Rust-Oleum 249340 High Heat Primer Spray Paint, Gray (Reviews)

If you are looking for painting headers with Rustoleum then you probably need Rustoleum high heat primer before painting it with high temperature 2000°F spray paint. Because using primer on metal surfaces can increase its durability by around five years.

Primer is a special type of solution rich in adhesion chemical properties that gives exhaust manifold surfaces a perfect bond. The bond withstands the heat and allows you to stick to the bare metal surface even in a high-temp environment.

Rust-Oleum primers are the very first choice of every car enthusiastic from beginner to moderate level. The oil-based formula makes it the best high heat primer for the exhaust to stop rust on it.

The product has a great advantage over the competitors because of Rust-Oleum High Heat Primer features.

Features of Rust-Oleum High Heat Primer Spray Paint (Review)

Rust-Oleum 249340 High Heat Primer Spray Paint

Best Automotive Heat Resistant Primer 2000 Degrees

The Rust-Oleum Heat resistance primer can tolerate heat up to 1093 degrees celsius. The paint won’t peel off or chip even at extremely high temperatures. The oil-based formula has adhesive properties which do not remove the paint easily even if the engine heat reaches up to 2000°Degrees Fahrenheit.

Stop Rust Formula

Iron rust formed on the metal surfaces of the exhaust system can be easily removed using this primer, and it will never come back again. The rust-resistant is formulated through the oil-based combination which gives clear base coats to automotive engines.

Ease of Application

No extra equipment is required while spraying with high heat primer spray paint. The Rust-oleum spray paint has a comfortable tip that offers a smooth finish each time with different angled sprays. Soft tip offers a heavy coat in one go without giving a two-layer application. The primer dries after 30 minutes of applying.


The primary object of the Rustoleum heat primer is to paint exhaust. Also, it is designed to focus on the bare metal surface of mufflers, exhaust pipes, and headers. It is not recommended for use on the grill, fire pit, or any other surfaces rather than a vehicle.

Budget Spray Gun

The spray paint gun comes at an affordable price without compromising the overall quality. Instead of spending thousands of bucks on other brands that offer the same job, Rustoleum high heat primer is one of the best solutions out there.

How to Use Rust-Oleum High Heat Primer?

The Rustoleum primer can be applied by following the given steps below:

  • Step1: Unscrew the exhaust manifold from the system.
  • Step2: Use clean sandpaper to remove the old gas, oil, or dirt.
  • Step3: Now Coat the headers with Rust-oleum high heat primer. Apply two base coats for a clear matte finish.
  • Step4: Give at least a 30 minutes gap between each topcoat.
  • Step5: Let the primer sit for a few hours. Now apply Rust-Oleum high heat paint.

The primer quickly dries within 30 minutes and needs to top coat touch in one hour.

Final Say

We think to stop rusting iron, maintain the overall quality of paint even at extremely high temperatures. The Rustoleum high heat primer is the best choice. The primer gives an unbeatable matte finish in black color, although white and silver look good.

The rust-oleum high heat primer has a coverage of about 12 feet only with a 12 oz bottle. So, we personally recommend you go with the bundle edition to keep you on the safer side if you need more.

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