Fuji 2203g Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray System Reviews

There are numbers of automotive spray systems you can get at a cheaper price but you don’t need to invest in quality, for that we have Fuji 2203g Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray System with a whole kit.

Fuji Spray Semi-Pro 2 is one of the best choices among beginners because it is high functionality. It is a one-time investment and good to go for automotive painting. After researching for about 10 days we have now concluded the detailed guide on Fuji 2203g Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP spray gun with some expert reviews.

Features of Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray Gun System

Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray Gun System Features
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Best HVLP Turbine Spray Gun For Automotive Painting

Fuji Semi-pro 2 spray gun is mainly famous for its unique HVLP turbine system. The Fuji metal turbine system has a pre-fan installed inside for controlling the pattern from circular to wider. Also, there is a holder option available for the fuji hvlp turbine spray gun to keep the gun stable after every use.

Fuji Semi-Pro 2 PSI & CFM

The Fuji semi-pro 2 has a PSI working pressure of 90PSI, suitable for automotive painting. And each gun requires the cfm 1.5x to the compressor.

Gravity HVLP Spray System

The HVLP system allows you to store more paint in its 400cc cup with lower pressure. Low pressure helps in filling the automotive surfaces carefully and smoothly. You can find the portable cup on the upper side of the gun which is usually said as “Gravity Type”.

Product Description

It is a 2230g M-Model Spray gun manufactured by Fuji. The whole kit weight is around 25.1 pounds along with the package dimensions of “16 x 9.5 x 12.5” inches. It comes with currently 4.8 Amazon ratings which are far good and you can match the product with ASIN No. B00D4NPPQY.

Electricity Consumption

The Fuji semi-pro 2 spray system comes in 120 volts of electricity with 240 wattages. You don’t have to worry about the consumption of electricity which is very less if you use it continuously for 1 hour. It has a 1400 watt bypass motor with a 2 stage system.

Non-Bleed Type Turbine System

The Fuji Semi-Pro 2 offers a non-bleed type spray gun with a fan control knob to adjust and change the pattern accordingly(circular to wider). An extremely highly 2 stage bypass motor which is a second edition version and made for any type of coating.

Car Spray Gun Kit System by Fuji Semi-Pro 2

Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Spray Gun Kit System  For Cars
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There are varieties of items included in the kit which you get with this spray system.

25 Feet Hose Length: It is rubber coating long enough to cover the areas where your hands cannot reach properly. A 25ft is enough long enough for your automotive painting without moving the whole spray system. It does not become a spring structure instead remains the same and controls the over-spraying using a pre-installed air valve.

1.3mm cap: There is a pre-installed 1.3mm air cap which is made up of stainless steel to prevent the paint from clogging. The nozzle size is a universal fit but you do not have to change the nozzle because 1.3mm is enough.

Turbine System: The metal turbine system has a fan installed in its two-stage bypass motor for controlling the pressure using a knob and also the gun holder on the outer part for better convenience.

M-Model Spray Gun: The M-Model spray gun has a blue color body. Two knobs and a valve gave the back of the gun to adjust the spray pattern and below the knob for pressure. A complete Stainless steel body with a smooth trigger to paint easily. You can convert the cup of the M-Model gun from gravity to siphon-feed type.

Comparison of Fuji Hobby-Pro 2 Vs Fuji Semi-Pro 2

comparison of fuji 2250 hobby pro-2 spray system kit
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The Fuji Hobby-Pro 2 and Fuji Semi-Pro are almost exactly the same features and functionality but we categorized some common differences between them.

On the basis of:


The Fuji Hobby-pro 2 comes with extra filters and extra Siphon feed Cup. It has a 1.8mm cap or you can say a nozzle that is perfect for thicker paint coating. There is no heating of the spray system. But in comparison to the Fuji Semi-Pro 2, the Fuji Hobby-Pro 2 wins in some of the features.


The Fuji Hobby-Pro 2 has a cup attached at the bottom which requires more pressure to throw paint on the surface. While Fuji Semi-Pro 2 has a Gravity feed you can use more paint.


Both the products have the same price range but instead of investing in Fuji Hobby-Pro 2, we recommend you go with Fuji Semi-Pro 2 because of its consistent performance.

Turbine System

The HVLP turbine system is similar in both cases which have fan control to the knob to adjust the pressure as desired.


For now, the Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Comes in a Blue variant, on the other hand, Fuji Semi-Pro 2 has only black color available.


The fuji company always focuses on making the tools handy and portable. So these spray systems are lightweight and fit in a backpack easily.


Now you have gone through the Fuji 2203g Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP Spray System and I hope you got some idea about how this spray system works. In conclusion, we can say do not use the gun continuously to give a gap around 10 sec each time spraying. Do not overspray while using this paint sprayer.

If you have any confusion regarding the Fuji 2203g Semi-Pro 2 Automotive HVLP spray gun or of Fuji Hobby-Pro 2 you can let me know. At last, we can say after using this Fuji Semi-Pro 2 for about 9 months we can say you will not get any other deal better than this at this cheaper price.

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