POR-15 High-Temperature Paint Review: Best Heat Resistant Paint

What kind of paint should I apply to my headers? The answer is POR-15 High-Temperature Paint which is the best heat resistant in the market. The paint is an all-rounder and can be applied on other surfaces.

The POR-15 paint is a highly reputed brand in the market, that is selling engine paint for years. The POR-15 High temp paint has four different variants available from gallon to oz bottle spray. All the paint has the same ingredients involved but has different ease of application.

It can withstand heat up to 1200°F which is quite durable for exhaust manifolds without chipping and peeling off paint. No just like the regular paints POR 15 high temp spray paint has high adhesive properties on metals that last longer for years.

The brand makes the Por-15 for exhaust headers so that it works in a high temp humid environment. There are a lot more features of POR-15 High-Temperature Paint to discuss further in detail.

Features of POR-15 High Temp Paint Black

POR-15 High Temp Paint Black Can: Heat Resistant
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The POR-15 high temp paint comes first on the list of every automotive engine enthusiast because of its wide features at a cheaper price.

Best Heat Resistant Paint

The paint has a heat-resistant coating which helps in intermittent heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in extremely high-temperature weather conditions the POR high temp won’t burn off or crack. The coating gives perfect weathering to the bare metal surface and can tolerate heat around 648.8°C.

Chipping/Peeling Resistance

The chemical properties used at the time of making POR-15 paint have unique adhesive elements. These elements do not chip or peel even when the heat touches an extremely high temperature. The POR-15 hi-temp paint offers perfect resistance from cracking or peeling.

Budget Paint

No matter what type of paint size you are choosing you will always get the best deal while choosing POR-15. The brand mainly designed the paint for every customer from beginners to professionals. No need to pay an extra price. As in the case of other high heat paint where the prices are high you can buy two bottles of POR-15 high temp in that budget.

Ease Of Application

Depending upon the size application of aerosol spray and pit cans are a little bit different. However, overall the process is very easy to use. The high temp spray paint offers a soft nozzle to spray from different angles at the time without any problem. No need to use a primer before coating. Only a prep coat is required to remove the excess dirt, oil, or gas over the exhaust manifold surfaces.

High Temp Spray Paint Vs. Cans

The POR-15 4416 paint comes in two types of size. First, the aerosol can also have four container sizes in a Gallon, quart, ounce, and 8 fl oz with different color variations. On the other hand flat black paint comes in a 15 fl oz bottle. Both the paint can be used on exhaust headers and stacks.

How to Apply POR-15 High Temp Paint?

The POR-15 High Temp Paint can be followed by the simple steps given below:

  • Step1: Prep the metal surface before coating.
  • Step2: Apply the first layer coating using POR15-High Temp Paint. And wait for 4 hours.
  • Step3: Heavy coat the second layer of coating within 24 hours.

The POR-15 4416 heat paint does not require any primer before coating. Make sure to prep the metal surfaces thoroughly while moving further.

The average drying time of this paint is about 4 hours which is quite quick and good. To cure the paint bake the engine at 150°C and let it cool.

How do you use POR 15 high-temp paint?

Prep the metal surface before coating with POR-15 High Temp Paint. Now use a two-layer coating. The first coating dries within 4 hours and the second must be applied within 24 hours.

Can POR 15 be applied over paint?

Yes, but it will lose its quality on the metal surfaces if applied over paint. Because POR-15 features have different ingredients that are designed to stop rust on exhaust manifolds. And regular paint has a weak base which results in peeling off POR-15 Can paint.

Should I brush or Spray POR-15?

It is always recommended to use POR-15 Can paint because they are easy to apply using a brush without wasting extra. On the other POR-15 High temp spray paints have a soft nozzle to spray from a different angle.

How much time will it take POR-15 Paint to dry?

The average drying time of POR-15 paint is about 4-6 hours approx which is very quick.

Final Words

In conclusion, the POR-15 High-Temperature Paint is the best heat resistant paint, but they are not good for extremely high temperatures like 2000°F. The paint can easily coat the exterior wood stove but we feel it will peel off within a few days.

If you want to use it you can give it a try to POR-15 High Temp Paint Black which is far better than Aluminum and gray for a gloss matte finish. Always buy two bottles of POR-15 High Temp Paint Can because you won’t get a better deal at this price in the future.

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