How To Do A Muffler Delete? Remove Muffler From Car

Do you know a muffler delete can increase your car performance and sound?

Maybe that’s why you are here. But wait, it is against the legal authorities.

Because deleting muffler creates too many loud noises which are completely unhealthy for city driving.

If you want to remove your aftermarket muffler then you need certain tools like a clamp, flange, etc. Or if it’s welded then a cutter is necessary.

But before moving on to How to do a muffler delete you have to first know what exactly the delete muffler is.

What is a Muffler Delete & Is It Useful?

A muffler is a chamber through which exhaust gases are passed through the engine and thrown out of the car.

Basically, the muffler is also responsible for minimizing the engine noise.

A Tuned Muffler Delete makes the car sound louder and maintains the excessive flow of gases.

Through this, high pitched frequencies occur and also reduce the backpressure at the same time.

In reality, deleting a muffler does not increase your car’s HP or Performance.

And we do not recommend removing the muffler instead you can use a Best Turbo muffler with the best performance.

But each one of us has different choices, so we have mentioned the steps to do a muffler delete even without welding.

How To Do A Muffler Delete?

Removing the muffler can be harmful to the engine in the long run but even if you have removed or need to reverse the muffler delete you can do it easily.

It does not take so much time or money, either you can get the job done at a muffler shop or use the 7 DIY steps I have given below.

Lift The Car

Car Lifting Using A Car Jack To Locate The Muffler

A muffler lies underneath the car, so you have to give a car a decent amount of height.

You can use Car Jack for lifting and put the vehicle on gear so that it will lock the tires and won’t move.

Find Out Muffler

Now Locate the muffler near the exhaust pipe area.

You will see a big chambered type box connected to the pipe.

It might be welded, fixed using an exhaust clamp or a flange.

Unscrew Muffler Clamp

Unscrewing the muffler clamp attached to the exhaust hanger

A Muffler Exhaust clamp is used to join the muffler to the pipes near the axle.

A muffler clamp is a cheaper way to fix your muffler permanently if you do not want to weld.

In case you have a welded then use an exhaust chain cutter pipe to cut off the pipe that is attached.

Remove The Muffler

Removing The OEM Stock Muffler From Exhaust Pipes

Now, remove the muffler easily.

If there is moisture, rust, or rust formed due to heat and bolts become tightened then use a hammer to hit the clamps.

It will release the pressure from the screws.

Install A Fabricated Pipe

A Fabricated pipe is always used to replace the muffler every time you are deleting it.

Because if I leave the cut-off pipe idle, it will burn the fuel tank and will create issues.

While choosing a fabricated pipe make sure its diameter should match the muffler inlet and outlet.

You can select this Stainless-steel fabrication pipe if you are a little bit confused about the quality.

Use Loud Exhaust Tip

Every time you are removing a muffler, the best exhaust tip for deep sound (Optional) is highly recommended.

These tips not only give a louder sound but also give a sharp look from the backside of the car.

You can use the Borla 248 Angled-Cut exhaust tip for deeper sound, also it has stainless steel quality and an aggressive look.

Tight All The Bolts To Exhaust Hanger

Once you are done. Now connect the fabricated pipe all over to the exhaust tip.

You can use a fresh exhaust clamp and connect the inner side of the pipe to the exhaust hanger.

With the help of handy tools tighten all the necessary bolts and screws.

Now Run the Vehicle!!

As we have discussed deleting mufflers has some pros and cons that need to be considered.

Advantages of Deleting Muffler

In Spite of having so many drawbacks, there are some of the advantages of deleting mufflers as well.

That’s why people like us want to take out the muffler from our exhaust system in order to change the performance.

Increase Performance

Our engine produces so many gases that travel through our exhaust manifold/headers system and pumps out the smoke through the exhaust pipe.

Somewhere between the muffler chamber creates a path in order to guide and throw out the specific amount of gases.

So when we remove our muffler the gas releases faster and increases the vehicle performance.

Louder Sound

The Second reason for removing the exhaust muffler is to achieve a loud sound from the car.

People with sports cars love the excessive sound that’s why they also prefer a muffler delete.

But trust me if you really want to get the best sound from the engine then a sound muffler is best in business.

Because cars tend to perform better with a muffler and also increase horsepower.

Reducing Backpressure

Muffler delete creates an open mouth for the exhaust tip, which releases more gases and minimizes the excessive pressure inside the engine.

Back Pressure reduction is very helpful for your Car’s overall performance and Horsepower as well.

But wait!

The myth needs to be broken down, even if you drive with or without a muffler it does not affect your car performance.

Disadvantages Of Deleting Muffler

As you have seen some of the pros that we have discussed in the earlier section.

Now we look into some of the drawbacks that are associated with a muffler delete.

Unnecessary Noise

You always face irritating noises once you are done with removing your muffler.

At first, you will love the noise, but after driving for a quiet while you will feel the engine shaking.

This noise is totally unacceptable by the neighbors or people around you while driving.

If you install an exhaust tip then it will cover up all the excessive sound and give a deeper sound with impact.

Against The Authorities

Whether you are removing your muffler or resonator it is totally illegal as per the state laws.

Because in some US states the government has decided the certain level of noise acceptable and not beyond that.

Talking about tips they have permission to use.

We only recommend a muffler delete to a 5.9 Cummins Engine Truck, because they are more for off-roading purposes.

Wrap Up on How To Do Muffler Delete

I have asked so many car enthusiasts about muffler delete and have tested it on my car as well.

And concluded that if you are removing muffler then you have to keep all the factors in mind.

Because as discussed earlier deleting mufflers may not be acceptable by state authorities and also creates excessive noise.

Also, you will not gain much performance even if you delete it.

Instead, you can use the best-sounding muffler in order to get what you want.

So these were all the steps for removing the muffler. I hope you got some idea about it.

If you have any confusion ask in the comment section.

FAQ: How To Do A Muffler Delete

Getting rid of the muffler is not an easy task because there are so many parts like Resonators, catalytic converters, and other parts as well.

And the points need to be very clear.

There are some questions that arise about its cost and time duration to remove it. I have answered them below.

How much money does it cost to do a muffler delete?

50$ to 250$
If you are doing a DIY home to remove a muffler then it will cost around between 50$ to 70$ for the aftermarket parts.
On the other hand, if you get the job done through a professional from a muffler repair shop, it will charge you around 100$ to 250$ on average.

How long to do a muffler delete?

Approximately 2 Hours.
Whether you are going to an expert or replacing on your own.
The time taken to replace it with a fabricated steel pipe is around 2-2.5 hours.

Does a muffler delete make your car louder?

Yes. Deleting Muffler makes the car louder than before. But it has some drawbacks.
After some time you will face excessive noise issues that come from the shaky exhaust engine.
If you need a deeper sound then an exhaust tip or good sound muffler is always advisable.

What’s the point of a muffler delete?

To Improve Performance and Aggressive Sound.
A muffler delete creates an excessive flow of exhaust gases which helps in decreasing the backpressure.
Through this, it increases vehicle overall performance.
It gives a car roar sound and high-pitched frequency.

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