5 Best Car Window Tint For Heat Reduction (2023): Reviews

Just covering your car window is not enough. You need to look for the best car window tint for heat reduction in reducing the heat. The major source of high temperature is caused due to harmful rays penetrating into the window and fading the entire cabin.

This best heat-resistant window tint for cars is installed by almost every car driver to cover the windshield, side mirrors, and rear glass.

The window tint helps in protecting from harmful UV rays. So we make your task easier by providing you the list of the best car window tint for heat reduction to buy online.

Top 5 Best Heat Reduction Car Window Tint in 2023

Lexen Double Ply Pre-cut Car Window Tint For Heat Reduction Complete Kit

The LEXEN precut window tint is the best car window tint for heat reduction and comes with 4.0 Amazon ratings. The product is quite expensive because it is dyed and has double PLY which makes it reduce almost every heat.

The tint is designed to cover the whole car as it includes a full kit. The box contains a complete window film for the Front driver, rear driver, and passenger side. A squeeze is also available to install the tint carefully without shrinking and bubbling.

There are no metallic elements associated that are responsible for the blockage of signals. Though you can easily use cellular devices and GPS.


  • Customization of Pre-cut films is available for every type of car from vintage to new models.
  • The shade of tint ranges from 5, 15, 20, 35, and 50% (5% the darkest and to block heat).
  • Protection from uneven UV rays that is responsible for the fading of the interior.
  • No interference of networks and signals.
  • The tint does not shrink or starts a bubble after installation.


The LEXEN brands offer several tint shades from 5%-15% which means you can select according to your state law.

The darkest 5% shade allows you to offer high privacy and blocks up to 95 % of sunlight.

The process of installation of tint is very easy because of its complete whole kit in one, but you may require a heat gun to apply over the windows.

If you have a car model that lies between 1990 to 2023 then this pre-cut complete kit is the best option available to you.

The LEXEN.LLC has certification from the government as the best-selling car window tint to reduce hit from years.

Don’t worry about the shrinkage or bubbles it is made especially to prevent these problems.


The window tint starts fading and turns purple after the use of 7 months in any condition.

It is not made of ceramic material that has a high rejection of heat properties.

lexen pre cut complete car window tint for heat reduction

UEi T-View Heat Reflective Window Tint Film For Cars

If you really want to invest in a heat reflective window film for cars then UEi T-View is our recommendation because of its quality. This product is 35% shade, however other options are also available. IT is another 2 PLY thickness material for rejecting heat.

It helps in saving your interior from being damaged and faded by its awesome quality. You will not feel any barriers to signals or any other gadgets restrictions. The high sunshine is also protected by this tint.

The product dimensions are about “38 x 5 x 5 inches” that cover up all sides of the windows. Ease of installation is very easy because it is not a pre-cut, you will get roll instead. The roll helps you in getting the extra window film every time if you waste it.


  • No such blocking of radar signals and blocks much of the UV rays.
  • It contains high heat resistant elements.
  • They are also designed for curved windows although work perfectly on a normal window.
  • The car window tint has 2 PLY thickness material for much heat reduction.
  • There is no peeling or bubbling effect after applying this tint.


It has high-quality elements for reducing the heat which no other brands offer except UEi T-View.

This film roll is very easy to use and there is no professionalism required during the tinting process.

This best heat-blocking tint offers 100 feet roll which is more than enough to cover the whole window.

It offers great privacy to the passengers because of its different tint shades in the market.

The tint has UV blocking capacity substances to stay the heat out of the car.

There is no need to use AC after installing this tint because it maintains the temperature outside the car.


The product is not good if you want to cover a large size curved window.

Nothing was said about the shrinkage of the film.

UEi T View heat reflective window tint film for cars

Black Magic Best Car Window Tint For Heat Reduction Premium Film

We have selected this Black Magic Premium Metalized Coating Tint Film Static Cling after testing for six months. The products offer great reflective properties to keep the heat outside during hot temperatures. They are specially designed for even trucks, home protection, and other vehicles.

The dimensions of the product measure about “24 x 78” Inches and come in a roll. The length is enough to cover the window from all sides. There is no pre-cut option that the brand is offering.

By the metalized means the car will reflect from outside. Also, there will be hindrances or interference with GPS devices if you are using the car.


  • It is a high-quality energy-saving tint that is best for reducing heat.
  • Blocks most of the infrared rays and harmful UV rays around 99%.
  • Ease of application is very easy but may require two people to apply the window tint.
  • It has 5% of the VLT level that makes it the Limo tint.
  • There is static cling so there is no glue requirement for pasting the window film.


The brand offers three different shades with this product 5%, 20%, and 35%. Though 5% is quite good for making the car almost dark from outside.

Black Magic Premium is offering this tint at a very much cheaper rate as compared to its competitors. Also, you will not get any best deals rather than this.

The Limo tint has 5% of VLT with 2 layers of thickness to reduce the heat. Because certain laws vary from state to state it is banned in their respective areas.

Here you are not getting any pre-cut options, so you have to cut the tint according to your car window. Therefore measure the size of the window cut using a knife to use this static cling film.

There are no bubbling, fading, or scratches after installing the tint. You will get crystal clear vision from inside.

This great car window tint protects the interior from fading. You can use this heat control window film for cars because it is used by most car owners.


If you want to use devices inside the car then this is not the best option for you.

People complain about the reusable option.

black magic metalized premium tint film heat reduction

Diablo Heat Resistant Tint For Car Self Adhesive

Now I will talk about polyester film then we cannot leave this product. The polyester layers make the film bit adhesion which makes it easy to apply. It offers exciting features such as anti-adhesion which does not peel or fade over time.

Diablo charcoal Professional Dark Charcoal Tint Film comes with a strong performance. If you really want to reduce the heat then it is one of the best-fit solutions out there. The dark black appearance is mainly designed for a black car to tint windows.

The film comes in a roll with 35% shade and measures the dimension of 24×100 feet. The 100 feet roll helps in covering the windows and blocks up to 50% of heat. This is one of the best tints for windshields to come on the market.


  • The DIABLO brands offer a 3-year warranty for its self-adhesion.
  • Only 20% of the VLT level is enough in blockage of 50% of heat.
  • There is no interference with radio signals and other electronic devices.
  • The tint installation is very flexible but hassles in cutting the film.
  • Made for home, automotive and commercial purposes.


DIABLO is a highly energy-efficient heat-resistant window tint for cars to use.

There is no interference of radio waves or major devices just as in the case of metalized window film.

These are non-reflective but highly effective to reduce heat out of the car.

The ease of application is very easy because of its DIY automotive window tint option. As there is no fading or making the tint purple after the months.

It helps in reducing the glare up to 80% and 99% of UV. Also, this best car window tint for heat reduction keeps the car cooler and saves energy from not turning the AC on.

It gives you a stylish and sharp look after using this best clear tint for cars.


The cutting process may require a little bit of time and perfectionism.

Diablo black charcoal heat resistant tint for car

Lexen Computerized Pre-cut Car Window Tint Kit

The last option we have is this LEXEN computerized pre-cut window tint kit to reduce heat. The kit contains one squeeze and two front-side window films. It is a non-reflective film designed to block the interior from hot temperatures or high calcium.

It has a material of dyed 2 ply polyester car window tint. it helps in retaining the color on the cars and protects the interior from fading and heat build-up. The Lexen brand offers a scratch-resistant feature and avoids bubbling or peeling after applying.

The computer option helps you in ordering the tint according to your car model. Additionally, there are different tint shades available like 5%, 15%, and 35%.


  • There is no interference with any type of signals or ways.
  • It helps in protecting the car from harmful UV rays and infrared rays up to 99%.
  • It does not peel or be scratched after installing.
  • Different tint shades available 5%( limo Tint), 15%, 20%, 35%, and the lighter one 50%.
  • Very easy to use because it has a small kit of yellow squeeze and front/passenger side precut tint.


Lexen always offers affordable window tint heat reduction. That blocks almost 95% of sunlight and many high temperatures.

It is not like the metalized film which interferes with GPS, mobile devices, etc. to block the signals.

The ease of using the tint is very easy because you get the perfect size of your windows without cutting or wasting any extra film.

It offers you great privacy at much greater prices than any other tints. However, it is best if you only want to cover only 2 sides of the windows.

The energy-saving efficient features make it the best window tint to keep the car cool in extreme temperatures.

We can proudly say LEXEN precuts complete car window tint for heat reduction is worth to invest and cost-effective.


The pre-cut did not adjust with some of the old cars.

lexen two frontside computer pre cut tint kit

Tips To Buy The Best Car Window Tint For Heat Reduction

There are certain factors to follow while choosing the car window tint to reduce heat.

Roll Vs Pre-Cut?

Roll options are known as film rolls which come in large rolled sheets and you have to cut according to your car window size.

The Pre-cut option is made through computer design according to your car model. You have to specify the basic car details and you will get pieces of tint. However, they are quite easy to install but require a tool to install.

Level of VLT

The VLT visible light transmission measures the amount of light the film will block. The less tint percentage of VLT is the higher it stops the light from outside. For Example: If you purchase a VLT Level of 35% it means 75% will be blocked.

Ultraviolet Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are one of the major sources of skin cancer and the fading of car interiors. You should always definitely look for the maximum blocking capacity to reduce UV rays up to 99%.

Heat Reduction

The reduction of heat is one of the most important factors in selecting tints. Because in the end, you need to reduce your car heat. Well, reflective window film does a great job instead of others, but make sure to choose high-level reduction.

Choosing Colors

There are different types of colors available like gray, black, and silver tint film and you can choose accordingly. You do not have to always rely on factor tint as they are light black in appearance. It is your choice to choose the best tint for a car, still Blue and Black look pretty good.

Conclusion for the Best Car Window Tint For Heat Reduction

Car is the number of priority that comes on our list and choosing the best car window tint for heat reduction is one the best accessories investment you have ever made. Because car window tint lasts up to years if purchased properly.

I hope you got an idea about which is the best heat-resistant window tint for cars to choose among them all. We always recommend our users to go with LEXEN because of its high popularity in making auto tints.

If you have any questions related to window tint then feel free to comment down below for the perfect automotive answers.

Try these best car window tints for heat reduction to minimize up to 99% of heat. These heat reflective window films are worth investing in.

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