seal gasket sealer you have to read the instructions carefully in order to get better results.

Keep the product away from children and it may cause eye or skin irritant. But it gets into the eyes then wash your eyes with running water.

In case of high skin irritation consult a doctor.

We do have collected information through our experts and personal reviews too.

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