How to tell if F150 has max tow package: 4 ways

The F150 enjoys the highest level of popularity in the United States.

Due to its exceptional durability, tow capacity, and versatility as a family vehicle.

The Ford F150 has max tow packages, including different futures.

how to tell if f150 has max tow package
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The role of the towing package

The max tow package of tow contains supplementary components and upgrades that improve the ability of the vehicle to tow objects.

These usually consist of a more robust transmission, bigger cooling systems, improved suspension, a reinforced frame, and hitch that upgraded the rear bumper, and occasionally extra electrical wiring.

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What does the F150 max towing package consist of?

This car comes equipped with the following components:

  1. The turbocharged engine itself has a volume of 3.5 liters. This helps to achieve the car’s power of 375 hp.
  2. Coolers are designed for heavy-duty engines and transmissions.
  3. An ITBC is incorporated with a clever hitching adapter for trailers to aid in breaking the trailer.
  4. Managing lateral movement in a trailer.
  5. Integrated brake controller.
  6. A tank for holding fuel that can hold up to 36 gallons.
  7. Smart trailer tow connector.
  8. Assistance for backing up trailers.
  9. This implies a higher number of turns in the driveshaft for each turn of the wheels.
  10. The upgraded rear bumper of the tow package.
  11. The addition of a stabilizer bar at the back has enhanced the suspension.
  12. Badge featuring max trailer tow package graphics.
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Ways of how to tell if F150 has max tow package

Here are a few ways how to tell if F150 has max tow package.

Verify the VIN

By using the vehicle identification number, you can view information about the specific features of the tow package for the vehicles.

Feel free to consult your dealership or utilize an online VIN decoder for further clarification.

Take a look at the manual belonging to the owner

The owner’s manual ought to include precise information about the car’s features, including its ability to tow, and if your F150 has the max tow package installed, it should also be well-documented in the manual.

Check the window sticker

Checking the availability of the max tow package can be checked on the sticker on your car.

Look for physical signs

The extra features have been developed to enhance the ability of a max tow package-equipped vehicle to tow at its maximum potential.

An electronic tool called a trailer brake controller is utilized to regulate the electric brakes on a trailer, to minimize the strain and tear on the vehicle’s brakes.

It is an essential safety component that enables consistent and controlled braking of the transported load.

The upgraded rear axle and upgraded rear bumper provide a higher weight capacity and better durability, allowing the vehicle to handle heavier loads with ease.

The tougher cooling system is designed to handle the increased power and stress that come with towing heavy loads.

To guarantee the functionality of vital parts during extended periods of towing, the vehicle is outfitted with sizeable radiators and coolers for the engine oil, transmission, and other critical components.

It should be noted that the max tow package is not suitable for every vehicle model within this category.

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Improvements to the heavy-duty tow package

Some of the notable improvements of the max trailer tow package.

The max trailer tow package has enhancements designed to raise the upper limit of the weight that a vehicle can haul. These enhancements of the max trailer tow package also may have improved suspension components, a heavy-duty frame, and a larger capacity radiator.

Improved brake controller. The max trailer tow package might consist of integrated trailer brake control, which results in improved stopping capabilities while transporting hefty cargo. Heavy-duty payload package can be especially important when traveling downhill or when encountering unexpected obstacles on the road.

The max trailer tow package typically comes with an improved electrical system capable of accommodating the greater towing requirements.

Enhanced cooling. When hauling large items, the motor and gearbox may produce an extensive amount of temperature. The capacity of the max trailer tow package can comprise enhanced cooling mechanisms.

Improved stability. Heavy-duty payload package can be challenging, especially on windy or uneven roads. The inclusion of stabilizing bars or a system that controls swaying in the max trailer tow package can aid in maintaining the stability of the trailer, particularly with the support of the rear wheels.

This vehicle set has an upgraded rear bumper.

Your car equipped with the max trailer tow package will allow you a pleasant driving experience.

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What is the difference between the F-150 tow package and the Max tow package?

The F150 package designed for carrying heavy loads features numerous components, such as an anti-roll bar for the front, Smart Trailer Tow Connector, and a Class IV trailer hitch receiver.

The max tow package is designed specifically for transporting heavy items and incorporates all of the essential components of a reliable payload package as well as extra characteristics such as an integrated trailer brake control, enhanced engine cooling system, manual slide control lever, improved electronic rear axle, trailer hitch receiver, window sticker.

It boasts an outstanding towing capability as an added benefit.

What is the F-150 max tow package?

Ford manufactures the F-150 pickup truck with a heavy-duty payload package, which has the option to be improved with the F-150 max trailer tow package for a higher towing capacity.

This heavy-duty package is created for rough driving conditions and includes:

In this improved package, of course, the suspension is upgraded, including a reinforced frame is also available.
Improvements have also been made to the rear of the car, which include a new brake controller, an upgraded rear bumper, and an electronic rear axle.
A large rear axle allows the car to tow well, for example, other cars with a heavier weight.
Accordingly, for such cars, a large fuel tank capacity is provided.
Also, a good improvement is the auxiliary transmission oil cooler, since the gearbox itself is heavily overloaded when towing and needs more favorable conditions.
All of these car enhancements must be described on a special window sticker on the window and located inside the car, usually on the door.
As well as other options like professional help with pro trailer backup assist, etc.

Another towing vehicle can be pulled by this specific Ford truck with a trailer tow package.

How can I tell what my F-150 can tow?

Here are some guidelines to help you ascertain the max trailer tow package weight your F-150 can tow:

1. Within the manual, you will discover the F-150’s specifications and capabilities, which include its ability to tow.
2. The tag positioned on the door frame of your F-150 contains important information about the highest weight it can tow.
3. Your dealer can also inform you about the specifics of your truck, which includes towing capacity.
4. Several online calculators exist for determining the towing capacity of your F-150 tow package.

How do I know if my F-150 has the payload package?

A sticker for the trailer tow package inside your car reveals not only the weight of your vehicle, but also its ability to carry cargo.

The label indicating the tow package is typically located on the vehicle’s door. In that location, you can access details regarding your vehicle and discern whether a supplementary tow package is accessible.


This article presents details of how to tell if F150 has max tow package.

The Max Towing Package consists of many additional options that enhance towing capabilities.

This max tow package includes a trailer hitch receiver, upgraded rear axle, pro trailer backup assist, increased fuel tank capacity, and also allows the towing receiver to tow heavier loads.

Compared to other tow packages, ranks highest in trailer hitch receiver ratings and makes possible the act of pulling or dragging a vehicle or object behind another vehicle with heavier loads.

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