Best Turbo Muffler in 2023| Reviews And Buying Guide

Car modification is the topmost priority of every car lover. And people who are more interested in car loudness or sound dampening tend to spend more money on mufflers. If you have a turbo car then here we have the best turbo muffler for your engine.

Your pre-installed muffler may be creating irritating noise or catching dust particles that start from the header part to the all over the exhaust system. That’s why you are here to get the best style muffler for a turbo car that fits in every model.

And you won’t believe a good quality muffler can give you a throttle response along with better horsepower. In addition, it is capable of saving the fuel economy just by preventing the small dust particles that emit through the exhaust pipe.

However, before heading over to the reviews of the best muffler for turbo engines you need to understand what a turbo muffler is and how it works under your exhaust system.

What is a Turbo Muffler and how does it actually work?

A turbo muffler consists of a chamber that has perforated tubes present inside it specially designed for turbo engines. These tubes create a passage through which exhaust gases pass from the car engine to the exhaust pipe.

Basically, the turbo muffler has an S-pattern shape tube in order to guide the pressurized gases. And it also helps in reducing the noise and backpressure at the same time.

Muffler has an inlet and outlet at both ends for the attachment. If the muffler does not fit properly you can attach it through the adapter as well.

There are different styles of mufflers available in the market such as Glasspack, Performance, and Turbo. You have to get it according to your choice.

Also, you have two options either your car has a dual exhaust or a single exhaust pipe. In the case of the dual pipe system, you have to buy mufflers from the best turbo muffler given below in detail.

Top 5 Best Turbo Muffler In 2023

Now here we have the muffler that is not only best but idles for all types of the turbo engine. Whether you need to minimize the sound or need loudness. So whatever quality you are looking for we have mentioned after researching.

All the products are best-offering and highly rated that are collected on the reviews of customers. We have tested the below-listed and experienced the quality they are providing at this price.

MagnaFlow 11226 Performance Exhaust Muffler

The MagnaFlow exhaust muffler is purely made up of stainless steel which gives it toughness and durability for a longer period. It is specially designed for people who love sports cars. The sound performance is completely awesome without having any turbulence.

Well, the chamber inside the turbo muffler has straight-perforated tubes along with acoustic fiber that delivers a smooth flow of exhaust gases through the pipe system. Whole-body is capable of absorbing excessive heat and the dust particles won’t stick to it.

Magnaflow 11226 performance turbo muffler

Key Features:

  • It is made up of Stainless Steel.
  • The product is purely designed in the USA.
  • 2.5 inches of inlet and outlet.
  • The chamber contains straight-through tubes.
  • Amazing performance of sound.

Both the inlet and outlet of the Magnaflow 1126 are the best performance muffler and have 2.5 inches which mean you do not need an adaptor to attach. It has 14inch of body length with 20 inches overall, which gives a perfect fit to your system through its pre-installed valve.

We can say that this muffler is worth the quality instead of having a price one for purchase. After testing for around 6 months we have seen that sound quality is very good but there is a loud drone of about 2500 rpm found in rare cases.

Thrush 17718 v6 Turbo Muffler

Second, on the list is Thrush, everybody in the market knows that Thrush Brand has produced great turbo mufflers in the market for many years. The shell body is completely made up of 100% Aluminized steel which lasts for years without any issue.

It offers a quiet sound quality with a sweet tone rather than extreme loudness. Moreover, the chamber pipes are designed in such a way that they maintain a good flow of pressurized gas. And all the credit goes to its versatile design or style.

Thrush 17718 turbo muffler v6

Key Features:

  • Built quality is a hundred percent Aluminized steel.
  • It has a sound reduction feature.
  • Universal fit option available, no need for any external joints.
  • The Durability of the muffler is quite long as compared to other products.
  • Easy installation process without having any prior deep knowledge.

This exhaust muffler is very easy to fit in your car models because of its universal fitment features. If you are having an engine v6 then this turbo muffler might be the perfect solution for you.

We used this product 3 months back for city driving and we can say the Thrush 17718 exhaust muffler is the best product you can get at this affordable price. Check your vehicle model if it fits or not from below.

AMS Turbo Muffler Delete MK7 GTI

If you’re having Volkswagen Golf GTI/R MK7 then AMS is one of the most cost-effective products that you can get. The build quality of the muffler is pretty amazing. It provides a smoother airflow because of its large tube space.

It is stated as the best turbo muffler delete mk7 gti, read our guide on how to do muffler delete as it replaces the part with a strong solid pipe which helps in reducing the turbulence and you will get clear noise. This is a little bit different from the standard one.

AMS turbo muffler delete for mk7 gti

Key Features:

  • Best for replacing your pre-fitted muffler.
  • Provides Noise Free rides without any disturbance.
  • Better airflow of engine gas.
  • Material is durable enough to last long for years.
  • It is good if you are especially using it on the mk7 gti turbo engine.

The inlet and outlet are very easy to fit. Although if you need to muffler delete then this would be a perfect choice for your car.

We have used this product once and concluded that if you need a delete muffler type then you should definitely go with this. Otherwise, you have more options available. If you still need to learn more about “Delete” then head over to Amazon.

Flowmaster 842515 v8 Sounding Turbo Muffler

You may have seen plenty of options right? Now you need something short and easy to install the product. So here we have a Flowmaster turbo muffler specially designed for the aggressive sound that is used in sports cars that only drive on the Highway for racing.

Sound quality is up to the mark without having any restrictions. Also, this emits exhaust gas to pass through easily without being stuck in between. It is a super series 10 model which completely made up of 409S stainless steel.

Flowmaster 842515 sounding mini turbo muffler

Key Features:

  • Those who need extreme loudness for racing then go for it.
  • Easy installation and no need for any external equipment.
  • Chamber has a single muffler.
  • It has stainless steel material which is of 409S quality.
  • A mini turbo muffler that fits almost in any model.

Trust me once you install it you won’t face any issues. Moreover, you have easy installation and premium quality with this product. Because of its 2.5-inch inlet/outlet, you can fit in almost every vehicle type.

We can predict that it is the best-sounding turbo muffler including a v8 engine as well at this price, It is mini and affordable. One more thing is a single chamber muffler which means if you have a dual exhaust pipe then purchase two. Not idle for city driving.

DynoMax 17733 4-Cylinder Flowing Turbo Muffler

When we talk about the best flowing turbo muffler then Dynomax 17733 muffler comes first in our list for preventing gases. There are large tubes inside the chamber that are designed in such a way that it maintains a good exhaust flow and reduce turbulence simultaneously.

The whole body of the muffler is Aluminized steel which prevents rust corrosion from withstanding on it. It has a dyno that has proven flow up to 550 SCFM and minimizing the backpressure on the other hand.

Dynomax 17733 super flowing turbo muffler

Key Features:

  • Well, the Chamber contains fiberglass material.
  • Shell is made up of aluminized steel for prolonging life.
  • You will not feel any turbulence in sound.
  • Dynomax is a highly reputable brand.
  • Fits all type of engine easily.

Also, it has a fiberglass matte finish that helps in absorbing interior resonance and maintaining a good performance tone. The inlets and outlets fit with almost every vehicle type including a 4-cylinder. If you are going under emission or smog test then you can actually use this product.

Overall we always recommend this product to our users because of its good flow of gasses and sound-reducing formula. You can definitely go with this product if you are a little bit confused between the other types of cheap turbo mufflers.

Buying Guide for the Exhaust Turbo Mufflers

Turbo mufflers are specially designed for turbo engines so before purchasing you need to consider some points listed below.


The sound is the number priority while looking for the turbo mufflers. It totally depends upon if you are comfortable with loud sounds then you can purchase one. Some are good at the sound but not at managing a good flow of exhaust gases.

But if you need noise reduction and mellow sound you should definitely go from the types of list.

Turbo Muffler Types

There are usually three different types of mufflers.

Straight-Through Mufflers

The Glass Pack Muffler is another name for straight-through silencers. It allows more gases to pass through the tubes via designed fiberglass material channels. And the shell body is made of aluminized steel that is strong and tough.

However, they are loud and not considered for regular city driving.

Chamber Muffler

It is also considered the best sound turbo muffler which helps in noise reduction and comes at such an affordable price. They are extremely quiet as compared to other types of mufflers in the market.

The Chamber muffler has one major drawback, it does not provide more airflow.


These types produce a great amount of sound without any disturbance or turbulence. Additionally, the pitch of the sound is extremely good in Turbo.

Although the airflow is a little bit poor, it performs well without having any conditions.

Build Quality

The next criteria is the material used for making mufflers. In the automotive industry, aluminized is considered as best of all. However stainless steel is also perfect because it offers corrosion-free and excessive flow no matter what.

Emission Test

We all know that it is necessary to have a muffler installed in your car. Because a vehicle without a muffler can produce a lot of noise which is unauthorized under the eyes of the law.

Moreover, the state laws and government have set a certain level of loudness permission and beyond that, it is totally unacceptable. We have to go through the emission test and smog test in order to get a certificate, so it’s better to read the laws before purchasing.


it is always advisable to purchase a muffler that has the “universal fit” option so that you do not need any adopter to attach it to your exhaust system. But the diameter of the inlets and outlets must be properly checked before moving further.

FAQs on Mufflers of Turbo Engine

What is the best-sounding Turbo muffler?

We think Flowmaster 842515 has an extremely aggressive sounding effect without having any turbulence. This sounding muffler is usually used on highways, especially for people who love speed and sound.

What muffler gives the most horsepower?

For increasing the engine horsepower (HP), performance mufflers are considered the best option.
It also saves fuel and adds a boost to your engine.

Are turbo mufflers universal fit?

Yes. The universal fit mufflers have a 2.5-inch inlet and a 2.5-inch outlet.
However, in most vehicle models the fitting size is different. So it is better to check before purchasing.

Which type of turbo muffler do I need?

There are three muffler types:
1. Glasspack
2. Chambered
3. Turbo
Chambered is good for all types of turbo engines.

Conclusion for the Best Turbo Muffler

As you know for a good quality of sound the best-sounding turbo muffler must be installed properly. You need to weld your muffler with the exhaust system in order to place it.

Well, we are quite aware of the fact that a performance turbo muffler is the best among all. So we recommend you to go with Magnaflow because of its superior exhaust muffler quality.

So if you are using a car and looking for the best muffler for turbo engines then go with the above-given reviews.

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