Eastwood Header Paint Review: Best High Temperature Exhaust Coating

Eastwood is one of the most popular brands making the best Eastwood header paint across the globe. The brand is famous for its high-temperature ceramic coating which is considered an angel for your exhaust manifold and headers.

The ceramic coating helps in creating adhesion with metal surfaces that cannot be ripped off even at extreme temperatures. The ceramic exhaust coating not only works on the outer but also works on the internal as well. With the help of ceramic, it is easy to restore cast iron on headers.

If your automotive engine faces huge humidity and a high-temperature environment then it is one of the best solutions out there. The Eastwood paint is made up of superior quality which is available in aerosol and pits.

Painting the exhaust manifold system becomes easier when Eastwood high temp header paint is applied. Because Eastwood offers good features at certainly cheaper rates.

Features Of Eastwood High Temp Header Paint

Eastwood high temperature exhaust manifold spray paint

The Eastwood best paint for exhaust headers has some of the main features explained below in detail:

Best High Temperature Paint For Exhaust

The Eastwood hi-temp paint can withstand the heat up to 1400°F without peeling or chipping. The paint is highly durable and lasts for years without any issues. The heat-resistant formula is created using a ceramic coating which means there is no need to use primer for an extra layer. It has a heat tolerance capacity of 760 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic Exhaust Coating

Ceramic coating is used for painting exhaust manifolds or headers. In addition, Ceramic is a type of ingredient that helps in creating a permanent bond of paint with surfaces at high temperatures. The coating provides an extra layer over the metals. This Eastwood paint can be applied to the internal exhaust system easily.

Cast Iron Paint

The ceramic coating exhaust paint is the best way to replicate the cast iron. Cast Iron is the appearance of iron over the headers. And with this Eastwood cast iron paint, you can easily change its whole new appearance to a new look.

Budget-Friendly Spray Paint

The Eastwood spray paint comes under budget without spending extra bucks. For painting the headers two bottles are at least required because of the double coating. Not to worry about the price Eastwood spray paints are always cheap and effective without compromising the quality.

Aerosol Vs. Pit Cans

Two options are available: exhaust manifold coating spray or paint can. For a quicker response use aerosol sprays as they have softer tips that can be sprayed over every angle in one go. On the other hand, Eastwood header paint can require a brush to paint. However, both have exactly the same ingredients but spray application is easy to use.

How To Use Eastwood High Temp Ceramic Exhaust Manifold Paint

The painting process of headers requires pre-prep coating spray to clean before using Eastwood High-temperature Ceramic Exhaust manifold Paint.

  • Step1: Attach a 2-meter hose length and nozzle with Eastwood pre-prep. Clean the exhaust from internal and external. Now let it sit for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Step2: Use the first layer of coating and wait for at least 60 minutes before moving further.
  • Step3: Apply the second coat and wait for the next 1 hour. Resting time makes the paint sit for a longer time.
  • Step4: Now cure the headers to a certain degree temperature as mentioned in the manual.
  • Step5: Screwback the exhaust manifold. Run the engine idle for 10 minutes.

Both whether aerosol spray paint or can have the same curing process. If not mentioned on the product, bake the headers at 175°F and then 400°F with half an hour gap between them.

Final Say

A verdict, no matter whether you are a professional or beginner Eastwood header paint can be used by anyone. As headers are made up of stainless steel the Eastwood ceramic coating creates adhesive bonds that are considered great for a hi-temp environment.

Also, the paint can cover up to 6ft only so make sure to purchase two bottles at a minimum. And the Eastwood high temp silver header paint color looks professional in every case. Try not to use it on any fire pit or other surface because it is made only for automotive engines.

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