Best Window Tint for House: (2022 Reviews And Buying Guide)

While renovating your home windows you must be looking for the best window tint for your home, then you are in the right direction.

Because Home Window Tinting can only be done by choosing the good quality Best Window Tint for our house. The window films help in protecting the window from UV (ultraviolet) rays, glare, and provide more secure privacy.

Home Window films are a great way to cover your windows from the Interior and exterior. The Interior part is always covered with laminate film and for the exterior part, we use hard sheet material for preventing it from shattering or breaking.

There are also different types of best window tints available in the market. So we have listed the best window tint for a home that you can actually buy online.

Best Buy Window Tint For Home Online in 2022

Coavas Non Adhesive Privacy Frosted Window Film

coavas non-adhesive privacy frosted window film
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First, we have this best window tint for home which has frosted window film, that helps in providing day and night time privacy. The Coavas Privacy Non-Adhesive Window Film keeps the room insulated by making the room cool in summer and hot in winter.

Key Features:

  • It can reduce the UV rays up to 99% and has a control of 96% glare.
  • This Window Film has 17.7 x 78.7inches dimensions.
  • Made especially for bathrooms, sliding doors, and kitchen.
  • The color of the film is White.


The Coavas has the best premium quality window film that works as a protective layer on the windows.

This window film provides both day and night time privacy.

The process of installing the window film is very easy, you do not need to require any professional.

The frosted design window film comes in various designs, patterns, and textures.

It is completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry much about it.


This cheap window film cannot reduce much heat but they are good at blocking sunlight.

You cannot see outside or inside through the windows.

Gila Privacy Black Static Residential DIY Window Film

gila privacy black-static residential diy window film
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Second, we have another option of this best window tint for home heat reduction. These are usually applied to make the windows dark. It is easy to apply to the windows without any special tools. But these are not 100% reflective mirror window films just to provide daytime privacy.

Key Features:

  • The window film is enough to cover one large window with 36.75 x 5.25 x 2 inches.
  • The color of the film is black in color.
  • It has a Size- 36″ x 6.5′ that is perfect for a regular window panel.
  • Protection against solar energy.
  • Applied on the interior side of the windows


This window film is best for daytime privacy but you need curtains

It can reduce the 99% UV rays and glare, which helps in protecting the interior furniture from damage.

This is a solar-type film which is also good for heat reduction.

The Gila Privacy Window Film offers 2 years limited warranty.

The window film is easy to use application and has good adhesion on windows.


This window film must be applied on the exterior side of Dual Pane Windows.

This window film does not work at night, which means outsiders will be able to see through the window if the room lamp or light is Switched on.

One Way Mirror Daytime Privacy Window Tint For Home

One Way Mirror Daytime Privacy Window Tint For Home
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Now, this is the one-way mirror window film that looks like a mirror from outside. These are the best window tint for homes during the daytime privacy. It completely blocks vision from the outside but you will be able to see from the inside. The use of applications is very to use.

Key Features:

  • It has a size of 29.5 x 13.1 inches.
  • It is easy to use a static cling window film.
  • One way Mirror-like appearance from outside.
  • Made for home office and residential windows.


This window film is easy to remove when required and can be applied again.

It is an eco-friendly DIY product and does not require any professionalism.

It is one of the best window tints for home when you need high security, but it will work only in the daytime.

The window provides protection against the harmful sun UV rays and also prevents glare that falls directly on the TV.

It is made of solar protection material which blocks most of the sunlight.


You probably need curtains during the night because the interior can be seen from outside during the daytime.

Total Blackout Window Film For Heat Reduction

total blackout window film for heat reduction
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If you really want to reduce the excessive sunlight then total blackout window film will be the perfect solution out there. It is used when a baby is having trouble sleeping due to excessive light coming from the windows.

Key Features:

  • It blocks 99% of the Sunlight.
  • Provides full-time day privacy.
  • The Window Film size is about 36 x 44 inches enough for large house windows and sliding patios.
  • Best for Filtering the harmful UV rays.


This affordable window film helps in blocking the sunlight completely and also reduces much heat penetrating through the windows.

The product has static cling which is easy to use and does not require any glue to paste on windows.

Reflective appearance makes the room darker like a night.

The film maintains temperature by keeping the room cooler during the summer and warm air during the winter.

Also helps in protecting the furniture from fading and discoloration.


The outsiders can be easily able to see into the room during the night, for that you need curtains to block.

BDF S4MC Exterior Clear Window Film For Home, Safety & Security

BDF s4mc exterior clear window film for home safety and security
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Finally, we have this BDF S4MC exterior window film, it is transparent in nature and you can actually see through the windows. But they are made up of tough sheets which prevent them from shattering or breaking.

Key Features:

  • It suits best for safety and security purposes.
  • Made up of high-quality window film sheets.
  • And reduces 99% of UV rays and sun glare.
  • Good for Heat reduction.
  • This is 24 x 24 inches but other options are also available.


The window film helps in making the window shatterproof.

It is applied where the window is highly exposed to the public.

This best window film has control of harmful UV rays and infrared rays.

It is applied on the interior side of the window so that window films save most of the energy.


This is a clear window film but has no privacy, you will be able to see from both the interior and exterior sides.

Types of Window Tint Film for Home

Decorative Window Tint Film

The Decorative window tint film is put into the interior side of the window and has a frosted design. The frosted design means it is a blur design window film for privacy and you cannot see through the window from the interior side or exterior side.

It is more suitable for kitchen windows, a bathroom with large windows, and offices.

This window film blocks most of the sunlight and protects up to 99% of UV rays and even glare. But the decorative window tint film has only 30% of heat reduction. This home window film comes in various designs, patterns, colors, and textures.

Reflective/Privacy Window Tint Film

The reflective window tint film is also known as the privacy window tint film because it is a one-way mirror-like appearance. You can see through the window film from inside but not from outside. Because of its reflectiveness and darkness, it is the best window tint film for heat reduction.

It is the best-suited window film for homeowners’ privacy.

It includes a solar window film that’s actually blue in color as compared to a silver reflective window film that is a little bit dark. And has a capacity of blocking heat up to 70% and 99% of UV rays. These window films also help in reducing glare that protects the furniture from fading and aging.

Glare Reduction Window Tint Film

The Glare Reduction Window Tint Film is kind of dark in color. These window films are best for protecting the furniture from aging and fading against the sun’s glare. It can block the ultraviolet( UV) rays up to 99 % but not block much heat which is only 35%.

It is used in brighter rooms where the sun is highly exposed to the windows and glare kills the TV experience.

However, these window films do not block much sunlight but the Glare Reducing Window Film allows control of the glare to penetrate into the room.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

This type of window tint material film is transparent but helps in heat reduction. The ceramic window tint film is clear window films, which means you can actually see outside or inside and allow the sunlight to pass through it,

It does not change the look of the window but it reduces the heat up to 50% and 99% UV protection.

This kind of window film is specially used in offices. It’s a little bit dark in color but if you do not want to change the window appearance then you should probably go for a ceramic window tint film.

Security and Safety Window Tint film

This is one of the most secure and safer window films of all. It is made up of thick window film sheet material which helps in protecting the window from harsh and crucial weather conditions.

Security and Safety Window Tint Film allows the natural lights to pass through the windows and blocks 95% of UV rays. But it has one downside: it not doest block much heat.

But if you want to protect your window from being shattered or bulgar activities then you should go for the Security and Safety Window Tint Film for the house. This exterior window film is applied to the exterior part of the window and has a transparent nature.

Things to consider while shopping window tint for home

While shopping for the best window film for the home you need to consider certain factors in mind.

Ask Yourself: You need to select the purpose of the window in the film, whether you need it for privacy or home heat reduction.

Materials: A versatile window film has basic properties like it should be laminate and has a mirror-like appearance which suits best for reducing the heat and providing daytime privacy.

Price: If you are getting the best window tint for your home for a little bit higher price, then you should not compromise it for a few bucks and go for a cheaper window film.

Durability: It matters the most you need to look for the efficient window film for a home that lasts longer. The above-given products are highly durable and best for homemakers.

Is tinting house windows worth it?

Yes, house window tinting is always worthy but make sure to use a quality window film because it helps in providing 99% UV rays and glare protection.

How much does window tinting cost?

The average cost of tinting the home window is approx 5$-7$ per square foot. Price may go up and down depending upon the type of window film.

How to tint large house windows?

The tinting process of large house windows is exactly the same as regular window film, but a large window requires two extra hands.

How to install Home Window Tint?

Steps to apply window tint to the house:

  1. Wash the window with the soapy water.
  2. Measure the window size and cut the window film accordingly and leave 1 cm extra.
  3. Remove the backing of the film and apply it over the window.
  4. Spray some water over the film for sticking.
  5. Use a squeeze to press and cut the extra corner edges using a knife.

Conclusion for the Best Window Tint For Home

Now you have gone through all the products and details, it’s your time to select the best window tint for your home by reading our reviews and buyers guide.

We highly recommend Gila Window Film because they are best in terms of privacy and UV control. And for safety and security purposes BDF SM4C works the best in all.

I hope you got an answer to which best window tint works for your home and these might solve all your window system problems.

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