PJ1 16-Hit Flat Black High-Temperature Spray Paint Review

Do you PJ1 hi-temp spray paint was usually designed for NASA spacecraft? Because their engine header faces an extremely high-temperature environment during the testing. To gain the market in the automotive industry they have designed PJ1 High-Temperature Spray Paint for exhaust manifold system.

The PJ1 paint is the highly featured brand that makes the best heat-resistant spray paint for engines in the market. The heat can withstand about 1500°Fahrenheit. It has a silica-ceramic-based formula which helps in formulating with the bare metal surface for years.

Silica makes the solution adhesive with the surface properly and ceramic provides a perfect matte finish. After using PJ1 Hi-Temp spray paint at high heat there will be no chipping or peeling of issue will occur.

The application process is very up to the mark as tested. Under this budget price, PJ1 High-Temperature Spray Paint is a great choice with hell lots of features.

Features of PJ1 Fast Black Hi-Temp Exhaust System Paint (Reviews)

PJ1 Fast Black Hi-Temp Exhaust System Paint

Best High Temperature Spray Paint

The PJ1 hi-temp spray paint makes the best heat-resistant paint for the exhaust systems. The spray paint can intermittent the heat around 1500°F which is quite good for headers. The paint won’t be peeled or cracked under this high extreme humid environment. And PJ1 Fast black color can retain the temperature of about 816 degrees celsius with higher durability.

Silica-Ceramic Hybrid

The PJ1 is the combination of two different properties formulated to make one. Silica helps in making perfect bonding with bare metal surfaces for a longer period of time. On the other hand, Ceramic-based are best suited in coating headers and giving a flat black matte finish look each time without being ripped off. When the metal heats it expands and as its cooldown, it’s contacted.


The spray paint provides complete chipping and scratching resistance formula. It means its anti-rust formula as well. The PJ1 Flat Black Exhaust Paint offers protection against forming rust and corrosion on the surface. The special resistant properties make it the best paint for the exhaust headers in the automotive industry.

Cheap Spray Paint

The spray paint comes at an affordable price with unbelievable features. As NASA used it before, the price still doesn’t go up. From categorizing an oz bottle to 44 ounces pack the price remains under budget and you can afford it easily. You can buy two bottles at the price of one in terms of its competitor where they lack some features but PJ1 High Temp spray paint doesn’t.

Ease of Application

The surface must be clean before using spray paint on it. The paint does not need a primer to prime the surface before coating. The PJ1 Hi-Temp spray paint dries in 30 minutes and requires at least 5 proper coats in total to give a flat black finish to the headers.

How to use PJ1 Hi-Temp Spray Paint?

The PJ1 High heat paint can be applied very easily without the need for primer by following the steps:

  • Step1: Sand the headers or blast etched them properly. Remove the dirt or oil over it.
  • Step2: Now use an evaporative cleaner on the surface. The PJ1 super cleaner is highly recommended.
  • Step3: Apply at least 4 thin coats within 24 hours.
  • Step4: Let the paint dry.
  • Step5: Start the curing process.

Applying 4 thin coats is far better than using two thick coats.

The curing process will be completed by three easy steps:

  1. Heat the engine at 250°F/121°C for about 30 minutes and let it cool for 20 minutes.
  2. Now bake at 400°F/204°C for 30 minutes.
  3. At last on  650°F/343°C at the same time.

Final Say

In conclusion, we can say the PJ1 High-Temperature Spray Paint is meant for headers. Although it is not recommended to use on the crankcase, radiators, or any other engine surfaces. The heating capacity is durable enough for engines. The PJ1 brand is highly trustable because it has received a wide variety of positive responses across the globe.

We purchased a pack of 4 (44 ounces) to test on our car headers, this quantity covers the whole engine at once. At least two bottles of PJ1 Hi-Temp Spray Paint are advisable to buy. Overall the performance was good but in a few cases, there was a problem of clogging.

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