WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Review: Is it the Best Monetization Plugin?

During the blogging journey every blogger wants to make at least 6000$ income per month just as professionals do, but if you have this type of question in your mind “how can I earn my first dollar from the blog” then wp toolkit ultimate ads review is made for you.

After gaining the organic traffic to the WordPress website the next step is to monetize it. Monetization means simply creating your blog into a money-making machine. Monetization can be done by putting ads on the site with the help of WP Ultimate Ads Plugin in WordPress.

There are varieties of ultimate plugins available in the market but the WP toolkit is quite different from their competitors.

Here we are gonna do a detailed review of WP toolkit ultimate Ads plugin and how it works.

What is WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin and Is it Worth Purchasing?

wp toolkit ultimate ads plugin
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WP Ultimate Ads Plugin is a WordPress plugin that is designed to convert any niche into a money-making blog. The plugin provides four different ways to add Advertisement to your website and boosts your profit.

This secret was never revealed before, and almost 90% of blogging experts increase their income every month by the use of the ultimate ads plugin. They use Google ads, affiliate links, and other promotional links without even spamming.

With the use of multiple ad plugins, the pro bloggers multiply their income 3x every month. Because these plugins do not require any extra effort of settings and WP ultimate ads is one of them.


It is one of the first-ever WP plugins which comes with 4 modules in a single plugin. The template is divided into four different categories of Ads which allows you to paste the code easily without any hassle. There are a lot more to discuss WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Review in detail.

WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Review & Specification Table

Here’s what you will get inside the WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin:

Theme Ads: For Better Click Rates

Theme Ads features allow you to add up to 5 different widgets on your WordPress website. There is no restriction in placing ads anywhere on your blog. These ads mixed with your home, category, and other pages and look natural each time. You can easily add your affiliate banner links or others to drive traffic to the site sales page with better click rates.

Ad Bar

The most popular way of putting ads on your site. These ads play a huge role in playing with the minds of users and are considered a psychological cheat. It draws attention by showing a pop-up blocker notification bar and urges visitors to click on them.

Full graphic customization is available for the Ad bar and you can easily place them anywhere. But putting on either header or at the bottom of the page is highly recommended.

Pop Up Messenger

Pop up functions give a unique type of messenger ads that look exactly the same as a social media platform. It creates a real mimic of skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, and the red notification shows the message is waiting for you. You can easily add affiliate links into the messenger ads because it has higher conversion rates and grabs attention quickly.

Pop Under

Sometimes users feel annoyed by seeing pop-up ads. So the solution for this is to use POP Under. Whenever a visitor clicks on anywhere on the blog the Wp ultimate ads plugin opens the ad beyond the current browsing window. The users did not notice when they push the back button on the browser they will automatically see the ad.


These are the aggressive marketing strategies used by affiliate marketers for adding affiliate links and offers.

Note: With all the above-given features you can easily adjust the full timing of ads. Also, all the functions can be used one by one or all together whatever your choice.

About the Developer: IM Wealth Builders

about the creator of wp toolkit ultimate ads plugin
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The IM Wealth Builders is the developer of WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads that create amazing WordPress themes and Plugins. They are creating the plugin for more than 15 years and have already made 100000+ sales now. These tools are designed to convert any blog niche into money-making mainstream income.

Some of the most famous tools created by WP Toolkit IM Wealth Builders are:

  • WP Optimiser
  • Viper Cache
  • WP Smart Links
  • Wp Toolkit Video Magic

Over the world, WP Toolkit gains a wide variety of positive reviews because they are considered the best monetization plugin for WordPress of all time. In order to survive in the blogging era and compete with the tycoon bloggers, these plugins must be required.

All the WP toolkit Plugins are now sold through the WarriorPlus Affiliate Network and each time you purchase it is connected to the JvZoo network. As we all know JvZoo is a high reputation merchant in the market as almost half of the bloggers make purchases from it.

Features of Wp Toolkit Ultimate Ads

The WP ultimate ads offer some extra features to the purchaser given below.


Easy Monetization

Sometimes WordPress monetization requires heavy code for placing ads on site. These codes if not implemented correctly can make the website upside down. But this best WordPress toolkit plugin has given a block option to simply copy-paste the ads into the section and good to go.

There are a variety of methods available for putting ads on your website. Also, these ads follow the proper guidelines of Google Adsense policy and other affiliate marketing companies.

Mobile Responsive

The ads are easily scrollable no matter what device your using. But nowadays people love to spend most of their time on mobile phones. So the developer focuses on creating the plugin mobile-friendly which not only helps the users but also follows the search engine guidelines.

Limited Offer

For the first time, the ever WP toolkit is offering the ultimate ads plugin for just 47$. If you calculate the worth of 4 monetization plugins simultaneously it will cost around 198$ which I think is not worth purchasing. During the last month, the plugin cost around 97$, and for the limited time deal, you can get it at the pricing of 47$ for only a limited period of time.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you think you are not happy with the purchase of the WP ultimate ads plugin within a month, don’t worry. You can easily get a full refund in your bank account without even asking a single question. It is the one thing that I loved about the WP toolkit they offer 30 days money-back guarantee with their all WordPress themes or plugin.

24×7 Customer Support

A complete guide of ultimate ads set-up video is available for the user separately. Still, if you are feeling any issues, which you may not. You can easily contact them anytime seven days a week, anywhere via email, they will respond within 24 hours of claiming the issues.


The wp ultimate ads plugin offers auto-updates features with a lot more exciting deals. There is no manual update required each time a new update comes. The plugin automatically gets updated without even clicking a mouse. Although you have options available for adjusting manual and auto-updates easily.


One-Click Installation

Before 2010, every blogger had to manually adjust the ads in the header and footer section area because there were no plugins developed at that time. But the WP Toolkit has overcome this situation by giving you step click installation without having any plugin knowledge. Anybody can install and use the ads plugin easily now.

How to Install WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin in WordPress?

Installing the WP ultimate ads plugin in WordPress can be done using the zip. file method by following the steps below:

Video Tutorial

First, Click here to download the WP ultimate ads plugin in the zip. file format.

Go to the WordPress Dashboard>Plugin and click on Add new.

You will see the upload button, click on it. Now locate the file on your computer and upload it.

After uploading click on Activate Plugin. It will take some seconds and you are ready to use it.

The settings are all set to defaults whether you are beginners or professionals. No changing in settings required but you can configure as per your requirements.


My Advice on WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Review

In conclusion, I think you should give it a try after reading WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Review because if you are not happy with a purchase then 30 days money-back guarantee is waiting for you. Although at this cheaper price you won’t get any other great monetization plugin for your WordPress website.

We really like the smart features given by WP Toolkit with 4 different ways to monetize your blog easily. If you are a blogger and gaining some traffic to your website then WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads is highly recommended for better leads and conversion.

As a blogger, I use this for one month and it literally boosts up my affiliate sales within a week. Look if you want to reach an expert level then you have to implement new things on the blog each time.

I hope you got an idea about it briefly also If you make a purchase through our website we earn a small amount commission with costing extra to you.

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