Helix Racing Products High-Temperature Exhaust Paint Black Review

Helix racing products are an automotive power sports company that deals in selling engine parts of motorcycle engines. The brand was established in 1993 for producing the best high temp paint for motorcycle exhaust. But now they have entered into the market with Helix High-Temperature Exhaust Paint for headers.

The paint has very high-temperature properties which are made using a silica formula to control heat depression. The helix racing products can withstand heat up to 2000 degrees F. No need to worry about a chip or peeling off paint.

The Helix paint has ceramic exhaust coating ingredients that give a perfect black finish in double coats. It is not necessary to use primers before painting exhaust manifolds. The helix brand focuses on making the application easy to use.

At this cheap price, you won’t get any other high temp spray paint. The Helix Racing 165-1020 High Temp Exhaust Paint offers the best features at an affordable budget.

Features Of Helix Racing 165-1020 High Temp Exhaust Paint

Helix Racing 165-1020 High Temp Exhaust Paint Black

The helix high heat exhaust paint gives the amazing features given below.

Best High Temp Exhaust Paint

The helix high-temp can withstand the heat depression up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The paint does not peel or chip off in an extremely high-temperature environment. It means it is highly durable and lasts for a long on metal surfaces. A special thanks to its silica-based formula used for making it heat resistant of about 1093 degrees celsius.

Silica Formula

Silica is a type of chemical component used for controlling heat depression. These are used for exhaust wrap coatings, exhaust pipes, and fiberglass. As the heat increases the paint starts to stick to the bare metal surface perfectly. The silica is combined using a combination of ceramic exhaust coating paint. That provides oil and gas-resistant properties.

Ceramic Based Formula

Ceramic is used for creating permanent bonds of paint with metal surfaces that are high exposure to heat. The chemical properties give perfect adhesion of paint even on oil radiators, components, and oil coolers. Ceramic exhaust coating gives a perfect matte finish to the surfaces and works as an extra layer of coating over the headers or metal surface.

E-Z Touch Spray Nozzle

From starting Helix Racing 165-1020 High Temp Exhaust Paint has a soft bottle nozzle, no matter how many times their bottle appearance has changed. The spray paint has an E-Z nozzle which allows you to spray from different angles in one go without any hassle. You can easily paint a double-layer coating in one spraying process.

Under-Budget Spray Paint

Without compromising the quality you can easily get this spray paint at the lowest price ever. Same as the other brand which has the same features in it, the Helix Racing Products High-Temperature Exhaust Paint is one of the best solutions to use.

How to Use Helix High Temperature Exhaust Paint?

The painting process of Helix High-Temperature Exhaust Paint on exhaust manifold surfaces does not need a primer before use.

  • Step1: Take the surface you want to paint and clean it with sandpaper.
  • Step2: Remove the excess dirt, oil, or gases over the metal surfaces.
  • Step3: Now spray the Helix high temp exhaust paint all over.
  • Step4: Wait for 15 minutes. Now start coating the second layer.
  • Step5: Cure the paint at a certain degree temperature as mentioned in instructions.

The curing time of the helix racing product is about 30 minutes. First, bake the temperature at 200F for 10 minutes. Now cool it down for around 30 minutes and increase the temperature up to 400F in the second process.

Final Say

For a better finishing using gloss black exhaust paint use Helix Racing Products High-Temperature Exhaust Paint or to increase the durability. The ceramic coating did its job perfectly by giving a perfect finish. On the other hand, the silica-based formula is best for heat depression at high temperatures.

The item volume is about 50 inches and 11 oz spray bottle each of Helix Racing 165-1020 High Temp Exhaust Paint Black which means you may require at least two bottles to keep you on the safer side. And for case order 6.

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