Toonly Review (2021): Best Animated Explainer Video Software

More than 63% of the video creators are trending on Youtube by simply using cartoon explainer videos. These animation videos increase their revenue by three times. And these types of videos are created using best-animated explainer video software by Toonly. In this Toonly review, we are going to show you its features, benefits, pricing, drawbacks, and etc.

If you love watching videos on the Internet you may go through cartoon animated videos on Facebook where characters are moving and changing their expressions at the same time and explaining the whole video. Such clips are made using cartoon animation software.

Animation Explainer Video Software/Maker is desktop web-based application software used to create cartoon explainer videos in animation form. Creating such animations does not require any designing skills, graphical skills, IT skills, or coding, by watching the 30-sec Toonly tutorials you can easily create your professional one.

Because paying thousands of Dollars to a Video creator can be time-consuming and sometimes you may not get what you actually want. If you want to create your Animation explainer video then the honest review of Toonly is just one made for you.

Toonly Review


Toonly is the best-animated explainer video creator software for creating cartoon-style animated videos. It has a drag and drop interface, High-quality images, voice-over option, custom-made dialogues, and much more.
Easy to use
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Toonly Best Animation Video Explainer Software


If you want to create cartoon style animation videos then Toonly Software is one of the best cartoon video creators in the market.


What is Toonly?

What is Toonly
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Toonly is one of the best-animated explainer software used to create cartoon explainer videos by simply using its drag and drop interface. Toonly provides varieties of animation characters, High-quality images, Copyright-free tracks, record voice-overs, custom dialogues, and many more features discussed later in this review.

Toonly is created by the same developer of Doodly and that is Bryxen. Toonly took its position in the marketplace on 2020-Nov-16 at 09:00 EDT.Toonly has one-time payment offers and other Toonly standard and enterprise plans as well.

Developers of Toonly made the software so easy that a 5-year-old kid can create its best video without having extra knowledge.

As you there are some advantages and drawbacks are always present in every best animated explainer video maker tool software and the same we will tell you in this Toonly review.

Toonly Features

Toonly Features
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Toonly has tons of features with limited drawbacks that make it the best cartoon animation software in the industry.

Different Background Scenes

Toonly Different Background Scenes
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Toonly is mainly famous for its beautiful scenes background. The scene templates are created by professionals and they are completely unique. Here Toonly gives 20 different background choices among its options.


These backgrounds are taken from real-life situations and converted into animation form. It gives viewers to relate to their real-life scene and engage for a longer period of time.

Toonly background templates
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Toonly templates cover almost all types of scenes you require to present the video. However, there is a distinction in the number of background scenes you use from Toonly Standard and Toonly Enterprise Plan.

You also have the option to customize your templates easily by simply uploading them in any format you like. Toonly supports all types of image format.

Toonly Characters

Toonly Characters
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Well, Toonly is mainly purchased for its animated characters. These pre-set animation characters have all types of movement, expressions, clothing, design, color, and format. Toonly has a total of 200 different characters that includes 10 different characters with 20 different variations or poses.

Also, you have a Large Toonly Library that consists of different props that contain a variety of niches.

Toonly Animation Characters
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However there is no option to add your custom made animation character, you have to select from the pre-default. Although there are settings for adjusting the color, appearance, speed of a particular character.

High-Quality Images

Toonly prop images
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Toonly clearly mentions about no usage of stock images. All images are created by qualified graphic designers and would not get anywhere on the entire Internet.


The Images have well-defined pixels with High Definition(HD) quality and are used for making all the pictures.

Moreover, there is a custom made option to upload your own image in any format. Toonly supports .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif file format. If you have SVG format you can easily import it without any issues.

Even if you want to add your own custom-made dialogues you have an option for that as well.

Copyright Free Tracks

An animation video without music tracks is tasteless. To overcome this situation Toonly Library has pre-default royalty-free music to add in the videos.

Because adding sound to the videos can be very beneficial for engagement. And these music clips help a lot of viewers in paying high attention.

You can use as many music tracks as you want, there is no limit on the number of music you use. Toonly has a total of 100 copyright-free tracks that can be added using a drag and drop interface.

In addition, if you want to upload your custom music in any format(mainly MP3) you can easily do it.


Record Voice Overs

Toonly record voice overs
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Some videos require an in-depth explanation as in the case of a product review or highly rich content. And simply adding music tracks is nothing useful. For that, your own voice plays a major role.

The human voice added into the videos for narration is called Voice Overs.

Toonly has a recorded voice-over option to add your own voice easily. It has a pre-installed feature in it. Simply click on the mic button and start recording and the video will be played in the preview section.

This allows accuracy and helps in editing the voice where it lacks. The voice will be loud and clear without any distortion. Before this option, everybody was using Audacity for voice recording and adding it into the mp3 format.

Video Editing

We think that editing animation videos require a hell of a lot of time. But the statement is completely wrong, here Toonly makes the task so much easier for their customers that they can create explainer videos easily.

The Toonly Interface is divided into 3 sections.

  • Canvas
  • Media Section
  • Timeline

The canvas includes your main screen where you add your characters, scenes, and other media. Whatever you make changes through the settings or timeline it will be shown on the canvas window.

Toonly Library
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The Media Section includes your Toonly Library consisting of various Toonly characters, High-quality images, Tracks, and other custom made media. You just left click on or drag on the canvas window.

The timeline option allows you to record or edit your voices and music. The speed of adjustment of every media will be done through the Timeline section.

Video Quality

Quality matters the most in the end. Here, Toonly allows us to create animation videos in various quality from 480p to 1080p. There is also an option to select the desired aspect ratio as per the requirement.

Video Formats: Toonly offers the various file saving formats for our different types of projects some of them are MP4, MKV, WebM, OGG file. Mainly MP4 is pre-default as it is widely accepted.

Frames Per Seconds: More frequently 60 fps is used all over the internet because of its fine quality. Although Toonly gives (24-60fps) quality without any issue.

If you want to upload or export your video directly on Facebook you have a feature option to do it.

Toonly can be a little bit time-consuming while rendering the videos.


Toonly Support

Toonly Support
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Toonly support is the same as the Doodly support system. Here, Toonly offers premium support 24*7 to their customer which means you can easily contact them whenever you want.

You can simply raise the ticket on, the ticket option is the best way to solve any query because they solve it within 24 hours of raising the issue.

There is no live chat support system on the support desk. However, you can read the FAQs, questions related to Toonly Software.

Also, Toonly has a large Facebook Group of high qualified members and you can easily ask your questions.

Toonly Benefits

There are lots of benefits of using Toonly Software and some of them are categorized below;

Easy Customization

With the help of Toonly cartoon animation software tool, you can easily customize every single character of your choice. Because in other animation software customization of characters and props are restricted but not in Toonly.

The adjustment can be done on the basis of speed, appearance, movement, and almost every aspect.


Better Google Rankings

Toonly Better Google Rankings
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Content flooded with videos has better chances of gaining a better position in the ranking. It not only increases the dwell time but also improves CTR(Click Through Rate),

Video is the first thing that Google prefers the most for yours. And creating videos though Toonly will be the best for explainer videos in the market.

An article with video can make rich content and has higher chances of coming into the rich snippets than others.

Easy to Explain

Reading articles and blogs are very time consuming and adding videos saves most of the time. That’s why people are now watching Youtube videos over blogs.

But there are thousands of videos published on Youtube every day. To make yourself stand out you have created Cartoon explainer videos as they are the most trending asset nowadays.

We have also added videos in the middle of the detailed Toonly Review to increase its richness.

Cost Effective

If you give your project to any freelancer or you may have had some clients. Then it is impossible to understand each other needs. Sometimes both of them require changes which not only waste time but your thousands of dollars as well.


Normally an animation video creator charges $500-$3500 depending upon the project. It may be good for big companies but not for a beginner. So instead of that Toonly has the same benefits and features you get.

High Conversion Rates

Toonly High Conversion Rates
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As you know videos are ten times better than articles in terms of conversion rates. Because almost every marketer used a Sales Page/Ad while showing their product value as it is easy to explain through this channel of the medium.

These animated videos not only covert the sales but also offer higher revenues to the ad runner.

Users can simply watch the videos and make the decision themselves while purchasing any product and these cartoon videos work as the beast for generating higher sales.

Toonly Standard Vs Enterprise Plan Review

The Toonly Best Animation Explainer Video Software creator comes in two different plans with some distinctive features.

Features of Toonly Standard Plan:

  • 30 Characters
  • 17 Animation Characters
  • 1058 Prop HD Images
  • 71 Backgrounds
  • 10 Premade Scenes
  • 21 Scene Transitions
  • 20 Background Music.
  • 3 Text Animations

Toonly Standard does not give access to Toonly Club but you will get new characters and Prop Images each month.


Features of Toonly Enterprise Plan:

  • 82 Characters
  • 30 Animation Characters
  • 2024 Prop HD Images
  • 139 Backgrounds
  • 20 Premade Scenes
  • 101 Scene Transitions
  • 142 Background Music.
  • 5 Text Animations

With the Toonly Enterprise, you will get access to Toonly Club. Toonly Club is filled with rich media content like more characters, background scenes, music.

Premium support and Facebook group access are available with both plans.

The pricing structure of Toonly Standard and Enterprise Plan is different.

Toonly Pricing

The Toonly standard and enterprise plan pricing are divided into two billing format Monthly basis and Annual Basis billing.

Toonly Standard Membership Plan

The cost of a standard membership plan.

On the basis of:

  • Monthly Billing- $39/Month
  • Annual Billing- $20/Month

The pricing is the same as that of Doodly whiteboard animation software.

Toonly Enterprise Membership Plan

The cost of the Enterprise membership plan.

On the basis of:

  • Monthly Billing- $69/Month
  • Annual Billing- $40/Month

Toonly offers to Cancel Anytime Membership with the 30 days money-back guarantee. It does not charge any cancellation fees you will get a full refund without asking any questions

Both the plans are best in their respective fields but the Enterprise plan gives more options to create the best explainer videos.

Toonly One Time Offer review

Toonly life-time membership offers cost just $67. It means you do not have to pay on a monthly or annual basis you have to make a one-time payment cost and you will get Toonly for a lifetime.

But I have no idea when this one-time offer comes. This special Toonly One-time offer has the same features as Toonly standard plan.


Normally Toonly Costs $468 per year but by purchasing the Toonly at a low cost of $67 you can save much more money.

Toonly Advantages

Toonly has three major advantages that I like the most.

Drag and Drop Interface

Without prior knowledge of video editing, you still have the chance to create one. Trust me the Toonly has made the software so easy that anyone on the plane can use it.

The mechanism used for making the software was taken from Doodly software. Simply dropping your characters or media from Toonly library to the Canvas and you are all set.

No technical, designer or software skills required to use just basic knowledge is enough to use this software.

Money-Back Guarantee

Toonly gives 30 days money money-back guarantee offer to every customer who purchases their software. If you don’t like the software within 30 days of using it, you can cancel it anytime in this slot.

And Toonly will give you a FULL Refund without any cancellation fees.


Fresh Update

Toonly does not provide software features at once. Instead, it roll-outs the regular updates every month, each time it offers a new character, science, and media to its every user.

Fresh Update is both for Windows and MAC users.

Toonly Disadvantages

The two drawbacks that I don’t like about Toonly Software are:

No File Saving Option

Toonly does not have an auto file saving option available. It means you have to save the project manually each time you make changes. Sometimes we forget to save the file or projects and this will be very disappointing from my side. This is where there is no file saving option where Toonly lacks to its competitors.

Toonly Free Trial

Toonly does not have any free trials of their software which states you have to pay the price for using it. But if you do not like the product you will get a 100% refund.

For Whom Toonly is Made For?

Toonly for Youtube Creators
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Anyone can use Toonly Cartoon animation software for creating cartoon explainer videos. There are no restrictions on the basis of knowledge, age, skill and etc.

However, Toonly is most used in the following cases:

  1. Youtubers
  2. Small Business Owners
  3. Service Providers
  4. Digital Marketers
  5. E-Commerce Store
  6. IT Sectors
  7. Human Resources
  8. Trainers and Presenters
  9. B2B Agency
  11. Advertisers
  12. Entrepreneurs
  13. Influencers
  14. Tutors
  15. Content Creators

Facebook Ad campaign experts and Youtubers are the most number of people using Toonly for creating animated explainer videos according to the Toonly Graph.

But if you do not fall under the given above categories and have questions about How Do I create my First cartoon explainer video using Toonly Software? Then we have a video tutorial especially for you.

How to use Toonly Best Animation Explainer Video Software?

How to use Toonly best animated Explainer video creator software
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Toonly animation explainer video software is very easy to use. It is basically a Web-based software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac as well. After purchase, you can use this Animation maker software on as many as computers you want without putting the license key.

You will get the basic guide from Toonly on “How to Install Toonly?” The complete guide will help in learning the whole software.

Once you are done with the Installation you can start making your animation by following the steps:

  1. Click on New Project. Then you will have three different sections: Canvas, Media, and Timeline.
  2. Now import the background scene, characters, prop images, and background music to Canvas from the Media panel.
  3. Edit them through the Timeline section.
  4. Click on the Save option. Now your project will be saved.
  5. After that click on Export. Select the Quality, FPS, and Aspect ratio.

Your Video will be converted into any format(mp4 file) you like. However, the rendering process may take time around 20-25 minutes to render 10 minutes video.

Toonly is a cloud-based software that requires a decent Internet connection to operate.


Unfortunately, you are not allowed to add your custom animation, instead, you can add images in any format.

Toonly Alternatives

There are so many online Animation video makers available in the market that give tough competition to Toonly.

Top Toonly Alternatives are:

  • Doodly
  • Powtoon
  • Create Studio
  • Vyond
  • Animaker

Doodly Vs Toonly Review

Doodly Vs Toonly Review
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Doodly Review: Doodly is the best whiteboard animation software which is used to create sketch videos. Doodly is more efficient when you have to explain more in words. It is more helpful while creating educational and tutorial video content.

Toonly on the other hand is termed as cartoon animation software/creator it is helpful while creating cartoon animation videos. Toonly videos are best for creating a sales page or creating Ads.

Both Doodly and Toonly are created by Bryxen. That is why the pricing plan and premium support of both the software are the same.

Powtoon Vs Toonly

Powtoon Vs Toonly Review
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The main comparison between the Powtoon and Toonly.


Powtoon Review: Powtoon is a 2D animation video maker that is used to create Doodle Videos and Promotional marketing content. It is an All-in-one cloud-based software. Powtoon comes in four different plans from Free to Agency Plan However, It is a little bit pricey in comparison Toonly.

Powtoon offers varieties of Text templates where only 5 are given by Toonly. Although there are no character poses in Powtoon and is very complete for beginners while creating animation videos.

Powtoon offers only 14 days Refund policy on the other hand Toonly Has 30 days.

Create Studio Vs Toonly

Create Studio Vs Toonly Review
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Create Studio Review: Create Studio is both 2D and 3D Animation Video Maker. It is not a cloud-based service software. The characters in Create Studio are categorized into each different category which makes it easier to operate. It is good for creating Technical product launch ads.

The Create Studio is best for creating videos of more than 5 minutes on the other Toonly is good for 2-3 minute videos.

Toonly is affordable in comparison to Create Studio.

Vyond Vs Toonly

Vyond is another animation maker software which is quite popular as Toonly. Vyond is very simple and easy to use, the developer makes the interface so basic. It offers full freedom to customize the characters as you want and has a variety of templates.


The Vyond Software is more used by Business professionals as the videos are helpful for the presentation. But If we talk about the comparison Toonly still wins in this case.

Animaker vs Toonly

Animaker Vs Toonly Review
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Animaker is the best animation software tool that helps in creating explainer videos. In Animaker you can make the characters move like walking. The interface is quite easy to use and has lots of more features to customize your projects better.

Again it’s preferred by most of the business owners for their presentation files and creating ads as compared to Toonly.

FAQs related to Toonly Review

Which is better Toonly or Doodly?

Toonly is an Animation Videomaker used to create cartoon explainer videos. While Doodly is a whiteboard animation software used to create sketch videos.

Is Toonly free?

No. Toonly is a paid software.

Does Toonly have a free trial?

No. There are no free trial Toonly offers. You have to pay the price for using this software.

Is Toonly any good?

Yes, Toonly is very good for creating cartoon explainer videos.


Final Verdict: Toonly Review

I hope you got some idea about the features, benefits, pricing plans and etc. after reading the detailed Toonly reviews. I have been using Toonly for animated video creation for the past 3 months and concluded it’s best for beginners and professionals without having designer skills as well as because of its functionality. As you people are shifting from reading to watching within a quick span of time so it is highly advisable to purchase Toonly for yourself.

Both the plans of Toonly: Standard Plans And Enterprise Plan works well. I recommend you to go with the Toonly Enterprise plan( Annually) because it has a lot more features at such a low cost. And if you have a low budget then you can try Toonly $67 one time offer, this review of Toonly contains Tutorial videos that help users in guiding more.

Toonly Review
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