5 Best Automotive Windshield Sealant For Car Glass (2023 Review)

Car glass is highly exposed to excessive sunlight and water. This exposure weakens the windshield screen corners which results in freezing and fogging on the windscreen. So the best way to avoid such problems is to use the best automotive windshield sealant for cars.

If you are in a bit hurry and need your car windshield sealed completely then you can buy Permatex silicone windshield sealant, which dries within a minute and is highly durable. The sealer is clear and does not discolor and withstand extreme temperatures easily.

Minor cracks, leaks on the car window glass lead to penetration of the water inside the car, which not only damages the car from the exterior as well as interior. So it’s better to use the best car windshield sealant before it’s too late.

But before that, you need to look over what windshield sealants are and they work over the car glass. And which is the best windshield sealant for your car windows.

What is a windshield sealant and how it works on car glass?

Best Automotive Windshield Sealant

A windshield sealant is a type of silicone-based sealer which helps in bonding with the minor leaks, leaks, cracks, and hairline leakages on the car glass. It is also called “automotive car glass window sealant”.

Window sealants have chemical properties present inside them to create a permanent fix. The based formula formulates fixing all types of leakages under any environment.

There are two other based formulas available in windshield sealants, these are Adhesive sealant and polyurethane sealant. Adhesive and Silicone-based sealants are usually preferred over rubber butyl formula, as they are easy to use and have higher durability than others.

We have listed the top-rated best automotive windshield sealant for all types of car glass. So whatever product variant you are looking for we have covered up and below are the pros and cons of each windshield sealant.

5 Best Automotive Windshield Sealant For Car Glass

ProductType of SealantSizeRatingsPrice
Permatex Silicone Windshield SealantSilicone-Based1.5 oz Squeeze Tube4.1Check Price
3M Autoglass Best Windshield Adhesive SealantUrethane-Based10.5 oz Tube4.6Check Price
Henkel Automotive Silicone Waterproof SealantSilicone-Based2.7 oz Tube4.5Check Price
Permatex 81158 Auto Windshield SealantSilicone-Based3 oz Tube4.6Check Price
DOW U-428 Best Windshield & Glass SealantAdhesive-BasedPack of 24.7Check Price
Best Windshield Sealant Comparison Table

Permatex Silicone Car Windshield Sealant

Permatex Flowable Windshield Silicone Sealant For Car Glass

Now first we have a Permatex silicone windshield sealant that is the best automotive windshield sealant available in the market with a wide variety of positive reviews. This cheap windshield sealant is highly durable and withstands even in high extreme temperatures without compromising the quality.

The car glass sealant is completely clear in nature and very easy to apply over the windshield. It has a special characteristic which is also called “flowable windshield sealant”. Flowable means it helps in filling up the minor or tiny holes which is very difficult to reach practically.

Permatex is a silicone adhesive windshield sealant, the silicone makes it completely waterproof. Along with this it can even apply under moist conditions and has a drying time of about 30 Minutes. Also, it does not discolor under harmful UV rays and Infrared radiation.

Not only on the windshield or car glass this multipurpose windshield sealant works perfectly on Sunroofs, headlamps, RV windows, etc. The sealer is glued and not in liquid form which is a little bit messy while using.


  • A silicone-based sealant that is completely waterproof.
  • The Best Auto Windshield Sealant is Able to fill up tiny and minor holes due to its flowability.
  • Multipurpose window sealant works very well on other surfaces as well.
  • It is highly durable and dries within 30 minutes.


We used this Permatex 81730 silicone windshield sealant for blocking waters, and it works perfectly on our car glass window surface. It is highly recommended from our side to use it.

3M Autoglass Best Windshield Adhesive Sealant

3M Autoglass Urethane Based Windshield Adhesive Sealant

Next, we have a 3M Autoglass urethane-based best automotive windshield sealant which comes with self-adhesive properties. This sealer has non-sagging properties that work best when you are required to get quicker results. It is very popular among windshield repair mechanics due to the good results.

This Adhesive sealant has fast curing properties and easily fixes minor leaks and holes within a minute. A urethane sealant can be applied under wet conditions as they are good at holding moisture.

3M Autoglass windshield adhesive sealant has chemical properties that create the perfect bonding with the car glass and also helps in fixing the broken glass windshield. It also cures the sidelights and headlights of the vehicle.

After using this best car windshield sealant for my vehicle, It is highly recommended from our side due to its rapid results within a 20-30 minutes curing process. If the windshield has minor cracks then you can purchase its 10.5 fluid ounce bottle although for bigger leaks pack of 2 would be the best solution.


  • 3M Autoglass urethane-based adhesive sealer is best for quick results.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • It does not discolor under the harmful UltraViolet rays.
  • Easy To Use Application.


It does not come with a nozzle tip, you have to use your fingers to spread over the car glass.

Henker Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant

Henker Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant For Automotive Windshield

Now if you need the absolute best automotive windshield sealant for your car glass then Henker clear silicone waterproof sealant is good to go. It has various properties of bonding with various other than glass such as aluminum, ceramic, and much more.

The Loctite silicone waterproof sealer can be applied under wet conditions and can absorb the rainwater over the car windshield easily. The sealant can withstand temperatures from -35°F to 140°F which is completely idle for your cars.

Due to its caulk-based material, it is not advisable to paint over the sealant. However, the brand offers no chipping and peeling off chemicals inside the sealant tube. The sealer takes around 24 hours to completely set over the car glass.

We really like this best windshield sealant because of its transparent nature and easy application using a pre-fixed tip on the top. We have been using this windshield sealer for over six months straight and didn’t find any difficulty.


  • The sealer is completely waterproof and works well under wet conditions.
  • It can easily withstand from -37 to 60 degrees in Celcius.
  • A cheap and best solution for your car windows.
  • No chipping and peeling off chemical properties.


The drying time of this waterproof sealant is quite slow on the car windows but it’s best for a long-term fix.

Permatex Auto Windshield Sealant For Car Glass

Permatex Black Silicone Auto Windshield Sealant

If you need something different in color with more adhesive sealant. Then you can definitely try this Black SIlicone adhesive sealant because of its high flexibility and waterproof capacity. The product can withstand the excessive temperature ranges from -75°F to 450°F without any issues.

This Permatex best windshield glass sealant does not peel or crack off under any circumstances. The adhesive sealer is applied on the corners of the windshield car glass which is responsible for the minor and tiny holes and is difficult to reach.

It has adhesive and chemical properties which makes it waterproof, shockproof, and highly flexible at the same time. Also, it creates permanent bonds with the glass of the car and sticks to it for a longer time no matter what the situation is.

We have used it on our car windshield twice and concluded that it dries and takes about 30-40 minutes to stick to the surface. In addition, it is a general-purpose sealant that works on the RTV indoors and outdoors as well. It is recommended from our side if you want to give it a try something different from transparent color.


  • A multi-purpose car glass sealant specially designed for the windshield.
  • The seal can withstand the heat ranges from -59°C to 232°C which is best other than products.
  • The best crack healer for the longer term.
  • It is black in color which has adhesive waterproof properties and does not require painting at last.


The brand does not disclose about the UV factor whether the seal will stay under the condition or not.

DOW U-428 Windshield & Glass Sealant

DOW U-428 Best Windshield And Glass Sealant

The DOW U-428 is one of the best automotive windshield sealants for your car glass in the market because it does not require priming before applying this adhesive sealer. This great sealant is one of the toughest and most durable sealers of all time.

This durable sealant has thick glue which when stuck to the surface creates heavy bonding with the car glass. The chemical ingredients make it able to withstand the heat and changing environment easily. It has a drying time of about 30 minutes in total.

DOW Glass sealant is specially designed for windshield small cracks and leakages on the windscreen. It does not chip or peel off easily and is highly flexible at the same time.

We think that it is a little bit pricey but worth the quality. Till now we have used many best auto windshield sealants for car glass, but this one is extremely tough and durable. Also before using it you need to heat the squeeze tube to the easy flow of glue.


  • Highly Durable and Tough Adhesive Sealant.
  • It has thick glue paste and dries in half an hour.
  • Able to protect the leaks under extreme temperatures and UV rays as well.
  • Specially designed for auto windshield and car glass.


It is a little bit expensive as compared to other best car windshield sealant brands.

Buying Guide on Best Automotive Window Sealant

There are some factors to be considered while purchasing an auto windshield sealant for your car glass.

  1. The product should be durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures without chipping or peeling off.
  2. It should be highly flexible at the same time and can be easily applied or removed over the car glass window when necessary.
  3. A good quality sealant should be purchased so that it won’t lose its color over a period of time.
  4. Drying time plays an important role, the best window sealant for cars must dry as soon as possible.
  5. Price plays an important role when it comes to quality, the sealant should be affordable and matches the quality offered by the brand.

A good quality car window sealer must properly check whether it has SIlicone, Adhesive, or Polyurethane based formula or Not. All are good in their respective characteristics you have to decide on the ease of use for yourself.

How To Seal Car Glass Windshield Using The Best Car Windshield Sealer?

The following steps will help in sealing the car windshield:
1. Clean the Surface- The corners of the windshield must be clean using the best windshield cleaner before applying the automotive window sealant.
2. Protect the other parts using Tape- Apply the tape on the unwanted part of the car glass in order to protect it from being damaged by the paint.
3. Apply the Sealant- Now Apply the best automotive windshield sealant on the leaks and corners.
4. Use your hands- With the help of your fingers smoothen the surfaces and excess sealant.
5. Let it Dry- Now let the window sealant sit dry as mentioned on the product.

How to remove windshield sealant?

First, rub out the sealant, then use a sharp object like a razor to remove the silicone-based windshield sealant easily. Do it very carefully while removing it from the edges.

How long does windshield sealant take to cure?

Approx one hour to 24 Hours. It totally depends upon the type of sealant you are using. If the sealant is Silicone-Based then it takes only about 20-30 minutes to dry. And polyurethane-based sealant takes about 24 hours in the total curing process.

Is it necessary to prime before using an auto windshield sealer?

No. Only a few products require priming before using auto window sealers. You only need to clean the windscreen edges using a window cleaner.

What kind of sealant to use on Windshield?

Silicone and Adhesive Urethane based.
These two are the most common windshield sealant used.

If you think the squeeze tube is a little bit hard then put the tube into the boiling water. As it makes the adhesive sealant soft and easy to use.

My Best Windshield Sealant For Car Glass

From the above-given list of the best automotive windshield sealant for car glass, you have got a little bit of an idea about the same. I have tested all the products on my car windscreen and here I have some conclusions for you.

I think the Permatex Silicone windshield sealant is the perfect choice if you want a clear and affordable sealant with tough durability. And for permanent stop leakage of the windshield, you should definitely go with DOW U-428 as it offers the best quality among all.

If you want the best way to seal your windshield/car glass then you should always go for the best car windshield sealant rather than spending extra bucks at the mechanic windscreen repair.

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