5 Best Locking Gas Cap in 2023: High-Security Fuel Tank Cap (Review)

As an auto-mechanic expert, I have seen the importance of the fuel tank cap is completely underestimated when it comes to locking.

We all know locking a fuel tank cap helps in sealing the car fuel system. So, the gasoline vapors do not make contact with external environmental factors which result in air pollution. That is why we selected the best locking gas cap from the market research.

A gas tank cap is a part of an emission control system that keeps the diesel and petrol fumes and emissions inside the vent without exposing them to the external climate or weather. Also, it helps in preventing the ignition or flame caused due to internal shock or pressure.

Nowadays cars have pre-installed fuel doors over the gas cap which is also known as “petrol tank cap cover”. But the cars that don’t have fuel doors are likely to face fuel theft or vandalism. So the best locking fuel tank cap helps in giving 100% Theft proof with high-level security through a lockable mechanism.

A good-quality gas cap is made up of hard plastic and is very easy to lock and unlock at any time without any hassle. The following guide will help you to choose the best locking gas cap for your car.

What do you need to check for the locking fuel tank cap?

The following points will help you in selecting the lockable gas tank cap for your car.

Locking System

The system of locking is the main factor that the fuel tank cap is totally dependent on. The locking mechanism should be smooth enough to easily operate while locking and unlocking.

Make sure it also has an auto-locking system- which automatically locks the cap when we put it on the gas tank. While locking the cap it must create a “click sound” when it fits the fuel tank. Nowadays caps have valves at the corner to give a perfect fit.


A gas tank lock should be manufactured by the OEM as they provide superior build quality material with high-level security at the same time.

If possible check whether it is made up of rugged plastic or not. A rugged plastic is a premium hard plastic that does not break or leaks the seal easily.


Always prefer to buy a fuel tank gas cap lock with 2 keys at least. Because if you lose one key then you are able to unlock it with a spare key.

Colors & Style

The color and the style of the fuel tank lock should always match the vehicle. Caps usually come in black color which is ideal in most cases.

On the other hand, you have seen Jeep models that do not come with a fuel door (gas cap cover) so that its appearance is able to be exposed to the general public.


If you are paying some extra bucks for the quality gas caps then it is totally worth its price. Because higher the price means you are getting a tough material with safety features and you are able to save your gallons of gasoline at the same time.

Rather than purchasing the cheap gas caps which are temporary and sometimes leak through its filler threads, fuel theft, and vandalization can be easily done by thieves.

To keep all factors in mind we have selected the top-rated best locking fuel tank cap given below in detailed reviews.

Best Locking Gas Cap

Stant 10504 Regular Locking Fuel Tank Cap

The Stant 10504 offers one of the best long-life materials for fuel tank caps. It is made up of durable plastic which lasts long for years without creating any leakage of vapors. And the OE pressure and emission control system prevent the fuel vapors from exposing outside and creating air pollution. Sometimes the engine collapses allowing the air to pass and absorb the situation easily.

Besides having so many abilities the power to lock and strength of the fuel tank cap is amazing, as it provides a tight and secure seal. The premium quality of the lock is made up of tough plastic which is in standard black color.

With Stant Regular Locking Gas Cap you will get two keys to access. Also, a high-security locking gas cap has a locking system that is completely flowable without a key being stuck. You just simply move the cap and it will lock automatically.

Stant 10504 Locking Gas Cap

Stant Fuel caps are compatible with almost all types of fuel tanks and are considered a universal fit. Although it also provides 100% fuel theft-free and vandalization. If you are facing excess fuel usage then this gas cap can save your gallons of fuel within days.

We think if you really want to replace your stock fuel cap, then this aftermarket fuel cap is highly recommended as it is the same as the original equipment from the factory. We have used this on our car and concluded that the results are just fascinating.

Gates Fuel Tank Cap

When it comes to the cheap gas cap with tough and durable material then Gates 31836 is the number one choice. The product is manufactured in China and is made up of rugged plastic under the OEM build quality.

The gas cap filler threads are long enough to seal the fuel tank completely. It helps in blocking the escape passage of gasoline vapors from the gas tank to the environment which results in molecules evaporation. In addition, the fuel cap is designed as an emission control system to make it completely adhesive.

No matter what your vehicle is, this fuel tank cap comes with a universal fit using a valve. Also if you are facing the problem of the fuel door closing in another locking gas cap, you won’t face such an issue with this cap.

31386 Gates Locking Fuel Tank Cap

Gates 313836 gas cap offers a perfectly tight and highly secure seal with 2 keys to operate. Both the keys are smooth enough to lock and unlock easily without much pressure. And the locking cap is easily fitted by rotating the cap to the right until you hear a click sound.

When we go on the trip the problem of fuel theft and vandalism is likely to occur the most. Then we purchase this product and replace it with our company fitted gas cap and our problem is solved. We highly recommend this product to our users because of its highly secure and tight seal feature.

Allmotorparts Locking Fuel Cap For Jeep

The Allmotor locking gas cap is specially designed for all types of jeep models. If you are facing the problem of evaporation of gasoline vapors through a fuel filler cap or an engine light that comes on your screen while driving then you can easily rely on this product to fix it.

The fuel cap offers an emission control feature that controls the vapor emission and reduces air pollution up to 99%. It is made up of OEM build material that is completely durable and of superior quality.

Tough plastic is strong enough to provide a bond-tight and secure seal and the fuel tank closed. With this locking fuel cap, you will be able to maintain your fuel economy by saving gallons of fuel in just 10-20 days.

Allmotorparts Best Locking Gas Cap For Jeep

This best lockable gas cap for the jeep comes with a cable attached to it. Simply rotate the gas cap to tighten and you will receive a clicky sound.

We are using this on our jeep wrangler to lock the gas tank through the cap for the past 6 months. The results are pretty amazing. If you are planning to buy a great gas cap for your jeep then you can definitely rely on this product.

ACDelco GT139L GM Original Locking Fuel Tank Cap

Next up, When it comes to the high security locking gas cap then we should give this title to ACDelco. The product is completely made up of premium quality and has a professional threaded cap and valve with a long filler that gives a perfect seal to the fuel tank.

This versatile gas lock cap gives the perfect balance of the emission vapors present inside to the outside environment and does not allow it to pass through. It is designed to release slight pressure when a vehicle model faces an internal shock inside the gas tank.

ACDelco GT139L locking gas cap is designed to give you 100% Theft proof from Fuel. The quality of the product is made up of hard plastic which does not create any fuel tank leaks and you are able to close your fuel door easily. Also, it is completely equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

ACDelco GT139L Locking Fuel Tank Cap

With this fuel tank cap, you will get two separate keys that work very smoothly. In case you lose one key then you have the option to open the fuel tank with the extra key. If you need a replacement for your fuel tank cap then you can buy this premium quality product with a click to lock.

We are using this best gas cap with lock for the past year on one of my cars and we did not face any issues with its locking mechanism. We highly recommend this product to our customers because of its global positive reviews and design for modern users.

MotoRad Lockable Fuel Cap

Finally, we have the MotoRad Locking Fuel cap which is another best product from the given above list. The gas cap is made up of superior quality by OEM and premium quality used for making car lock caps. It has passed all the emission tests and standards of safety under OE Suppliers.

It comes in standard black color with two keys that are easy to access at any time. In addition, the gas cap has strengthened features that completely seal the fuel tank from the filler side which reduces air pollution, and secures the venting system.

If you need a replacement for your stock fuel cap then you can go with this mgc795 Motorad gas cap that offers anti-theft fuel and vandalization features. Along with that, the fuel cap fits almost all types of car models.

Motorad mgc795 Locking Gas Cap

Rotate the fuel cap over the gas tank and you are able to seal it within seconds as it has a safety valve. The dimension builds on the basics so that you will easily close your fuel doors.

When it comes to the priority and ease of use, MotoRad locking fuel cap is highly recommended from our side. If you need something with almost all the features and an awesome gas cap then you can easily go with this product.

Are locking fuel caps universal?

Yes. All the locking fuel tank caps are universally fit because the fuel tank size of every vehicle is the same. But in rare cases, some car manufacturers have different sizes of fuel tank mouths so you need to check the model before purchasing.

How long do locking gas caps last?

A good-quality gas cap lasts for about a year or two. However, it totally depends upon the usage, if you are gently locking and unlocking it. Then the locking mechanism will seal tight for a longer term.

How do I know if my fuel cap is bad?

Well, when the vapor starts to escape or evaporate and you smell the gasoline vapor near the fuel tank then it’s time to change your locking gas cap.
Second, you will see the engine light pop up on your screen about the fuel tank.

Do locking gas caps really work?

Yes. Locking Gas caps helps you to provide high security from fuel theft. Also, you are able to protect your 15 gallons of fuel in just half a month as it creates a perfect seal. In addition, it provides 100% Theft-proof and protects from vandalism.

My Advice on Best locking Gas Cap for Cars

Now from the above-given list of the best locking fuel tank cap, you learned some ideas about how really important locking gas caps is. It not only saves your fuel but also protects your car from thieves.

If you need the absolute best product then you should go with the ACDelco GT139L for high-level security. Or Motorad which is made up of excellent build quality and safe & secure.

The locking mechanism and build of the locking fuel tank/gas cap is the first thing to notice while buying the product. As you can see there are lots of fuel caps benefits and I think you should get yourself one.

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