5 Best Floor Mats For Ram 1500: (Reviews & Buying Guide 2023)

In my Dodge Ram 1500 Truck, I had to face the issue of wear and tear of flooring mats easily or they were likely to get dirty due to dirty shoes. Then I searched for the Best Floor Mats For Ram 1500 that is made up of thick and dense material.

There are two types of mats that are used in trucks- Floor mats and Floor Liners. Floor mats are made up of rubber and Front Liners are made up of polymer and plastic. But both work the same.

These carpet floor mats help in collecting dirt and stopping liquids that penetrate underneath mats and damages the floorboard.

Most people use car mats to give protection to their floor panel or some purchase good-looking pads that match their suit.

To get the combination of both you need to select the best floor mats or floor liners for a dodge ram 1500 that fits your vehicle and should be durable at the same time.

What type of Ram 1500 Flooring Mats to choose?

Good quality footpads for trucks should follow the criteria in order to get the best possible product.

There are varieties of mats that are available which are affordable and look stylish.

Built Material

The quality of the material is the first thing to check as it says the durability of the product. Thermopolyolefin is considered the best car floor mat.

These materials are more often used for making different types of mats. If you see the thermoplastic rubber quality it is exactly the same and you can rely on it.


The thicker the product the more durable it is. Generally, rubber materials have a thickness that provides wear-tear and cut resistance.

These rubber floor mats are used in every type of car floor pad to give longevity.


The size of the floor mats should match your ram truck as there are various models in the market. And each track has a different surface area in the front panel and the back panel.

Buy a product that matches your vehicle shape and fits perfectly from the corners and friction from the bottom.

Floor Mats Vs Liners

Both Floor mats and liners have the primary job of protecting your truck floor. But there is a little difference between them.

Floor Mats are generally made up of Thermopolyolefin Fabric combined with rubber to provide flexibility and they are flat in shape.

On the other hand, Floor Liners are contoured to the surface and molded from the edges. They are rounded with an uptrend design. It has channels that help in keeping the dirt, unclean, or wet liquids in a stable manner.

Easy To Clean

Mats require cleaning every time they get dirty. A rubber floor mat with deep grooves and rugged provides flexibility and an easy to clean process.

They are easily washable with water and can be replaced again after cleaning.

5 Best Floor Mats For Ram 1500?

We have selected the list of best flooring mats for your dodge ram 1500 truck that is made up of fine fabric and durable at the same time.

All the products are used by our automotive review experts and some of the observations are taken from Amazon customer reviews. We have covered up all the types you’re looking for.

WeatherTech Floor Liner Mats

If you really want to get surface protection then I would definitely recommend you to get the WeatherTech Floor Liners for yourself.

These floor liner mats hold a great amount of dirt and liquids without damaging your fine surface.

It is made up of Thermoplastic Elastomer which does not contain any toxic materials and is completely odorless.

These liners are stain-resistant so don’t worry about ruining through wet staining and are highly durable for a longer time.

Technical Specification:

  • Made up of Thermopolyolefin.
  • The Product has dimensions of 19.29 X 3.54 X 42.91-inches.
  • Stain-Resistant.
  • Molded Design from corners.
  • Mats come in black color with odorless features.

It has deep grooves and a rugged design with excellent channels to prevent liquids or dirt from penetrating through the surfaces.

These floor liners are cut through a laser, so check the model if it fits. It is specially designed for 1500/2500/3500 ram trucks.

As we have applied on our vehicle we see that you need a little adjustment with the front mat underneath the clutch side.

WeatherTech Floor Liners For Dodge Ram 1500

Husky Liners 99001 All-Weather Floor Mats

As we have seen, Husky liners are a highly reputable brand in making the best performance all-weather floor mats in interior accessories for trucks.

The mat is completely waterproof and weatherproof which means it holds the liquid which touches the actual car floorboard.

It is made up of flexible plastic with spikes at the bottom in order to get proper friction with the surface without moving freely.

These truck floor mats are best for off-roading or on-roading purposes. In case you have a heavy load or more foot usage then it is the perfect solution out there.

Technical Specifications:

  • The product contains the driver side, front passenger, and piece of rear liner.
  • Cover more space and fits perfectly.
  • Completely water and weatherproof.
  • Flooring mats are highly durable and thick in density
  • Pieces cut after laser scanning which is perfect for 2013, 2014 Ram trucks as well.

The front and the back mats have specially designed rugs and grooves to keep the dirt away from your shoes.

Mats are designed to cut according to the dodge truck type by giving a sharp look from the inside.

Well, the quality of the product is dense and thick which provides durability for a longer period of time.

The Quality of the fabric is easy to clean with the help of a sponge or clean cloth. We really like this product because of the value it is giving at an affordable price.

HuskyLiners 99001 Performance All-Weather Floor Mats

Mopar Dodge Ram Logo Floor Foot Mats

Protection of the carpet is not enough you have to look for the design and appearance of carpet mats in order to enhance your vehicle look from the interior.

If you want to match the flooring part of your dodge truck with the car logo. Then these Mopar floor mats come with a dodge ram logo with a premium design.

The tattoo on the flooring liners won’t fade off instead of having excessive use.

Build quality of the product is made up of OEM materials. Which is best for providing longevity and durability for up to several years.

Technical Specification:

  • Both read and passenger floor panel mats you will get.
  • An OEM-based quality for durability.
  • Premium quality white logos.
  • Washable.
  • Easy Fitment.

Mopar carpet affordable floor mats are flat and do not contain any grooves or rugged design, which is one downside.

The lower pads of the floor are used only for city driving, not idle or off-roading. But if you want to give a fancy look then it is a perfect choice.

It is completely washable or tries to use a brush to clean. The brand does not disclose the waterproof criteria.

The bottom side of the pad has a friction ability to provide a perfect fit to the area you are trying to cover. For more reviews land on Amazon.

Mopar Carpet Floor Mats With Dodge Ram Logo

OEDRO Ram 1500 Crew Cab Floor Foot Mats

Next, we have something really important for users. These foot mats really covered up all your queries that are lagging behind.

It is another all-weather foot mat that has perfect lines and a rugged anti-skid design to provide protection against dirt, wets, and even snow as well without slipping.

The TPE material used for making each panel has a triple layer that gives tough Durability.

It is completely water-resistant and with extremely cold temperatures.

Technical Specification:

  • Triple-Layer high-density rubber material.
  • 100% Odor-Free and Non-toxic.
  • Water-resistant and cold weather resistant.
  • Anti-Skid Design (non-slippery surface).
  • Perfect channels with a rugged design.

With the help of 3 design cuts through laser, you don’t have to worry about the size. It fits perfectly without having excess materials at the corners.

And the product is 100% environmentally friendly thanks to the non-toxic chemicals used. Also, it has odorless properties.

OEDRO Ram 1500 floor mats are really easy to clean because of the rubbery material used for manufacturing.

We highly recommend this product to our users, because of the quality brand is offering at such a cheap price.

OEDRO Floor Mats For Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab

Maxliner 2013-14 Car Flooring Mats

The Maxliner brands have achieved wide positive reviews in making great floor mats for trucks that are all-season.

It is made up of low-density material which makes it more comfortable and elastic rubber than any other mat. In addition, it completely seals the surface underneath and protects the whole surface from spills.

Due to the laser scan printed design, there will be no issues adjusting later on. Simply replace the pads with stock fit ones. If you have nuts on the floors you can still use them.

We can proudly say this is the best performing driver and passenger mats that have a snug fit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Very Comfortable and highly elastic rubber material.
  • Contains Odorless Properties.
  • Water and stain-resistant.
  • Deep grooves and rugged design for dirt controlling.
  • Idle for off and on-road.

It is waterproof, snowproof, and anti-skid as well. Moreover, you will get the odorless material additionally.

The design on the pads has channels to control the spoiling of liquids and prevent dirt.

The built quality is so smooth you can even clean it with a car wash soap or a floor mat cleaner without any issues.

As tested carefully, Maxliner all-weather liners are the best choice for the ones who need them for off-roading and street driving. It fits with model 2012-2018 RAM.

Maxliner Car Floor Mats For Ram 1500 2013 and 2014

Should I purchase Floor liners or Mats?

Floor Liners are molded to contours, they are rounded from edges and have rugged liners design which is generally good for heavy purposes to prevent dirt to the carpet.
And Floor Mats are in rubber form that is more flexible than floor liners and they are easy to clean because of their flat design.

Which is better: rubber floor mats or plastic material?

The rubber material is a high-quality fabric in floor mats and they are densely thick which offers durability.
Thermoplastic is also a good material but they are a little bit rigid in fittings.

What are all-weather floor mats?

All-weather mats are made up of a thick quality of Thermopolyolefin which is idle for off-roading and on-roading purposes.
These foot mats are resistant to water and weather. And work well under muddy areas or snowy regions.

How much time did floor mats last in dodge ram?

5-6 Years
An average quality floor mats in dodge ram 1500 last for about 5 to 6 years easily.

My Best Floor Mats For Dodge Ram 1500

Having carpet flooring mats for dodge ram 1500 is really important, as it protects the lower part of the car interior surface from damage through dirt and liquids. Rubber floor mats are considered really good materials.

However, the floor liners are also good because of the rugged design to keep dirty parts away from the shoes.

As we have discussed till now OERDO fulfills all the criteria for the footpads and Maxliners is also a good option to choose. Make sure to check your vehicle fitment.

Over to you, it totally depends upon your requirement on which category you like the most.

Image Source: Istockphoto.com

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