VHT FlameProof Header Paint (2023 Reviews): Best High Heat Coating

Almost 90% of car enthusiasts use VHT header paint for painting headers. If you fall under the category of rest 10% then I am here for you. VHT is a trustable brand that makes the best paint for automotive engines and other parts as well.

In the earlier times, this VHT paint was used in jet engines as they have extremely high engines. As the name suggests VHT is flameproof, which does not make the engine fireproof for real.

It means it is the best high heat paint in the market which can intermittent the heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This type of paint is used for painting exhaust manifolds, headers, and pistons because they are highly exposed to heat.

For creating a permanent bond with metal surfaces, a silicone-based ceramic coating is involved in the chemical properties of paint.

This best high temp exhaust paint is the unbelievable deadly combination of spray paint and primer. It means there is no involvement of primers while using VHT Header paint in the whole process. There are a lot more features to discuss further.

Features of VHT FlameProof Coating Header Paint Can

vht flameproof coating flat black can header paint

The VHT flameproof coating header paint should be the first choice of every mechanic because of its wider response through its unbeatable features.

Best High Temperature Paint 2000 Degrees

It is one of the very high-temperature heat resistant paint at 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit. The VHT Flameproof paint is specially designed for a high-temp humid environment so that paint does not peel or crack off in extreme weather.

It will protect your exhaust manifolds and works as the best engine paint till now. From least to maximum, its temperature ranges from 704°C-1093°C.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a type of chemical property that gives unbeatable adhesiveness to the metal surfaces of the exhaust manifold.

The VHT ceramic coating can increase the durability of headers for a longer period of time. Along with this silicone-based formula is used for cast iron, rust corrosion, and also removes the dirt, oil, gases, etc. sticks to the surfaces evenly.

VHT Flat Black Paint

The VHT Flameproof has only flat black color in this spray model. To achieve the desired results you need at least three-layer of coatings for a smooth finishing.

The whole black color gives the advantage of being scratch-resistant and does not catch patches easily.

No VHT Primer Needed

As in the case of other header paints, there is no requirement for VHT Primer before painting. The reason behind this is its duo property of (Primer+Paint)=VHT Header Paint, it is enough for your exhaust system and has a quicker drying time within a few minutes.

As there is no primer involved it means the curing process will be much easier and quicker than other paints.

Customization Available

Not all vehicles are the same, some are two-stroke engines and mostly are four-stroke engines. The VHT Flameproof Coating paint offers you to select the header paint according to your requirement by mentioning the car details at the time of placing the order.

No matter what type of automotive you are using you can cook your exhaust system paint easily.

How to Apply VHT Header Paint?

The VHT Flameproof-SP102 Flameproof coating can be applied very easily by following simple steps.

  • Step1: You need a prep-spray with a smooth cloth to clean out the headers. Use at least a two-layer coating over it.
  • Step2: Wait for 15 minutes in both. Then Apply VHT high-temperature paint clear coat. Required at least 3 coats to give long-lasting effect and matte look.
  • Step3: Now bake the engine at certain degrees as mentioned on the product about its cure.

Curing Process: First bake the engines at 724 degrees celsius in the oven. Second at 872 and last at 898 degrees celsius. Give 15 minutes of rest time while moving from first to second coat.

Pro Tip- In case you want to know “how to cure high temp paint without an oven”. Then either you can use a high beam torch or heat gun.

Take a cardboard box and make a hole at the bottom corner. Now place the exhaust manifold headers inside the box and start giving the heat from the corner.

What is VHT Paint?

VHT paint is a high-temperature header paint with ceramic coating.

Do you need primer for VHT Paint?

No VHT paint has already primer involved in its paint with the help of silicone-based ceramic coating. So there is no requirement for Priming on the surfaces

How do you cure VHT header?

Curing VHT Involves 3 steps:

  1. Bake the engine at 724 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.
  2. Now the second curing will be at 872. After resting for 30 minutes.
  3. Final cure at 898. Now let it sit. Run the engine idle for 10 minutes.

How long does VHT paint last?

The average life of VHT paint calculated approx 1-2 years max.

Final Say

After reviewing for about 6 months a conclusion says the VHT header paint works very fine for your exhaust system or pipes at extremely high temperatures.

But if you are planning to use it on other surfaces like a fire pit, grill, or whatever it would not last long and will start chipping off within a few days of applying.

Painting headers with VHT paint requires three-layer coatings. In fact, for this case, at least 2 spray aerosols can be required of VHT FlameProof Coating Header Paint Can give its perfect bond durability and matte finish look.

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