Electric bike display not working: A complete guide

In recent years, electric bikes have grown in popularity as a cost- and environmentally-conscious means of transportation. Electric bicycles can, however, run into technical problems like the display not working, just like any other kind of vehicle.

The electric bike’s display is a crucial part since it gives the user access to vital data including speed, distance, battery life, and power mode. It can be annoying and possibly dangerous when the display is malfunctioning.

We’ll discuss some typical causes of a malfunctioning electric bike display in this discussion, along with methods you may take to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

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How to fix the electric display

The procedures to repair a display vary depending on the precise problem you are having. The following general troubleshooting procedures can assist you in repairing a display:

Examine the battery

Make sure the battery is completely charged and that the wiring on the bike is linked to it correctly. A low or dead battery may result in display issues.

Look into the loose connection

Verify that the wiring of the bike is properly connected to the display. The electrical bike display not working well due to loose connections. The connectors connect the wires to the display, check these connectors on both ends to make sure there is no damage or they aren’t loose.

A look at the display’s settings makes that the display settings are accurate and weren’t changed unintentionally.

Check the settings to see if you can turn the display back on.

Examine for damage

Look for physical flaws in the display, such as cracks or scratches.

The display may malfunction if it is damaged.

Examine the controller

The controller may be the problem if the display still does not function after trying the aforementioned methods.

Have the controller examined and repaired by a qualified technician or bike shop.

Changing the bicycle computer, you should instead leave it to an electrician who is skilled in repairs. You must first inquire about his fees and make inquiries.

After that, you can choose between fixing it and replacing it.

In any event, be aware that a bike computer is a costly item if you decide to replace it. Budget models cost about $150, but more expensive models can cost up to $400.

It is preferable to take the bike to a qualified mechanic or bike shop for analysis and repair if the electric bike display not working or the aforementioned measures do not resolve the issue. They are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to identify the problem and offer a fix and correct electrical faults.

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Why is my electric bike screen not working?

Electric bike display not working is a common problem faced by many electric bike riders. There could be several reasons why your electric bike motor screen is not working. Here are a few things you can check:

Check if the battery is charged by looking at the battery level indicator: The screen may not work if the battery level is low. Check if the bike’s battery level is good. You may also have a blown fuse in the battery itself.

Check the connection for compatible wire connectors: Ensure that the screen is correctly connected to the bike’s battery and wiring. The screen may not function due to loose connections.

Check the settings if the electric bike display not working: The electric bike display settings may have been changed accidentally, causing the screen to go blank. Try adjusting the settings to see if the electric bike display power outages come back on.

Check for damage: If the screen has been damaged, it might not work. Look for any indications of physical harm, like cracks, scrapes, and water damage.

Contact the producer: It might be best to get help from the manufacturer or a reputable e-bike repair shop if none of the aforementioned remedies work for eliminating electrical faults. They might be able to identify the problem and offer a fix, and they also must have a repair tool.

How do I know if my e-bike controller is bad?

There are a few symptoms that could mean your e-bike controller is malfunctioning:

If you discover that your motor is acting sporadically or not reacting at all, it can be because of a bad controller.

Dead battery: If your bike won’t turn on or start, the controller or a dead battery might be to blame. The controller is responsible for controlling how much power is delivered to the motor and other parts of the bike components.

Error codes: When there is an issue, some bike controllers with a loose connection have an error code feature that displays a code on the screen. The meaning of the error code can be found in the user manual.

Overheating: A problem may be present if your controller is overheating. Overheating wires can cause damage to the controller and other bike components.

Burning odor: If your controller has a burning odor, it may be overheating or have a burnt component, use the power button to turn it off. If you sense a burning smell, turn off your e-bike instantly and have it checked by a professional.

If you feel that your bike controller, the input, and output voltages, the power flow, or the e-bike battery level indicator are bad, it is advisable to get it evaluated and serviced by a specialist. To determine whether the controller needs to be replaced, they can run tests and examine the parts.

What is the common problem of ebike?

The following are some typical issues with electric bike displays (e-bikes):

Battery management system problem: Bike battery power is a crucial part of e-bikes and is susceptible to damage. Short battery life, sluggish charging, and battery failure are all battery-system-related issues.

Motor problems: The motor of an electric bike is another key component of a bike, and it can face issues like overheating or burnt components and damage from water or debris. Other reasons can be a bad fuse or a blown fuse.

Electrical problems: The controller, battery throttle, and display are just a few of the many electrical parts that make up a bike. These components can face issues such as loose connections, short circuits, wire connectors, the power button, electrical faults, and water damage.

Brake issues: Because electric bike displays depend on the bike brakes, they might be dangerous for the user. Brake failure, loose wires, and worn brake pads are a few typical braking issues.

Issues with the tires and wheels of the bike: The motor and battery add weight and strain to the e-bikes, causing the tires and wheels to wear out more quickly. Tire wear, punctures, and bent rims are all frequent problems.

Bolts and screws that have loose connections: Over time, bolts, and screws may become loose due to vibrations from using an e-bike. It’s crucial to frequently inspect the bolts and screws and tighten them as necessary. Another common issue of loose connections is that there are six or more wires attached to the circuit.

Many of these typical issues can be prevented with routine maintenance and inspections. It is best to have your e-bike ride inspected by a professional if you notice any problems so that you can be sure it is safe to ride.

What is a bike computer?

Bicyclists use an electronic gadget called a bike computer, also known as a cycling bike computer or bicycle GPS, to track various aspects of their journey. These gadgets can be installed on a bicycle’s handlebars or stem and offer information on speed, distance-ridden, passing time, and even heart rate.

A bike computer can track a rider’s trip and let them discover new places thanks to GPS capabilities. Additionally, they might offer navigational capabilities, turn-by-turn directions, and syncing capabilities for sharing and analyzing data with other devices.

Cycling enthusiasts frequently use the bike computer for training because they make it possible to accurately track advancements and gains over time.

Additionally, they can help navigate and discover new paths. Bike computers are a useful tool for serious cyclists because they have become more sophisticated with technological advancements and can now provide significant statistics on a rider’s performance.


If the display on your bike is broken, it can be annoying and even dangerous. The electric bike display may not be operating properly for several reasons, including dead batteries, incorrect electric bike display settings, damage, or a defective controller.

To protect your safety and the longevity of your electric bike, it is crucial to troubleshoot the problem and take the appropriate action to resolve it as soon as possible.

You can get your electric bike display operating once again and resume enjoying your ride by checking the battery, connections, and electric bike display settings, as well as getting professional assistance if required.

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