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Privacy Policy of

We ReviewNitro team honors your privacy and your personal data/information by this privacy policy. And gives you a surety of protecting your data.

We have created this privacy policy page, that focuses on who we are, what data do we collect from users, how do we use it and why do we take it.

This website is mainly for the purpose of reviewing products. All internet users must accept our privacy policy as we pure and trustable, protect your information.

What does our privacy policy explain

This privacy policy explains:

  • Who we are,
  • What data do we take from users,
  • How do we use it
  • Why do we take data

here are the following points of the privacy policy that you must accept before using our services.


The main purpose of the team is to provide you with the best services by protecting your data/information along with greater experience and trustable policy.


Cookies are those that show visitors past searches and saves the current searches. We use cookies to keep the visitors on the right track by evaluating their choices and providing the best services. So whenever the visitors visit our website they get better product/content from our website.

Third-party tools and cookies:

we use cookies to obtain your IP address. Basically, along with that, we use more information such as your username, email id. By using such obtained information our website server detects your software and hardware, that you are using to surfing the internet. We too use third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords for ad targeting and marketing. Such tools help in gathering IP addresses and cookies. We use Amazon affiliate programs that save your product searches.

Our Security:

We honor users’ information and your security is important to us. Our website has many security features implemented. It is safe & secure that comes under SSL including and running the https layer. We have also connected to Cloudflare which brings the users a fast and secure website. Whenever you use ( eg: credit cards, debit cards, and net banking services) on our website, we encrypt the transmission information by using our SSL (sockets layer technology).

Amazon Affiliate:

We use Amazon affiliate programming and other third party affiliate marketing. Amazon is a worldwide trustable E-commerce website with a trustable policy. All other third-party affiliate websites we use are genuine and provides you surety along with the originality of a product.

GDPR-( General Data Protection Regulation ):

If you’re a European resident, we respect general data protection regulation and we have cleared our all policy here. If you want to learn about more than you can google it easily.

Link To Other Websites:

We use a third-party website for marketing the products or for the services. We use the link to another website, they have their own privacy policy. So whenever you link to another website we are not responsible for any practice done by the other website.

Changes In Our Policy:

Whenever we change our privacy policy we will post such changes on this page. All the changes regarding information will appear here when we change our policy terms or modify them in the future.

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