5 Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners

If you are an automotive enthusiast and wanted to know how to start a paint job? Well, this can be only achieved by using the best automotive paint gun for beginners to tackle common painting mistakes.

Automotive spray guns are used for painting car surfaces as you know every automobile owner prefers to do their DIY paint job by themselves, so they use a spray gun for beginners to give a car a smooth and finished look.

There are various types of automotive paint sprayers available you can get the best automotive spray guns that can be chosen with a certain buying guide including major colors.

To overcome this situation we have categorized the best automotive spray paint gun for beginners on the market with the best money value.

Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Gravity Automotive HVLP Spray Gun Kit

fuji 2203g semi-pro-2 gravity automotive HVLP spray gun kit

The Fuji Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray system comes first on our list because of its worldwide reviews. This paint spray gun has a whole kit in itself which makes your task easier to perform. You will get a Turbine, M-Model Spray Gun, and 25 feet hose length.

It is a gravity paint gun with HVLP which means you will be able to get more paint in its 400cc cup but at low pressure. The low pressure allows you to give you a smooth finish at one time so you don’t have to overspray it.


  • The item weight is about 25.1 pounds.
  • Installed 1.3mm Air Cap.
  • This automotive spray gun is attached to a 25ft air hose length for convenience.
  • Made up of stainless steel material.
  • Feature of controlling air valve.

The motor has a wattage of 240 watts (120 in voltages) including an efficient gun holder. The auto spray gun is lightweight and easy to carry which makes it portable. This M-Model spray paint gun has a knob that helps in adjusting the pattern size easily.

This type of auto sprayer gun is non-bleeders which gives the feature of easily cleaning the filters and dust. The material is completely stainless steel so there is no clogging and also has a pre-installed air cap.

Devilbiss 703663 Finishline Pressure Feed HVLP Automotive Paint Gun

devilbiss 703663 Pressure Feed HVLP Automotive Paint Gun

The Devilbiss 703663 pressure feed is one of the effective solutions for newbies or learners for their painting job. The spray gun provides a high-efficiency coating to the surface because of its special feature of 2 air caps.

It is one of the affordable spray guns but the price is quite expensive although it is cost-effective. The atomization is the main advantage that is ruling over the other HVLP feed spray guns because it provides a finish and matte look over the cars.


  • It has a universal fit size of nozzles.
  • This is the product by TEKNA Pro-lite.
  • A high-durability best auto paint gun.
  • Pre-installed 2 air caps for better results.
  • Cost-effective spray gun for beginners.

The TEKNA Pro-Lite spray gun has a partnership with the Devilbiss brand to offer you the best clear coat gun product all the time. The gun body is scratch-resistant and fits any type of air compressor.

It has a universal nozzle size capacity which means you can easily attach all Nozzles perfectly without any issue from this spray gun for automobiles. Easy to clean no hassle and no clogging of latex paint.

Neiko Gravity HVLP Automotive Paint Gun

neiko 31216a Gravity HVLP Automotive Paint Gun

When we talk about the car painting job then this is another car paint gun. It is a gravity-feed spray gun that allows you to paint more without wasting. Also, the whole body is made up of stainless steel so there will be no rust over the gun in a long time.

We can proudly say Neiko Gravity Air Spray Gun never compromises over the price. The brand offers an Aluminum Cup, air pressure control regulator, wrench, and a clean brush. The Size of the cup is 600 cc which is enough to paint the desired surface.


  • A heavy-duty product with steel/rust-resistant.
  • You can easily control the PSI from 40 to 10.
  • It can be used for automotive, commercial, and residential projects.
  • Three different adjustable knobs for controlling the gun.
  • The trigger of this best budget automotive paint gun is smooth enough to give you the power to easily control.

This HVLP spray automotive paint gun is highly cost-effective and budget-friendly. There is a meter fitted at the bottom of this best cheap spray gun to see and adjust the pressure accordingly for the smooth surface without over-spraying.

The air paint sprayer gun has a 2.0mm nozzle which is used for primmer although you can fit universal or any number of nozzles to it.

Gedu Best Spray Paint Gun For Beginners With High Pressure

gedu 1000cc cup 3 0 mm nozzle high pressure spray gun for beginners

This is a new product of the Gedu Siphon High-Pressure Spray gun that comes with a 1000cc cup size. The Siphon feed means it has a cup attached to the bottom of the gun and requires some pressure to throw the paint to the surface. A good high-quality air compressor must be required.

The container capacity is more than enough from the other best auto paint guns out there. The Paint sprayer pressure ranges up to 70 PSI with 8CMF. The entire body of the paint gun is stainless steel so that it won’t fade over time.


  • It comes with a 1000cc container at the bottom of the gun to hold the amount of paint.
  • The gun material is completely rust-free and there will be no paint clogging.
  • It works perfectly with oil-based paint because of the 3.0mm nozzle size.
  • Knobs and buttons available for controlling the pattern size.
  • Professional automotive spray gun with high pressure of PSI and CFM.

At this price, you can say it is the best budget mini spray gun to look at. Overall quality is good and the body is tough as compared to its competitors. But make sure to clean the gun before moving further.

Also, any kind of nozzle fits to spray guns without any difficulty. In addition, this siphon-feed air spray gun gives super competition to the HVLP gravity feed spray gun.

ANEST IWATA W-400 Automotive Paint Gun

anest iwata w-400 134g automotive paint gun

The ANEST IWATA W-400 is the great car spray gun that comes with 5 out of 5 Amazon ratings. From beginners to professionals all types of DIY paint workers use this painting for their tasks. This is a gravity-feed paint gun and does not require much pressure to throw the paint.

This HVLP spray gun is very light in weight which is about 1.06 pounds more than others. Every time you use paint you will get perfect control. We also like its atomization (the ability to fluid paint from the gun) which gives the perfect finish on the surface without overspray.


  • The cup is attached to the top of the gun.
  • Very lightweight and used by professionals.
  • Balances perfect while spraying paint.
  • Used with Water-based paint with a control air pressure.
  • Knobs are given to adjust the pattern.

The best part is High transfer efficiency so that every time you get a perfect finish on the surface. ANEST Iwata 134g added all the features that are required for a certain spray paint gun. If you are just starting then this is the best spray gun for you.

The nozzle size is about 1.3mm which is suitable for painting heavy paints but there is no cap. The large holes on the nozzle make it the great and best automotive paint gun for beginners at the bests price rather than spending on expensive ones.

Automotive Paint Gun Types

HVLP Paint Gun: The most common type of spray paint gun used is the HVLP spray gun because of its High Volume and Low pressure. The high volume allows you to store more paint and there is no need to refill every time.

On the other hand, low pressure means the fluid spray will be smooth and not hard. This is the perfect type for automotive paint enthusiasts who want to cover the whole body of a car in less time. They are more effective than LVLP Paint guns because of the high PSI in HVLP type spray guns.

LVLP Paint Gun: This type of paint gun is used to fill minor spaces. As the name suggests Low Volume means holding lesser paint and low pressure with lesser CFM. They are not suitable for painting quickly and need a refill from time to time.

These LVLP spray guns are good for waterborne paints and also give you more control overall. Don’t worry they are compatible with all air compressors and good at saving energy.

Airless Spray Paint Gun: This airless paint sprayer does not require any compressed air to throw fluid. It pumps the paint around 3,000 PSI with high pressure. These sprayer paint guns waste more paint when refilling.

One disadvantage that every paint enthusiast faces is the cleaning and every time you use make sure to clean the air hose. The best airless spray paint gun is perfectly suited for primmer, but you have to decide the HVLP spray gun gravity vs. siphon-feed container.

Gravity VS Siphon Feed Spray Gun: The gravity feed paint gun type has a cup attached to the top of the spray gun and Siphon has a cup attached underneath the gun.

But Gravity wins over the siphon because they do not require more pressure to pump out as they are upside down and use every drop. While Siphon feed paint guns are simple and require pressure to atomize on surfaces through nozzles.

Buying Guide on Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners

These are certain things to consider while shopping for an automotive spray paint gun.

Nozzle Size

If you are using thicker and heavier paint like oil or latex-based then go for a large holes nozzle. On the other hand, small nozzles are used for lighter paint. But make sure to go for the best spray paint gun for beginners that accepts different types of nozzles like Universal fit.

Feed Container

The type of feed container totally depends upon your requirements. If you need just for touch-ups and small DIY projects in less time then go for the best auto spray paint guns with small cups. However, for automotive paint enthusiasts, it is required for large or big containers to paint the whole car by containing more paint.

Air Hose length

The length of the air hose matters the most when it’s attached to the automotive spray gun. Because the larger the air hose length the more it reaches every part of the surface and saves lots of time. Hose length works perfectly in larger area projects but makes sure to clean the whole kit after using.


A perfect spray paint gun is portable when it comes to your backpack easily. Also, the weight of the whole spray system should be light enough to easily carry anywhere. Although it should be handy at the same time so that it won’t hurt the writs of the DIYer’s.

PSI Value and CFM

The PSI means “pound per square inch” and an average car paint spray gun requires 90 PSI with a stable and consistent pressure.

CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute” it is also stated that an air compressor is purchased which produces 1.5 times of CFM.

There is also a term called GPM(Gallons Per Minute) which means the time takes you to pour the paint on the surface. If the GPM is high in number it takes less time to finish the work.

What is the Best Automotive/Car Paint Gun for the money?

If we just talk about the money then we should go for LVLP paint guns which are very cost-effective as compared to the HVLP spray guns. Because LVLP parts are very cheap and they are easily compatible with almost all the air compressors, they save money at the same time.

The low pressure gives you to paint elegantly without any interruption but the cup holds less paint. The disadvantages are only the filling time also it does not waste paint while spraying which makes it best.

However, if you have a quite good money budget then we recommend you to go with HVLP paint guns because as you know the quality is always good. An average good HVLP spray paint gun costs about 200$-300$ approx.

My Advice for the Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners

As a newbie or learner, we would like to give some tips and suggestions for the best automotive paint gun for beginners you use. First of all, if you are a complete beginner then there is no need to invest a large amount of money in purchasing tools. However, for a certain practice, you can go for a cheaper one like NEIKO and Gedu with High pressure when you get to know about its application then you can try another spray gun for beginners.

While using an auto paint gun by a newbie or learner make sure to use it in the fresh air. Because paints are high exposure to environmental factors so try to avoid dirty areas otherwise it catches contaminants and dust. So this is all the best automotive spray gun if you have any questions regarding your vehicle then let us know in the comment section.

Image Source: Pixabay.com