5 Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound in 2023: Louder Exhaust Tips (Review)

By adding a loud exhaust tip to your car tailpipe you can actually achieve a deeper sound.

Even if you have a good-sounding muffler or not, still installing a resonator exhaust tip is possible. All you need is the best exhaust tip f deep sound in order to get that deeper note noise.

For aesthetics, the exhaust tip works as exterior customization and changes the outlook of the car’s appearance. Whether you need a deep growly or flat sound by minimizing the high-pitched frequencies then the aftermarket tip is an idle choice.

Also if you want a roaring sound you can remove your muffler easily for that we have written a post on how to do a muffler delete DIY.

Mainly, a sounding exhaust tip is made for muscle or sports cars for changing the sound quality of the exhaust system. It also pumps out the soots and fumes through its double-in size outlet that gives a better performance as well.

Still moving on to the best exhaust tip for louder sound, there is a misconception theory between the mufflers and exhaust tip which need to be crystal clear.

What is the Difference Between Muffler and Exhaust Tip?

Well, both of the exterior products do the same work of noise reduction in an exhaust system but slightly in a different way.

Mainly, the muffler has a chamber that contains perforated tubes which help in guiding the exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold to the silencer. At the same time Mufflers are responsible for reducing the excessive noise level output that formulates inside the exhaust system.

Secondly, the exhaust tip helps in bouncing the sound waves at the same time canceling the high-pitched frequencies and giving a deeper note to the sound. The tip is attached where the muffler outlet lies and it is exposed to the world.

The resonator’s exhaust tip is the same as the deep-sounding producing. So, don’t get confused while purchasing the deep sound tip for the exhaust.

Buying Guide: Loud Exhaust Tips

In order to fulfill the criteria of getting a sound amplifying tip, these points need to be kept, as there are so many types available.

Deeper Sound

The main purpose of every enthusiast is to get a tip with a deep sound. And it can be achieved by getting resonated exhaust tips.

These tips help in the elimination of loud pitched frequency and the same sound waves that travel inside it. When the gases travel through chambers, the tip throws out the sound waves to the ground and reverses back to the environment.

Exhaust Tip Types

There are different types of aftermarket tips available in the market for the exhaust system.

Single Wall

It contains a single-layer coating of metal. But thick enough to last long for years. Single wall tip is the cheapest among all.

Dual Wall

As the name says “Dual” which means it has a two-layer coating of stainless steel over the whole body. These tips are generally tough and durable and also a heavy-duty product.

Angle Cut

These types have sharp angle cut designs which are very popular among muscle car owners. If you have a truck or diesel engine go for an angled cut shape tip to give an aggressive look.

Straight Cut

It looks like a simple tube shape tip. Straight-cut is larger in size to angled and generally used in bigger engine pipes.

Turndown Exit

It is also known as the “Dump Out” tip, which helps in maintaining a clean engine by getting rid of the soots and fumes directly to the ground surface.

Also in a dump-out exhaust tip, the sound waves hit the ground, bounce back to the environment, and create a smooth heavy sound.


For an idle exhaust tip select a product that has outlet inches diameter twice the size of the inlet inches diameter.

For example Select size of inlet diameter of 2 inches and outlet diameter of 4 inches. It will automatically change the sound output of the engine due to a larger mouth.

Single Vs Dual Tip

Both single and dual-tips do the same job.

However, single tips generally have a large mouth which is very effective when looking for the deeper sound.

On the other hand, a dual-pipe tip has a smaller outlet as compared to a single one, although noise canceling is the same in both cases.


Here’s the question: why do you need an exhaust tip? mostly there are two big reasons for a change.

A good-looking exhaust tip changes the outlook of the car from the backside. When we go down on the streets or highways it looks completely awesome and gives a sharp look as well.

Secondly, for attention seekers or extreme sound lovers, a tip can be an angel of God. It adds aggressive sound to the car and increases the performance as well.

But for that, you need a high-performance exhaust tip with deep sound for a complete change.

5 Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound 2023

Now here we have the best selection of exhaust tips that are designed to produce deep sound for petrol and diesel engines. All the muffler tips are made up of stainless steel body for durability.

The reviews of all the products are done on the basis of personal research. Our experts have invested their time and experience in order to provide you with the best possible outcome.

RBP-303725 Resonated Exhaust Tip For Trucks

We have given the best choice product to the RBP-303725 because of the looking and affordability of this exhaust tip.

The tip body is purely made up of tough stainless steel quality and coated with a black textured coating that has heat-resistant properties to tackle extreme hot temperatures.

It has an angled-cut tip which gives your truck diesel or car an aggressive look.

RBP-303725 Best Truck Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

The sound quality of this resonator exhaust tip is completely awesome and has a throaty growl deep sound in nature. You won’t feel any noise disturbance once you install it properly.

This RBP exhaust tip has a 3 bolt installation process without welding. Inlet of 4″ and 5″ outlet diameter you will get and total length 12 inches size.

Black coating texture with a matte finish on louder tips gives an aggressive look to the vehicle’s appearance.

Borla 248 Angle-Cut Louder Exhaust Tip

When it comes to the aftermarket tips then Borla 248 is the best deep sound product you can get.

Austenitic stainless steel is specially designed to give your car a premium look from the backside. Also, the high-quality mirror polish purely changes its appearance.

Due to its resonated nature, it provides a sound control mechanism by cutting the high-pitch irritating noise. All-in-All the tuned exhaust tip has perfect sound-producing output.

Borla 248 Loud Exhaust Tips

The rolled edge angular cut has a sharp look and also emits excessive gases from the (headers) exhaust manifold to the silencer. Not to worry about muffler fitment, it is compatible easily.

This Borla 248 exhaust tip has a 2.25-inch inlet and 4-inches round. The overall length of 13 inches. It May require welding for installing the tip to the tailpipe.

After using it, we can say that it is the heavy-duty best quality exhaust tip that you can get at this cheap price.

DC Sports EX-1012B Best Sounding Exhaust Tip

If we talk about the other resonated sound amplifying exhaust tip then DC Sports Ex-1012B gained the number one position in that category.

Using the matte black finish you are able to give your trucks or vehicle a damn aggressive look. In case you are struggling to give your car a sporty look then try out this bad boy.

People who have used these loud exhaust tips on their car know how it changes the normal sound notes into the aggressive sound of sports.

DC Sports EX-1012B Best Sound Amplifying Exhaust Tip 01

The cheap exhaust tip has a universal fit option and 2-1/4 inches of inlet & 3-3/4 inches of outlet with a total trip length of 9 inches long.

Well, the Shape of the DC exhaust tip is slanted and lightweight, which does not add external weights to the car engine from the bottom.

Due to 100% stainless steel, it makes the tip of the exhaust high-durable and tough. No need for an external weld, it can be installed by screwing the bolts.

MBRP T5053 Dual Wall Exhaust Tip

Now, try out something different which can really enhance the sound quality and is made up of heavy material.

Here I am talking about this dual exhaust tip which is specially designed for trucks diesel type. The angle cut type gives the edgy look to the vehicle’s appearance.

Basically, the MBRP T5053 Dual Wall Performance exhaust tip transforms the normal occurring noise to the best exhaust sounding tip with a smooth flow of gases.

MBRP-T5053 Louder And Deep Sound Dual Exhaust Tip

It is built using fine quality stainless steel which does not catch any corrosion or rust.

You will get clampless installation no welding is required while fitting it with your muffler tip.

MBRP Dual Tip for exhaust has 4″ Inlet and 5″ outlet diameter and length of 12″. We used this best exhaust tip for louder sound for giving the aggressive look to the car.

Flowmaster 15363 Resonator Exhaust Tip For Louder Sound

Finally, we all know that Flowmaster is a highly reputable brand for producing the best quality great exhaust tips and mufflers.

It is made using a unique built-in-clamp stainless steel quality to make it a heavy-duty product.

The sound output you will get with this aftermarket sound amplifying exhaust tip has deep sound with excellent quality.

Flowmaster 15363 Resonator Rolled Angle Louder Sound Exhaust Tip

It adds richness to the vehicle’s appearance by giving it a sporty touch. Due to the shiny finish, it attracts people.

Because of the Universal Fitment, you can fit this sounding exhaust tip in most of the cars out there. The Flowmaster exhaust tip has a 3″ inlet and 3.5″ which attaches to exhaust pipes easily.

Installation of this best exhaust tip for perfect sound is quite easy and does not require you to weld. Simply tight bolts as mentioned on the label and you are good to go.

Do exhaust tips change the sound?

Yes. The tip of the exhaust has an outlet bigger than its inlet, so when the sound waves travel through the muffler tips it minimizes high-pitched noise and changes the sound into deep sound level output.

How do I make my exhaust sound deeper?

For making the sound of the exhaust deeper you need to add a quality sound amplifying exhaust tip. These tips change the sound of exhaust into a growly aggressive sound.

Do tips make the exhaust louder?

It totally depends upon the type of loud exhaust tips we are choosing. The main purpose of the tips is to cut down the unwanted noise and make the sound of exhaust louder. Angled cuts are considered the best exhaust tip for louder sound.

What exhaust tips sound the best?

DC Sports EX-1012B has an angled cut design which makes it the best exhaust tip for deep sounding. The Richness of sound quality is achieved through its built quality of stainless steel and its design.

My Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

As we have discussed, a quality best deep-sounding exhaust tip changes the sound of a normal exhaust system into a deeper growly, flat, and aggressive sound. The louder exhaust tips give the cars a sharp look and sporty touch.

To summarize all the sounding products together we conclude that DC Sports EX-1012B is an idle choice for changing the sound and MBRP T5053 for customizing the appearance.

I hope you got some idea about the best exhaust tips for louder sound and you can see which has performance sound-level output.

Image Source: Istockphoto.com

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